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Man Crates Are A Pretty Awesome Father’s Day Gift Idea [Review]


It’s a major award!

Actually, its a Man Crate. What’s a Man Crate you ask? Its a gift box filled with stuff for dudes—and you have to open the box with a crowbar. Fortunately, I have a beard so I was able to handle it.

Find out what’s inside after the break…



*Manly pro-tip: the lid is glued on, so hammering the short crowbar into the seams worked well.


As you can see, the box Man Crates sent us for the purposes of this review was filled with some essentials for zombie survival: Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide, a first aid kit, military-style anglehead flashlight, Gorilla Tape, a can of Spam and a Gerber Gator Machete Jr.

I’ll be honest, any gift with a machete in it is automatically pretty awesome. On the downside, this particular crate runs $99. There are tons of other options available that include crates filled with items for bacon lovers, beer lovers, gamers, gamblers, golfers, outdoorsmen and more. Prices range from $50-$200.

So this isn’t really a value proposition like the subscription services we normally cover. It’s a standalone experience made a little more unique thanks to the packaging. That’s what makes it more interesting than simply collecting these items on your own and wrapping them up in a cardboard box (though you could definitely save some money that way). It’s also a lot easier, especially since some of the items in these crates can be personalized.

So if you have a manly father that’s tough to shop for, Man Crates are definitely a fun option.


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