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Quickie Reviews: Spike #4 and Knight Errant #4

Spike #4

Written by Brian Lynch
Art by Nicola Zanni

The fourth issue of the Spike series is titled “You Haven’t Changed a Bit.” You see, Spike and Drusilla reunite. Spike reacts predictably at first. You see him start falling under her spell. Their history does have a lot of pull. He manages to shake himself out of it. She’s still Drusilla. She murders, but even worse (according to Spike), she cheats on her boyfriends. Spike is busy enough without having his old flame around to muck things up. There’s vampires and demons possessing humans, and they’re all trapped in Vegas. They’re under attack from dragon-like creatures and of course, mutant winged showgirls. It is Vegas! Don’t forget that Wolfram and Hart are underfoot trying to execute a master plan that involves Spike’s soul. Yeah, there’s a lot going on. It’s a fun read though with all that action, I confess that I had to stop and regroup a couple of times to get things straight. I liked the fast changes in setting and emotions though. The characters are just what you expect. Drusilla is malicious and unlikeable as over, while Spike is just the opposite. The art and colors in this issue scream Vegas, and the mutant showgirls are terrifying and fantastic. I’m looking forward to issue five!

Star Wars Knight Errant #4 – Aflame
Dark Horse

Written by John Jackson Miller
Pencils by Ivan Rodriguez

Kerra Holt managed to prevent the destruction of a mining colony, but she inadvertently began a Sith vs. Sith war. Now she has to determine how to use the rivalry between the Sith Lords to her advantage, and it’s not looking good. This issue brings us right back into the action on Chelloa. Holt reminds me a bit of Zayne Carrick. She’s a little reckless but incredibly determined. She focuses so totally on her mission that she doesn’t always see other possibilities. She needs the help of fellow Jedi Gorlan Palladane to get back on track. They might have figured out a way to at least prevent the planet from being destroyed, but then again, the Sith Lord’s plan isn’t what it seems to be. I enjoyed the interaction between Holt and Palladane in this issue, but I really felt like it was mostly set up for the fifth (and last) issue of the storyline.

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