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Adventure Time fans, you are going to want all of these posters to decorate your walls. They’re the work of Joe Hogan and Mike Vasquez who’ve taken on everything from Star Wars to Game of Thrones to the Disney princesses. Each has been redone with Adventure Time characters in the style of the animated series and they’re amazing.

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adventure time chair

Oh my glob, this is the best chair restoration ever. Redditor reallylovely spotted a beat up chair at an antique shop and immediately saw an opportunity to turn the back of it into Finn from Adventure Time. She did an incredible job and explained the process:

I cleaned, sanded, primed then painted the design with acrylics. I also added a few coats of glow-in-the-dark paint to his hood and his socks. Then I sealed it about four times. For the seat, I used felt, and hand-embroidered the details of Jake’s face. For the dream bubble, I used a small piece of Adventure Time printed fabric which I bought online. After this photo was taken, I added a clear plastic layer to the seat to protect the design and allow it to actually be used as a chair (but I mostly made it as art).

She got the chair for only $20 and says she’d accept a considerable amount of money for the finished product. I’m guessing someone is going to give it to her.

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This glorious mashup between Game of Thrones and Adventure Time is the combined effort of Joe Hogan and Mike Vasquez. The characters look just fantastic with Finn making for an absolutely fierce Jon Snow.

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This mashup art featuring the characters of Doctor Who in the style of Adventure Time is the work of cartoonist Alex Dempsey. He calls it Adventure Time and Space! and it kind of makes us wish this was an actual cartoon. Speaking to io9, Dempsey said:

“I’ve always loved crossovers where there’s a link between the two pieces of media. I find it justifies the crossover and gives them a reason to be thrown together. In [the case of Adventure Time and Space!], it was the link between the term ‘An Adventure in Time and Space’ and the Title ‘Adventure Time’ and putting the two shows together seemed to work perfectly.”

There’s also a second series called The Doctor Dances that is even more adorable.

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zelda papercraft top

Love tiny things? Me too! Artist Cameron Garland is exceptionally skilled with both miniatures and papercraft, and he combined his talents to make itty bitty props from Legend of Zelda, Adventure Time, and Sailor Moon. From Link’s shield to the Sailor Scout lockets to Marceline’s axe guitar – he’s made a little bit of everything on a small scale. He displays his work in a shadowbox, and I wish they were all for sale.

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adventure time avengers header

Oh my glob! What if the characters from Adventure Time transformed into Marvel’s Avengers? Comic Book Resources featured the mash-up in their latest edition of “The Line it is Drawn,” and you know what? It was simply meant to be. You’ll find Jake as Thor, Jack hanging out with Thor, LSP as Captain Marvel, and more. I’d like to see all of these drawings animated!

Jake/Thor art by Mathieu Parent.

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geeky woodcut print 1

Carving out a woodblock to make prints isn’t a simple task, but artist Brian Reedy has mastered the skill. In his Etsy shop Woodcut Emporium, he offers incredibly detailed prints made from his woodblocks and they feature the likes of Darth Vader, Thor, Godzilla, and Lemongrab. The images are stamped onto rice paper, and they look unbelievably cool!

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adventure time plush 1

Before the characters in Adventure Time head out for their escapades in the Candy Kingdom and beyond, they need to be properly clothed. Graphic designer Lorena Rodríguez is here to help Lumpy Space Princess, Marceline, and Princess Bubblegum out with that. She’s made insanely cute and tiny plush versions of the characters that come with different outfits. Guys! Dress-up Adventure Time dolls! We wants them, precious!

They are sadly not available for sale in her Etsy store, but you can always try requesting a custom order.

More of the adorable dolls and their outfits after the break.

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adventure time anime

Adventure Time goes anime in the upcoming non-canonical episode called “Food Chain” directed and animated by Japanese artist Masaaki Yuasa. In the episode, Jake and Finn go on a field trip to the Candy Kingdom Museum of Natural History and learn more than they expected about the food chain. A lot more.

The episode is set to air Monday, June 2nd, 2014, but you can check out a 3-minute sneak peek after the break.

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real bmo

An Adventure Time fan by the name of Bob H built this BMO and, I’m going to just say upfront that you can’t break into his house for it.

But you can learn how he built it so you can make one of your very own. You will probably want to get on that right away after you watch the following video and see it sing, see all the animations, or the facial expressions or DAMNIT BOB, NOW I WANT ONE!

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