Adventure Time

adventure time by nicole gustafsson

Adventure Time has reached into the hearts of kids and adults alike and become insanely popular. Something about the quirky stories and huggable characters is enchanting, and it even inspires art. To honor the series, Gallery1988 West is opening a special exhibit featuring over 65 artists. The art ranges from illustrations to sculptures and showcases all kinds of interpretations of the characters. I want to hang all of it on my walls.

The show opens on Thursday, April 3 and will only run through April 6. Visit Gallery1988 to learn how to RSVP and attend.

Above art by Nicole Gustafsson.

Check out more pieces from the collection after the break.

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rugrats children show posters

Previous installments of the “Badass” series by DeviantARTist Tohad have been featured on Nerd Approved, and we are super exited to see new additions all about your favorite childhood characters – with a seriously twisted but loving twist.

I will never look at Rugrats the same way again.

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adventure time magic 1

If a product doesn’t exist for a certain franchise, fans often take matters into their own hands. Some of these fans are more dedicated than others, and Redditor The_Stoney_Badger’s pal is definitely in that group. He made an Adventure Time deck for Magic: The Gathering, and it rocks. Besides the tedious work involved in printing and attaching the images to cards, he also took the time to find characters that fit the cards’ descriptions perfectly.

The bizarre animated series has plenty of creatures and magic, so it’s a great fit for the card game. This needs to become an officially licensed thing.

See more photos of the custom cards after the break.

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dr who adventure time

What if the characters from Adventure Time invaded Doctor Who? It would be freaking amazing, that’s what. Artist James Hance mashed the two worlds together in a mural for his nine-year-old daughter’s room. I am incredibly envious. The five foot by four foot art features Finn as the 11th Doctor, Jake as the 10th Doctor, and BMO as the TARDIS. Hance’s daughter had it all mapped out, and she was kind enough to give her father permission to turn this into a print. It will be available soon!

(via James Hance)


Pendelton Ward has released a 16-page manual that details how to correctly draw Finn and Jake. It’s not as simple as just drawing a line here, a curve there, but involves very specific rules. Some things are left up to the artist’s whims, but much of it is extremely detailed.

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adventure time pain

Call me Captain Obvious for this statement but being in pain is not fun. Sometimes the worst part about it can be trying to communicate how crappy you feel to others – especially if you’re a kid. To help with the problem, the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale was developed in the 1980s as a device to enable children to show their doctors how much pain they were in. Nursing student Janell uses the scale but suggested that kids might respond better to the scale if it featured a familiar face – specifically Finn from Adventure Time. I think she has the right idea..

A designer from the series, Matt Forsythe, drew the Finn scale and included every face from no pain to worst pain possible. I bet it brightens kids’ days even though they’re not feeling well.

(Pendleton Ward via LS)

carved crayons got house symbols

I’ve seen the sigils of the great houses of Westeros interpreted in many different ways (including in pizza toppings), but I haven’t seen anything like these sculpted crayons. Etsy seller Carved Crayons has taken the houses from Game of Thrones and used large Crayola crayons to bring the sigils to life. You can spot Baratheon, Lannister, Tully, Greyjoy, Targaryen, and more. I’m impressed and can’t imagine the patience it would take to do this. I’d be surrounded by piles of broken crayons.

The miniature sculptures are fun to look at, but if you’re so inclined you can also purchase them! Just make sure to store them out of reach of children who might color the face right off the Lannister lion.

See Star Wars and Adventure Time crayon carvings (there’s an adorable BMO one!) after the break.

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funko adventure time 1

Are you ready for more adventures? Funko Pop Vinyl is extending its Adventure Time collection this fall with new characters that are sure to make you smile. They released round one earlier this year, and apparently it was successful enough to warrant another set.

This new series includes Fionna, Cake, Gunter, Lemongrab, BMO, and Princess Bubblegum. In other words, they are all awesome and you’ll probably want to add them to your collection.

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This Adventure Time artwork was created by Larry Quach and isn’t necessarily intended to be a Pacific Rim mash up, but you can’t help but see that given the movie’s popularity. He set out to make just a mecha version of the show, but these guys would look perfect fighting Kaiju.

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hance 2

This incredible portrait of Adventure Time‘s Ice King and Gunter was made by artist James Hance whose beautiful artwork we’ve featured many times. I Remember You is a 24″ x 36″ acrylic painting over a 1″ deep wood frame. The voice of the Ice King, Tom Kenny, had this to say about the piece:

Mind blowing. This man is GOOD! This is kind of Adventure Time meets Clash of the Titans. “Release the penguin!”

The ebay auction is currently at $810 with about two days of bidding to go so there’s plenty of time for you to make an offer.

(via The Mary Sue)