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Arrow star Stephen Amell’s long-awaited appearance on American Ninja Warrior finally happened over the weekend as part of a special celebrity edition of the show for Red Nose Day. Each obstacle Amell completed was worth $5,000 for charity, and when all was said and done he earned $35,000 towards NBC’s $35 million+ tally for children in need. Watch the spectacular run below (and yes, the salmon ladder was conquered). [click to continue…]

It has finally happened. Arrow‘s Stephen Amell is finally going to appear on American Ninja Warror after years of teases. The full episode will air on Red Nose Day, May 25 at 8/7c on NBC, but you can preview his run in the video below. [click to continue…]

arrow salmon ladder

After years of teases, persistent fans have finally convinced Stephen Amell to take on the American Ninja Warrior course. Back in September, Amell confirmed that he wanted to be on the show in 2017, and now he’s making good on that promise. In a recent Facebook post, Amell reposted his Salt Lake City Comic-Con appearance along with a confirmation that he will be doing American Ninja Warrior on May 25th with his “Master Yoda Coach” Kacy Catanzaro. [click to continue…]


Stuntwoman Jessie Graff had better watch her back because Lylah is gunning for her—and she’s starting her Ninja Warrior training early. Watch her in action below. [click to continue…]

arrow salmon ladder

Arrow fans have been telling Stephen Amell that he should compete on American Ninja Warrior for years. Back in 2014, the show even reached out to his manager in hopes of making it happen. Amell turned that opportunity down citing a lack of time in his schedule, but it seems that Salt Lake City Comic-Con finally “pushed him over the edge”.

Over the weekend Amell wrote the following on Facebook:

Ok… It happened. The people of Salt Lake City and the great State of Utah pushed me over the edge. NBC American Ninja Warrior – in 2017, I would like to compete on your show.

I’m sure that Supergirl stuntwoman Jessie Graff’s dominance on the show has also proven to be an inspiration. A little superhero competition is hard to resist.

trex warrior

Wonder Woman made quick work of the American Ninja Warrior course, but how will a T-Rex do with those tiny little arms?

Better than you would expect.

Find out how it played out in the video below. [click to continue…]

sdcc assassins

We all know how Ubisoft feels about females in Assassin’s Creed, but we think Kacy Catanzaro would make a great assassin.

As you probably know by now, Kacy Catanzaro is the first woman to finish the finals course on American Ninja Warrior. She also took on the Assassin’s Creed experience at SDCC and proved once again what an athlete, all around badass she is. Watch the video after the break…

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