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While artist Javier Burgo may be the lead designer for Angry Birds over at Rovio, his art is not confined to birds and pigs. Thankfully, he’s been sharing some of this art online, and it’s filled with versions of your favorite characters rendered in his unmistakable style.

I’m particularly fond of his Earthworm Jim and Suicide Squad Joker.

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Coming soon to the Nerd Approved Shop are all the new Star Wars Angry Birds games that were announced earlier this week.

The line-up includes slingshot games, Jenga, battle attack games with AT-ATs, lightsaber attack games, and so much more. They’re all based on the app so you build a small structure and then carefully break it apart. You can’t play it while you’re waiting in line, but you can throw pieces around and possibly break things – much more appealing!

Pre-order now for shipment in November and be the first geek on your block to have all the toys and games.

Star Wars Angry Birds Toys—$12.99 and up

News about a possible Angry Birds and Star Wars mash up was teased on Friday. There was mention of games, as in the board game variety not a smart phone app. Soon after that was released, there was more news about figures and plush toys. Everything was set to be officially revealed today, but apparently Rovio doesn’t know how obsessed Star Wars fans can be.

Here’s what has been dug up so far: there will be Star Wars Angry Birds Jenga Death Star, Star Wars Angry Birds AT-AT Attack Battle Game, Star Wars Angry Birds figure pack, Rubies Costumes featuring the new characters, and stuffed plush toys.

Of course, it’s all a bit much—even when it comes to Star Wars merchandising (the costumes especially seem like overkill). Then again, fans of each franchise seem pretty merch obsessed. Stuff will probably fly off the shelf.

See pics of everything after the break.

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A company that sells microcontrollers and supporting software has created this slingshot that interfaces with Angry Birds over a USB connection. The device uses mbed (a tool for rapid prototyping with microcontrollers) and is recognized by a PC as a mouse – so when the slingshot is pulled back, a stretch sensor translates the motion into mouse input. The angle of the shot is handled by an accelerometer.

Although the device isn’t available for sale, the main components are. Plus mbed is offering instructions and code for creating their prototype, which is great news for those looking for a DIY project—and a way to make the vastly over-hyped Angry Birds seem fresh again.

Hit the jump for a video demonstration.

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Ric Turner, a former Disney Imagineer, may have topped his previous interactive Guitar Hero Christmas display with this incredible Angry Birds light show which is “playable”:

Running on two computers and 10 Light-o-rama 16 channel controllers, uses more than 20,000 lights and less than one cent of electricity per game. Audio is broadcast on 99.1FM, and the controller has a long enough cord for people to play in their cars on the street. Easier than the iPhone version, and bigger too.

Unfortunately for Ric, all of his neighbors are now addicted to his house.

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Haven’t had enough Angry Birds yet? I’m sure a backlash is on the horizon, but in the meantime a speaker series is on the way from gear4.

Despite the red bird having a reputation for being useless, the speaker is actually quite functional. Both the red bird and bomber bird versions have the ability to connect to a mobile device with an auxiliary cable. It also comes with a separate iPhone/iPod/iPad dock. The green pig version, on the other hand, has a built-in helmet dock for the iPod/iPhone.

Look for the speakers to be released later this fall for $79.99-$99.99.

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Anger Management [Comics]

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As it turns out, Angry Birds is a lot like sex. Just don’t call your partner a pig, because their power to put up a barrier of abstinence is like that level that frustrates you to no end.

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