Artist Christopher Stoll has given us a very unique look at a handful of first-generation Pokémon. In his series of renderings, entitled “PokeNatomy”, he breaks down what makes some Pokémon tick.

While they start off very serious and realistic, some of the later entries descend into a bit of silliness – Voltorb’s entry seems to be based on very loose hints within the main game series that Voltorb is the result of early Poké Ball experimentation, while the entry for Rattata is… well, I won’t spoil it for you. Check out Christopher’s handiwork below (click to enlarge). [click to continue…]


Prepare to see Pokémon as you’ve never seen them before – through the eyes of someone who has genuinely never seen a Pokémon before.

A couple of days ago, Reddit user netwoodle offered his arty services in the ICanDrawThat subReddit. “I know next to nothing about Pokemon, he said, “but that won’t stop me from doodling one for you.” In other words, he based his creations on name alone.

The thread’s since been closed so it’s too late to put your request in, but what he gave us is, frankly, genius. Check out a selection of his doodlings below. [click to continue…]


It’s no secret that we’re fans of artist Joey Spiotto and his Little Golden Book-style covers, so we’re super pumped about his Kickstarter project for Storytime – A Little Art Book.

Storytime is a full-color 132-page book that features all of Spiotto’s Little Golden Book-inspired art to date. Since the book is already hitting stretch goals, it’s been upgraded to an 8.5 x 11 hardcover with gold foil and a dust jacket. This is prime coffee table art book material and you can get your own for only $25.

You can also get an exclusive Kickstarter-only Stranger Things print, which is probably the best thing you’ll see today. Check it out below. [click to continue…]


How do you turn a $17 Jakks Pacific Batman Vs Superman Big Figs Wonder Woman into an expensive collector’s item? You give it a makeover.

Artist Noel Cruz has done that and then some.

Gone are the plastic hair, dull colors and the face of some woman that I don’t recognize. In their place, Cruz has added a styled wig, metallic shine, and a repaint that captures Gadot perfectly. He’s even added her lasso.

There are a few pictures of this figure that I was only able to identify as a figure because of the seams in the plastic. That’s how good this is. Check out those pics below. [click to continue…]


You like Pokémon, don’t you? Of course you do. Ever since the Glorious Edict was handed down from the Powers That Be, all peoples upon this planet must adore Pokémon and Pokémon-related activities… or else there will be a reckoning.

And so, in the sanctity of this blessed place and with the love of the Powers That Be, we must give thanks for these posters by Janice Rosenthal. Janice has given us a true gift, presenting locations from the Kanto region (that’s the region seen in the 1st Generation Pokémon games) in the style of National Park Services posters. And they are beautiful. Praise be to Janice Rosenthal! Praise be to the Powers That Be, and to the Glorious Edict! Check out the entire series below. [click to continue…]


You’re probably familiar with the design work of kibooki, even if you don’t yet realize it. He’s the artist responsible for Funko’s Vinyl Idolz range. He’s also responsible for these designs based on Netflix’s astoundingly popular ’80s-flavored series Stranger Things. These toys look great, though kibooki designed these for fun, and an official release through Funko (or any other company) isn’t planned. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes. After all, a Funko line of Stranger Things vinyl toys isn’t an “if”, it’s a “when”.

Check out the rest of the Stranger Things series below, which includes a model which would look right at home in the Vinyl Idolz range. [click to continue…]

alex cho dany

Artist Alex Cho is a visual development artist at Sony Pictures Animation, so when he puts his spin on the likes of Game of Thrones and Stranger Things you know it will be something special.

He’s also a fan of Harry Potter and Zootopia, among other things. It’s easy to fall into his art and get caught up. I suggest you try it starting with the examples below. [click to continue…]


If you have a budding artist who uses everything as a blank canvas, this Doodle Duvet may be able to absorb some of the inspiration normally reserved for your walls.

The blanket appears as a sheet of notebook paper and is actually designed for use with washable markers. It will be ready for reuse after each wash, which will no doubt pose a quandary if you end up wanting to hold on to a particular masterpiece.

The doodle duvet is available in single (140 x 200cm) and double (200 x 200cm) sizes and comes complete with a 10-pack of washable markers. Check out additional pics below. [click to continue…]

mangier things

I’m not one for spoilers, but the monster in Mangier Things is actually a cat that is (very appropriately) named Waffles.

Prints are available in Cassie Murphy’s Etsy store.

(via GOA)


We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Something we love works wonderfully in two dimensions, but once it expands out into the third it doesn’t quite mesh. Whether it’s a video game or a live-action adaptation of a beloved cartoon. Whenever it happens, our hearts break a little.

So imagine our delight, then, when we saw that Hong Kong-based fanart collective Pepasweet has not only done the transition justice, but they’ve pulled it off in the most unlikely of mediums—papercraft.

Spotted at a fan event in Hong Kong, these papercraft characters originate from RPG Shironeko Project, a mobile game available in Japan. At first glance they might not look like papercraft at all—in fact in some photos I was certain I was looking at figurines or toys—but they are made of paper, and they’re stunning. Check out more of Pepasweet’s amazing work below. [click to continue…]