Oh my Disney, these princes/guys painted as real life hunks are almost too hot to handle.

It’s the work of artist Jirka Väätäinen, and I believe I speak for many of us when saying, Thank You Jirka! His site also features a previous collection featuring Disney ladies.

Jirka’s new collection includes Tarzan, Hercules, John Smith from Pocahontas, The Beast/Prince from Beauty and the Beast, Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming from Cinderella, Aladdin, and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid with more to come.

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Illustrator Josh Lynch has turned Marvel superheroes into dogs. There are pugs, golden retrievers, greyhounds, and more all dressed up and ready to save the world and/or poop in your yard.

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This incredible Batman and Joker sculpture titled “My Better Half” is made entirely from sand. The height alone is mind-boggling, but the sharp detail and perfect texturing of this sand statue is really unbelievable.

Plus they’re playing footsies.

Marielle Hessels of the Netherlands and David Ducharme of Winlaw, B.C., created this amazing sculpture and it won them first place in the doubles division at Parksville’s annual Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competition. Yay Canada!

It’s amazing and should be bronzed. Check out more pics after the break.

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The Ninja Turtles take their names from famous Renaissance painters and now graffiti artist Owen Dippie has flipped the script. Duppie hails from New Zealand and created this tribute in Bushwick, Brooklyn by a set of train tracks.

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These samurai cat prints are the work of xiaobaosg and they are inspired by Japanese animation, history, mythology, and movies like Seven Samurai.

Also, cats.

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Damn, this is so great. Imagine the possibilities. Chickens for Dr. Immortan Teeth’s wives maybe?

Created by JoopaDoops/Deviant Art.

(via Boing Boing)


These gorgeous limited-edition woodblock prints are part of a crowd-funding project on The designs come from artist Masami Ishikawa with master engravers and printers doing the work to create them entirely by hand. They’re even officially licensed Lucasfilm products.

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This terrifying 3D illustration is the work of Oliver Pabilona. The concept originated with fellow artist Stjepan Šejic, and Pabilona used that art as a guide to creating his version of a 3D Xenomorph T.Rex. It’s both beautiful and absolutely horrifying.

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This beautiful image is made of 1,128,960 blocks in Minecraft. The blocks were placed by hand rather than by a computer program and the process took 23 weeks to complete. It’s the painstaking work of Thorlar who created the trio of Kerrigan, Diablo, and Deathwing.

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Artist James Doran Webb is the driftwood sculptor behind this massive dragon. It sits perched on a (Photoshopped?) gazebo to watch over the garden like the most badass scarecrow ever.

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