If you’ve ever wondered how you’d look as a Disney or anime character, artist Robert DeJesus can give you a good idea. He takes photographs and sketches them into cartoons (this includes pets). He is taking commission requests over on his DeviantArt page and also has a YouTube channel where he shows you how he draws different characters.

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Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post illustrations are iconic and instantly recognizable. Many artists have taken the style and put different characters into the idyllic scenes, including Ruiz Burgos. He’s inserted heroes and villains from the pages of DC Comics into the art, and the series of mash-ups features Zatanna, Poison Ivy, Joker and Harley Quinn, and more.

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Ancient Mayan Batman


Yep, you’re looking at Mayan Batman. I’d love to tell you that this piece of art is actually an ancient Mayan relic, but alas, that’s not true. It’s a piece of modern art that was made by Behance user Kimbal. Warner Home Entertainment Mexico and the Mexican Museum of Design commissioned 30 artists, including Kimball, to create unique pieces of art to celebrate the Dark Knights’ 75th Anniversary as well as highlight Mexican art as a whole. Each artist was given a simple, plain-white Batman bust and was told to have fun. Kimbal’s take was based on the Mayan god Camazotz and, as you can see, it’s incredibly awesome.

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eric tan star wars 1

Though I’ve seen hundreds of pieces of Star Wars art over the years, every one is slightly different. Artists constantly show me different ways to see the saga, and Eric Tan’s posters for the original trilogy definitely have that effect. While I wouldn’t necessarily call his posters minimalist, they have that simple but effective vibe. I love how Darth Vader figures prominently in the layout of the first two but takes a backseat in the Return of the Jedi art.

Tan, a designer for Disney, said he’s never had more fun on a project. It shows.

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Remember when artist Dirk Loechel put together a poster featuring dozens and dozens of spaceships from science fiction in order to compare them by size? That chart was already impressive, but Loechel can’t quit making updates, and he’s added many more vessels in the last year. You can find vehicles from Dune, Mass Effect, Star Trek, and so many more. The ships are mostly grouped by franchise which means it’s easy to jump around or focus in on one section. It’s weirdly mesmerizing and easy to get sucked into looking at the chart.

Click over to DeviantArt to see the glorious chart at full resolution. Yes, it’s massive.

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When they’re not wishing on stars or chasing after silly princes, Disney princesses can actually be frightening little monsters. This series by Jennifer, a.k.a. NoFlutter on DeviantArt, turns the characters into vampires, zombies, and more. The art definitely has a Tim Burton vibe, and I hope cosplayers tackle real life versions of these designs.

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xena 1

Xena the Warrior Princess and Gabrielle managed to kick the butts of anyone who crossed them, and they look tough as nails in this Disney style art by NIA. She told The Escapist that Xena was one of her role models growing up, and she’d like to see more characters like Xena and Gabrielle on television and in films now. I agree entirely, and I’d love to start with an animated series documenting their adventures.

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Artist Filipe Carvalho has created beautiful and very simple images of the characters from Star Wars using something called Flat Design. Rather than complex, detailed images, he uses only a few colors and shapes to convey an entire character. The results are pictures we’d love to have hanging on the wall.

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after toontown

We loved them growing up and revisit them often, but have we ever really thought about what happened to our favorite cartoon characters as time went on?

Artist Steve Cutts thought about it and made an animated short that shows us all how fleeting cartoon fame can be.

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Everyone likes playing with duct tape but what we usually end up making isn’t that impressive. Rianna of DuctTapeDesigns makes beautiful duct tape portraits that make all our silly flower and wallet creations look juvenile. The images are so good, you’d swear they were painted. She’s got Bataman, Iron Man, Dexter and even a Dalek and the TARDIS.

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