Artist João A. Carvalho is able to portray a sense of three-dimensionality in his 2D drawings through a mixture of shading and clever manipulation of the horizontal lines. The result is an astounding image that looks like it’s flying towards the viewer.

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thrift store painting - tardis

Artist Dave Pollot gives paintings he finds in thrift stores a new life. A cooler and geekier life. We first saw his creations earlier this year, and he’s still hard at work transforming plain ol’ landscapes into works of science fiction. His gallery of redone oil paintings includes a TARDIS in a quiet scene, Dr. Zoidberg on a beach, Chewbacca in a forest, and more. I’m in love with his reimagined art.

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Doctor Who Series 8 posters

Season eight of Doctor Who hasn’t been all that amazing as far as I’m concerned but, thankfully, that is not the case for posters inspired by the episodes. Artist Stuart Manning created an impressive piece of art for each episode of the series for Radio Times. They have a retro vibe and include some lovely typography. The best news? They will eventually be for sale individually and as a set.

(Big Chief Studios via Topless Robot)

Hall of Heroes poster

Women may not get equal representation in film and television, but there are plenty of wonderful characters who should be admired. Artist Scott Park rounded up 80 (!) of them to feature in his Hall of Heroes print. The awesome art features the clones from Orphan Black, women from Game of Thrones, witches from Harry Potter, and many more. I’m happy to see many of my favorite franchises included, but mostly, I’m glad to see the diversity in personalities depicted on the poster.

Product Page ($18 and up via BuzzFeed)

labyrinth 2

There are plenty of movies that get sequels and really don’t deserve them, but these posters imagine ones that many of you would probably love to see. They’re all part of an upcoming art show titled Sequel and will be on display in Los Angeles from November 13th through 23rd. You can see them in real life at iam8bit and dream of what could have been.

Labyrinth by Ruben Ireland.

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Using Disney characters to divine the future is more popular than you’d think. We featured some Disney-themed tarot cards earlier this year, but artist Julian Rivera has put a fresh and beautiful spin on the idea. Julian shared four of her Disney tarot card designs so far, and He’s chosen Ariel (and a dinglehopper) to represent The Empress card, Snow White as The Fool, Ellonwy as The Magician, and Kida as The High Priestess.

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Artist Vin Hill might still be a relative newcomer to the video game industry, but his conceptual sketches for a Japanese Assassin’s Creed game are truly spectacular.

Vin’s overall idea is to set an Assassin’s Creed game in Kyoto, Japan during the Meiji restoration period in the 19th century–this was a rather turbulent time during Japan’s history, as the entire nation was rushing forward into modernity after centuries of self-imposed exile from the outside world. I really hope this becomes an actual game soon!

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thor cat

Yesterday was National Cat Day (yeah, apparently it’s a thing), and Marvel showed their love for felines everywhere by sharing some delightful superheroes-as-cats art. The style of the illustrations by Jenny Parks is similar to the Doctor Mew portraits she did earlier this year. They feature Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Iron Man.

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terminator shower curtain

Now you can have Brian Rubenacker’s Boxer themed art in your bathroom with this Thumbprintz Terminator Shower Curtain.

It measures 71″ x 74″, is 100% polyester,with a button-hole top. They also say you can use it in other rooms besides the bathroom. Hang it on your wall like fine art!

Product Page ($49.97 via Reddit)


Is this haunted room actually stretching? It is, but the stars of the Haunted Mansion’s stretching portraits have been replaced with characters from Disney’s animated films. Artist Laura Knighton took the morbid illustrations and added her own spin to the theme with Ariel, Jane, Belle (that one’s my favorite), and Tiana. They’re all doomed! I love that she didn’t do a straight up re-creation of the existing portraits.

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