Blizzard has erected a 2-ton, 10-foot high, 14-foot wide bronze statue of Arthas Menethil in a park in Taichung, Taiwan as a tribute to the Taiwanese gaming community and in celebration of Blizzard Entertainment’s 25th anniversary.

It took 9 months for an entire team of artists and craftspeople to create this statue which is described as “The Lich King in his purest form”. It truly is an incredible work of art and a fitting tribute to the legions of gamers around the world who have spent so many hours trying to down him over the years. The video below is a tribute as well—to gamers, to Warcraft, and to the power of story and it’s ability to last over the decades. [click to continue…]

pokemon go propaganda posters

These awesome Pokémon Go propaganda posters are the work of Savannah Alexandra. Prints are even available in her Redbubble store. Take a closer look at the series below. [click to continue…]


If you weren’t thrilled with Wonder Woman’s muted color scheme in BvS, you’ll love this new poster for her upcoming film. The tagline isn’t bad either. Check out the full poster below. [click to continue…]


Marvel has made good on its proposal to create a 13-foot-tall Captain America statue for the character’s 75th anniversary.

As previously reported, the statue is slated to debut at Marvel’s booth during San Diego Comic-Con before being shipped to Brooklyn, where it will be unveiled in Prospect Park on August 10th. After a month on display, the statue will reportedly be moved to the Barclays Center before heading to Sunset Park in October.

As if this isn’t enough, Entertainment Weekly reports that a special 75th anniversary comic will also be released at Comic-Con which depicts Captain America kicking it with the bronze representation.

Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Pokémon Go opens with a loading screen which encourages players to mind their surroundings, featuring a delightful bit of artwork involving an absent-minded Pokémon trainer and an angry Gyrados.

It’s so charming that Magdalena Proszowska – a Polish artist working at Ubisoft’s Blue Byte Studio (y’know, the developers who make The Settlers) – decided to expand the concept, producing artwork in the same style to give advice to wannabe Pokémon Masters out there.

Just like the original bit of art they’re based on, these are charming, clever, funny, and they’re good advice too! You can check them out below. [click to continue…]


Brazilian artist Bruno Alberto has recreated key scenes in movie and TV history as digital dioramas in a project called Low Poly Scenes.

So far, Alberto has put his low poly spin on scenes from Raiders of the Lost ArkBack to the FutureGame of ThronesStar Wars and Free Willy. As you’ll see, they are are charming and fun to watch.

Check out the rest of the series below. [click to continue…]


From the age of 10, artist Dane Cozens has been drawing realistic versions of Pokémon, and with the recent release of Pokémon GO what better time for him to revisit that old habit? He’s produced three posters, each featuring the final evolution of the original first-generation starter Pokémon, and they look absolutely astounding.

Check out the posters in their full glory below. [click to continue…]

overwatch art top

The butt pose is back with a vengeance in this fan art from NeoArtCorE. You may recognize his style from the fantastic Marvel superhero ladies series we posted a while back.

Check out the entire series below. [click to continue…]

spiderman art 2

Watching Disney/Marvel artist Brian Kesinger bring Spider-Man to life in this drawing is made even better with the vintage music.

Check out the video below. [click to continue…]

captain america statue

Marvel’s famous “kid from Brooklyn” in being enshrined in bronze for his 75th birthday.

USA Today notes that the 13-foot-tall, 2000 pound bronze statue will be on display at the Marvel booth during San Diego Comic-Con, after which he’ll head back to New York to take up permanent residence in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, with a dedication ceremony to be held August 10th. You’ll be able to follow his journey thanks to Marvel’s social media accounts.

“For the past 75 years, Captain America has inspired generations of fans serving as the ultimate global icon for freedom, strength and doing the right thing,” says Paul Gitter, senior vice president of licensing for Marvel at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media.

If you want your own mini version of this statue, Comicave Studios will be releasing 750 limited edition 12-inch bronze replicas as well as 100 made-to-order 35-inch pewter versions. No pricing information is available just yet.

Check out a sketch of the statue below. [click to continue…]