This fantastic TMNT fan art is the work of Alex Redfish who has added a little gif animation to make them really pop. They might still be called the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they’re looking tough and very grown-up in this images. Michelangelo can’t even eat a pizza without being angry.

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Artist Klaus Enrigue has recreated Darth Vader’s helmet with a unique medium. The mask is covered with 150 artfully arranged insects including tarantulas, scorpions, and butterflies sourced from around the world. It took nearly 300 hours to put it all together and he sees as a metaphor for Vader. He says the butterflies represent metamorphosis and how Vader changes throughout the films.

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RJ Palmer, a.k.a. arvalis on DeviantArt, imagined a world where Pokemon were real—and the results are stunning.

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Iranian artist Hasan Novrozi creates fantastical creatures full of life and motion. He used an array of junk from metal tools, automotive components, gears, and chains to painstakingly assemble every bone, muscle, and feather of this pegasus.

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Chinese Illustrator and Weibo user Xia-a (xia1205), painted this awesome mash-up featuring the men and women of Marvel’s Avengers as the Eight Immortals of Chinese mythology.

These famous deities, icons of longevity and prosperity, each have their own distinct magical instrument that they use on their mythical adventures. One well-known adventure takes the group by sea to a celestial gathering, which is the inspiration for this crossover piece.

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star wars mural

This crazy cool mural is the work of artist Robert Burden who created it as a tribute to the classic Kenner toys. The images represent both action figures and vehicles from the vintage toy collection (click to enlarge).

It took him 2,000 hours and 18 months to create the 15′ x 8′ mural as an oil painting. There are a few symbolic images that are a nod to the influences that helped create Star Wars (like Yul Brynner in The Magnificent Seven) as well as some newer toys, but it’s mostly old-school.

You’ll be able to see it live at Star Wars Celebration next month and even pick up a 36″ x 24″ print from Burden’s online store. If you’ve got deep pockets and a lot of wall space, then buy the original for $200,000.

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These sculptures are both beautiful and eerie at the same time. They’re the work of artist Ellen Jewett who blends plants and animals into sculptures. She calls her work “natural history surrealist sculpture” and it not only involves a blending of different aspects of nature, but a blending of materials. She strives to use locally-sourced materials combined with negative space to create her works of art.

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Japanese teenager Rena Rena drew a beautiful version of Frozen‘s Elsa on the chalkboard at school and it went viral in Japan. It’s been several months since a photo of her work made the rounds and now she is a paid professional. She just made the cover to the latest book by fantasy author Miyuki Miyabe.

The new book, The Castle of Kingdom Gone, is about to be released and it has a gorgeous drawing created by Rena Rena as the jacket art. It features a beautiful castle in the same style as the chalkboard art she drew at school.

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These fantastic, hangable light art boxes by Etsy seller The Daily Robot are a unique way to decorate your home. They feature characters like Samus Aran, Mega Man, and Master Chief in laser-engraved acrylic with brightly colored LEDs. They’re available in limited runs so they’re both beautiful and unique collectibles that add a nerdy glow to any room.

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If you’ve wondered what ever became of Charlie Brown after spending his childhood as the ultimate underdog, Deviant Artists Max Dunbar, Vitali Iakovlev and Sean Ellery have given us a glimpse – and it’s a pretty good bet that nobody’s going to screw with him now.

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