With pumpkin spiced latte in hand, I’m trading in my leaf-peeping schedule to see these incredible straw dinosaurs (I just need a plane ticket to Japan). The giant dino above is actually made of straw for the annual Japanese Wara Art Festival – “wara” means rice straw which can be found in abundance after the harvest. The dried wara is used to create tons of amazing sculptures that are displayed  in Uwasekigata Park, located in Niigata City’s Nishikan Ward from September through early November.

The dinosaurs were created by art student Amy Goda. There is also a giant praying mantis, a king cobra, a not-so-rubber duck, and a massive pinchy crab.

Check them all out after the break.

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Inspired by the office nerds who created these superhero Post-it murals, the staff at Viking, a UK-based office supply company, decided to create Star Wars murals for their walls.

Five hours and 3,597 Post-it notes later, their walls are adorned with Darth Vader, R2-D2, Yoda, and a Stormtrooper.

Check out more images and their time-lapse video after the break.

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If Deathclaws roamed my backyard, I’d probably stay indoors most of the time–and by most of the time I mean for the rest of my life.

Alfred Khamidullin used photo manipulation and a bit of imagination to create a photo series that envisions what our world would be like if the monsters of Fallout actually existed. The end result is pretty darn unsettling, as you’ll see after the break.

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Dragon Ball Z already allows for the fusion of characters to create more powerful characters, so it’s not surprising that French artist Pierre-Marie Lenoir gave some thought to what would happen in a fusion between DBZ and some of your favorite comic book characters.

His Behance project, aptly titled “Fusions”, does just that. Batman, Robin, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Conan all go into the mix.

Check out the results after the break.

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This little Eevee lamp is “Destined for the Night.” The sweet, sleeping Eevee glows blue (alluding to it’s evolution to an Umbreon) under the stars and moon, all powered by LEDs. The entire light is hand sculpted and painted by Etsy shop Kersey’s Krafts. The shop has over a dozen different Pokemon (and Digimon) sculptures including Charmander, Dragonair, Flygon, Vulpix, Balziken, and more.

Check out more shiny and adorable Pokemon light-up sculptures after the break.

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1401100419303462829 copy

So what does Mad Max: Fury Road have in common with ancient Egypt? Well, save for lots of sun and sand, not much. Still, artist Takumi managed to combine the two, and I have to say that it works rather well.

Winged Furiosa looks downright divine, and I love all the little details and touches. The top image is only a portion of the entire piece, which you can check out after the break.

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Whether you consider street artist Banksy to be famous or notorious, there’s no doubt he’s got a talent for making people think and look at things in a new way.

A new five week installation called Dismaland in Somerset, England is a “bemusement park” curated by Banksy that features artists from all over the world. Dark, sure—but also thought provoking, which is always good.

If you wont be able to attend in person, good news! Photos have been floating around the Internet for the last week or so, but UK’s Channel 4 News took a tour of Dismaland and recorded it.

Maybe that’s depressing news.

Decide for yourself after the break.

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lilo an stitch

We’ve featured Isaiah Stevens‘ art here before because, well, we love it. But I’m pretty sure this series is my favorite so far of the stuff we’ve covered to date.

Disney and Star Wars meld in a collection of art that imagines Darth Maleficent, a Kiana Trooper, and Ursula The Hutt. Oh, and the Yoda Stitch teaching a youngling Lilo made my heart go squish.

See more of his work after the break.

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It’s gorgeous actually.

Artist dark solace is responsible for this amazing stained glass Claptrap from Borderlands. The vents in the front and on top are actually open, the eyes are made from wine bottles, and the arms are constructed from a copper pipe.

His work is really incredible and my only complaint is that this gorgeous lamp is not on Etsy…yet. Then again, it took five months to complete so I wouldn’t expect it to be affordable.

Check out more images after the break.

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vr time

Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward wonders about the affects of Oculus Rift outside of gaming. So he took to Twitter under a new persona `+! VR INFORMER ¡+` uploading sketches of hilarious virtual reality possibilities.

Step into the true curiosities of virtual reality as realized by Ward, after the break.

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