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With HBO frantically working on several Game of Thrones spinoffs to pick up the slack when the series ends, Patrick McCarthy has offered a suggestion in the form of a 20-minute animated pilot based on The Doom of Valyria. The show would dive into the history of the Valyrian Freehold, and answer the lingering questions that surround the empire’s destruction.

This story is probably longshot in terms of getting picked up by HBO for a series, but we have to admire McCarthy’s dedication here. The video you are about to see took him two years to create. [click to continue…]

Comic book artist André Araújo has created a wonderful print featuring the original Star Wars cast reimagined as characters from a story set in the Middle Ages. He told io9 that he was inspired to create the piece after reading a book on Portuguese history: [click to continue…]

In Filip Hodas‘ world, Bender’s ass is no longer shiny and Happy Meals are pretty damn far from happy. It’s the place that nostalgia goes to die. I wouldn’t want to try and survive there, but you can visit safely via the images below. [click to continue…]

There’s no crying in crime-fighting (except from the criminals maybe).

Justice League and A League of Their Own collide in a punny illustration that is just begging for a group cosplay (and this little girl needs to be a part of it).

Head on over to to check out portraits of each character.

(via Cinemablend)

There are three games you can play with these Star Trek: The Next Generation 30th Anniversary posters by artist Dusty Abell. The easiest game is “Find Riker”. He’s got his trombone, so you can’t miss him. After that, you can up the difficulty by trying to name every character in both the hero and villain posters. The final, and most challenging game is to try and figure out who’s missing. Take a closer look at the posters below. [click to continue…]

I could stare at this pixelart by Reddit user Vertibirdo all day long. It makes you feel like you could build a whole story around it. Like you’re there or, at least, in front of your PC back in the day.

Artist Miguel Vasquez has created some renders of SpongeBob and Patrick in real life, and he really managed to capture that whole terrifying abomination thing. They’re really quite impressive, but the best is yet to come… [click to continue…]

Another gem from artist Brian Kesinger. Apparently, a print of this Firefly and Rogue One mashup will be available in his Etsy store in July.

Joe Corroney has worked for pretty much everyone in the comics industry, and that includes creating Star Wars art for Disney and Lucasfilm. So he was a perfect fit for Denver Comic Con when they sought to create a piece of artwork in honor of Carrie Fisher, who was scheduled to attend the con before she passed in December. [click to continue…]

Artist Max Degtyarev has created a stunning cutaway illustration of Finn and Jake’s tree fort from Adventure Time. I could look at it all day. [click to continue…]