The Joker design above comes from Greg Capullo’s amazing work on Death of the Family. Special effects master Rick Baker has put his own spin on the character and the results are amazing. This is the Joker look we’d all like to see on screen but, sadly, it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get that with Leto.

See Baker’s version after the break…

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These clever Lego vignettes were created by French photographer Samsofy. He stages Lego minifigs to create photographs that look like the toys are part of the real-world. Superman lifts a real sewer grate, a construction worker jackhammers a giant crack in some cement, and Gandalf confronts a Balrog-sized cat.

See more examples of his work after the break.

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chibi groot art

“Chibi Guardians” by MoogleGurl.

(Tasty Peach Studios via James Gunn)

big lebowski painting

Kudos to Redditor PavelSokov on this amazing painting inspired by The Big Lebowski.


These nostalgic paintings by Craig Davison capture kids pretending to be Jedi, smugglers, and wookiees. They highlight the joy of a child’s imagination—a place where a stick can be a lightsaber and a couple of cardboard tubes can be a blaster. You’ll wish you were a kid again.

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Pulp fiction cover art is one of my favorite things, and these covers of the Dragon Ball Z Androids Saga by artist Ástor Alexander feature Android 17 & 18, Cell, and Trunks. They are, in a word, gorgeous.

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Iron Man is an effective superhero, but Iron Panda looks like he would be unstoppable. For one thing, he’s nearly 20 feet tall. He’s also adorable.

The sculpture is the work of artist Bi Heng and it is on display at the K11 art mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. It’s part of an exhibition showcasing the work of 100 new Asian artists with 70 works on display at the mall until July 6th.

See more pictures over at Supertouch.

(via Kotaku)

cut scene top

This incredibly detailed, three-dimensional Star Wars scene is actually formed from just a single sheet of paper. Artist Paper Dandy a.k.a. Marc Hagan-Guirey strategically cuts shapes, then bends and folds paper to his will using an ancient art called kirigami. It’s like origami but focused on cutting designs using both positive and negative space to create shapes, shadows, and depth.

In a recent interview with CNN, Marc explains how he became involved in such a interesting art style.

“These are the product of a lot of patience and a lot of trial and error,” he says. “For me, though, I link this back to my childhood. I’ve always made things out of stuff you’d otherwise put in the bin. My currency was toilet roll tubes and cereal boxes. I would make fortresses for my action figures out all sorts of things. Cleaned out tin cans with both ends opened made perfect sewer pipes for Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle action figures.”

He’s started a kickstarter in hopes of displaying this art in a gallery exhibition titled “Cut Scene”. However, his goal isn’t financial gain:

“It’s simply to produce the exhibition so that Star Wars fans can enjoy seeing the unique kirigami models in their physical form. Every penny will go towards making a better gallery experience.”

Check out more mind blowing paper scenes after the break along with the project video.

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This incredibly detailed relief is made from hundred of pieces of laser cut wood which are meticulously layered into beautiful scenes. The piece above depicts the famous bathhouse from Spirited Away by Studio Ghibli. Artist Martin Tomsky has an amazing eye for detail and perspective coupled with an amazing level of patience.

“My childhood was spent surrounded by books – relics from my parents’ past as Czech publishers and book smugglers. Amidst the chaos of a large family, my drawing habit grew unchecked until it developed into a full blown addiction.”

His brilliant art work is also inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Game of Thrones and Neil Gaiman to name a few. He sells his work on Etsy, but art of this caliber doesn’t come cheap. Check out more examples after the jump.

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spideys back

Last year, artist Mauricio Abril created an image of poor Spider-Man as a little kid being dragged away from all the fun being had by The Avengers. The art was so cute it even made the rounds at Sony Pictures.

Now that Spider-Man will officially be back in the MCU, Abril is back with a follow-up. Spider-Man gleefully joins them in a sandbox where Tony Stark is busy building a sand Iron Man helmet. Notice the Marvel and Sony businessmen making a deal in the background. One of them is even wearing mouse ears (click to enlarge).

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