You can say what you like about how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles looked in the movie this summer, but just be thankful that we didn’t get anything resembling these guys. According to CBM, this pitch artwork by Anthony Francisco (who recently did some great work on Guardians Of The Galaxy and G.I. Joe: Retaliation) represents a much more alien version of the Turtles which would undoubtedly have made fans mob theaters with torches and pitchforks.

Thankfully, the designs only went as far as a meeting with the producers.

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Artists who participate in Comic Book Resources’ “The Line it is Drawn” column answer some of life’s greatest questions. The challenge for a 2012 column was “What if ___ and ____ had a baby?” DeviantArt user Marco D’Alfonso decided to imagine Harley Quinn and Deadpool’s offspring, and despite the chaos that would ensue, I have to admit their little family is pretty adorable. I bet no one volunteers to babysit though.

(Reddit via io9)


These slightly terrifying versions of the Disney princesses are the work of DeviantArtist Jeffrey Thomas. He’s taken all the elegance of the characters and tossed it aside in favor of brute force, blood, and a little bit of crazy. He’s even written a story for each image to explain its origin. It’s all part of his Twisted Princess series. These princesses are definitely capable of saving themselves without the help of a prince. In fact, the prince might need saving from them.

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Guardians Ballesteros

The more I see of Patrick Ballesteros’ art, the more I want to buy it all and wallpaper a room with it. There’s something about his work that just makes me smile.

This 25¢ Wonders series imagines your favorite characters as kids and gives them the best kiddie rides ever. I think Ripley from Aliens is my personal favorite.

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The internet has a penchant for turning things into animals. We’ve seen Disney princesses as sloths, manatees dressed like superheroes, and now we have all the original Pokémon as alpacas. Why not? DeviantArt user Lopaki came up with the Alpacamon, and I’ve got to say that the makeover makes the pocket monsters even cuter. I want Alpacamon plushes!

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rocket and groot

(via James Gunn)


These images are the work of artist Jonathan Cantero who has given Game of Thrones a whole new look. Not only has he designed images with the characters, capturing the essence of each house, but he has also reimagined the house sigils as little characters. That Targaryen dragon is just adorable.

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rocket and groot

Mash ups. Sometimes they make us groan, but every once in awhile we see one that really fits.

Case in point: when Guardians of the Galaxy meets Calvin and Hobbes in this fanart by Adi Fitri.

(Saladin Ahmed via TOR)


This gorgeous art is the creation of BioWare fan Andrew Ryan. He’s taken characters from their games and moved them between worlds and basically crossed the streams in a wonderful way. He also stretches outside the BioWare world in a few pieces. Who would have thought combining Final Fantasy and Pokémon could turn out so well?

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GoT subway map

It takes forever for the characters of Game of Thrones to get from point A to point B because horses and wagons can only go so fast. What if there was a public transit system? I bet it would be filled with more bizarre passengers than New York’s subway cars.

Michael Tyznik imagined a rail line for Westeros and has released a print so you can learn exactly which trains to take from the Eyrie to Winterfell.

Product Page ($30 and up via Fast Co. and Kotaku)