Is this haunted room actually stretching? It is, but the stars of the Haunted Mansion’s stretching portraits have been replaced with characters from Disney’s animated films. Artist Laura Knighton took the morbid illustrations and added her own spin to the theme with Ariel, Jane, Belle (that one’s my favorite), and Tiana. They’re all doomed! I love that she didn’t do a straight up re-creation of the existing portraits.

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Artist Marco D’Alfonso has turned Deadpool into a G.I. Joe action figure in packaging that would make the merc with a mouth proud. Take a good look at the warnings and details D’Alfonso has included.

He’s created quite a few Deadpool mashups with everything from Disney to Star Wars. You can’t buy the action figure, but you can buy a print to decorate your home with Deadpool style.

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disney smash bros 1

What if Disney characters starred in Nintendo games? By the looks of this art from Michael Villamejor, it would be awesome. He mashes up characters from Disney films with ones from Smash Bros., and it results in combinations like Stitch as Pikachu and Robin Hood as Star Fox. I can barely handle the brilliance of these pixels.

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animated link

Link and Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series are already animated in the games, but they don’t look like this. Illustrator Cassio Yoshiyaki’s style is similar to what you’d see in a DreamWorks animated film. Her renderings of the characters are beautiful, and these versions of Link and Zelda would look right at home riding dragons next to Hiccup.

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Given her popularity, it’s no surprise that there’s currently a Hatsune Miku art exhibit in New York City. One of the pieces featured is this version of Miku by artist Tetsuya Nomura (of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fame). There’s also Miku movie by Square Enix’s Visual Works.

If you’re in New York, the exhibit runs from October 9 to October 19 at Wallplay.

In case you missed it, Miku also performed on David Letterman recently. His reaction is…priceless.

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This stunning dragon puts those paper mache projects you made in grade school to shame. He is the work of Cindy Williams who, despite appearances, hasn’t worked with the medium in over ten years since she was last in school. According to Make:

Time in total was 8 months and probably well over 400 hours (more than I can recall for sure), but it held my interest all the way through. With masters of mache like Jonni and their helpful websites that share ideas and techniques, I was able to get back into sculpture and turn an idea into a big blue dragon. My message to you is whatever you want to make, don’t wait for the perfect someday, do it now!

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After seeing Griffon Ramsey in action, I’m fascinated with chainsaw art.

Ramsey created a sculpture of Groot using a variety of chainsaws and Easter Red Cedar along with her skills and plenty of imagination.

Then she went and filmed the work in progress so we could all see Groot come to life.

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tetsuya sora

People who can draw have always amazed me. The idea that someone can take a blank piece of paper or canvas, have a vision in their mind, and then create it seems like magic.

That having been said, Tetsuya Nomura is like a wizard when he draws Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Sure, it’s to promote Kingdom Hearts 2.5, but I don’t even care. It’s just beautiful to watch.

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lego 2

LEGO bricks can be wielded like paintbrushes. Finished LEGO builds often look like art, and I would definitely classify Mike Doyle as an artist. We’ve featured his jaw-dropping work in the past, and now he’s announced a sequel to his popular book Beautiful LEGO. This collection, Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark has a creepy and macabre tone with 325 pages of unique creations from 140 LEGO builders.

The above photo is an example of what you’ll see in the book, and you can see more pages after the break.

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Adventure Time fans, you are going to want all of these posters to decorate your walls. They’re the work of Joe Hogan and Mike Vasquez who’ve taken on everything from Star Wars to Game of Thrones to the Disney princesses. Each has been redone with Adventure Time characters in the style of the animated series and they’re amazing.

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