So here’s something South Korean artist Kim Jung Gi did – he combined elements of the Star Wars movies with aspects of feudal Japan.

This is, of course, an inspired combination. As you may know, Star Wars was in part inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s samurai movies, so mashing the two together is something of a no brainer. What’s more impressive, though, is the talent that made it happen.

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See, Kim studied art at Dong-Eui University in Busan before serving two years in the South Korean army. Between those two disciplines he developed a very keen eye and a knack for memorization—skills he put to use in October when he spent three hours drawing this beautiful blending of worlds.

Kim’s work is absolutely stunning. And, if you continue on, you can watch the video of him drawing this amazing piece from memory.

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harry potter nordic top

Now that J.K. Rowling has announced a bunch of new magic schools within the Harry Potter universe, it’s a perfect time to show off these character portraits by Blizzard artist Even Amundsen.

Amundsen has been creating a Nordic myth and magic school called Vølurheim and, by the looks of the teaching staff, you probably wouldn’t survive past the first semester.

Check out the series below.

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No two actors have had more varied and successful careers in film than Harrison Ford and Samuel L. Jackson. That having been said, artist Jeff Victor has wonderfully and adorably illustrated the evolution of their careers in cartoon form. Check them out below.

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rey-and-bb8 copy

Sibylline is a french freelance illustrator with a real love for geeky pop culture. She posts a lot of her nerdy artwork on her Instagram, which recently included some illustrations of Rey from The Force Awakens. As you’ll see, many of her pieces have a lighthearted retro vibe that’s really fun.

See more examples below.

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Kerry Wright recently decorated her two-year-old daughter’s room, but she didn’t just slap up a coat of paint and call it a day. Wright wanted the room to be a place that would spark her daughter’s imagination and encourage her to read. So she added characters and scenes from over 90 different classic works of fiction, and she left plenty of space on the walls so that her daughter could add additional characters and scenes whenever she’s ready.

Check out more pics below.

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burton disney top

If Tim Burton directed classic Disney movies, they might look something like this art created by Andrew Tarusov. Take a look at the entire series below.

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This is going to seem ever-so-slightly biased, but did you know that geeks are brilliant? Smart, sexy, creative, there’s nothing they can’t do.

Take crafty crafter Han Swanson Martin Creaney, for example. The man is an insanely talented woodworker, as evidenced by his massive and entirely wooden recreation of the Millennium Falcon. Far from a piece of junk, the level of detail on Creaney’s creation is, frankly, obscene. I thoroughly intend to find it and give it a big wet snog.

Check out a video and additional photos of this piece below (along with some other amazing creations).

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download (1)

It’s always nice when you discover a new artist and I’m really lucky to be able to share my discoveries with other people. The delightful mermaids pictured below were my introduction the work of Ashley Taylor.

So, if you were a fan previously, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the round-up. If not, enjoy the new discovery and keep an eye out for her Mermaid Mondays on Instagram.

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Artist Michael Zajkov specializes in making dolls look creepy realistic. Just look at the life behind those eyes.


The dolls are made with polymer clay, hand-painted glass eyes, and French mohair for their hair, plus thirteen moveable joints. Perfecting a single head takes a few weeks. He dresses the dolls in vintage 1900s clothing, using antique French lace to perfect the look.

See more images (and a few videos) below.

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star wars vine 2

The Force is strong with Viner Wahyu Ichwandari, also known as Pinot, who has created some stunning Star Wars-inspired Vines. Featuring illustrations that leap off of the page, his Vines once again prove that the creativity of Star Wars fans knows no bounds.

Check out Pinot’s handiwork below.

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