What if the cast from Avengers: Age of Ultron were part of a dark fantasy universe? Artist Daniel Kamarudin answered that question beautifully with these haunting images. Adorned with armor and swords, each superhero looks ready to battle dragons and evil wizards.

In the gallery after the break you’ll see Hulk wearing a skull-laden kilt with blood dripping from his fists and a badass Hawkeye with a magic bow. There’s also Black Widow wielding a pair of short swords instead of pistols. Each character’s traditional look and skill is wonderfully transformed into a world of sorcerers and warriors.

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The latest episode of Man at Arms has the crew recreating Loki’s Chitauri Scepter from The Avengers. The end features the weapon slashing the usual objects, but with the addition of a Spider-Man pinata, Iron Man mask, and Captain America’s shield. We’d expect nothing less from Loki’s weapon of choice.

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hulkbuster figure

This unbelievable Hulkbuster figure is coming soon from Comicave Studios. It’s one-quarter scale which makes it 4-feet-tall and it even has lights and articulation. The best part is the armor which automatically opens to reveal an Iron Man Mark 43 hiding inside. This is a prototype so the final version may differ slightly, but it’s still destined to be quite a collectible.

See it in action in the video after the break.

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The Avengers are great against villains, but how will they fare against each other in Family Feud? This clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live shows the group split into opposing teams as they try to answer all sorts of everyday questions. All I can say is that it’s a good thing they’re not facing Ultron on a game show.

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Chinese Illustrator and Weibo user Xia-a (xia1205), painted this awesome mash-up featuring the men and women of Marvel’s Avengers as the Eight Immortals of Chinese mythology.

These famous deities, icons of longevity and prosperity, each have their own distinct magical instrument that they use on their mythical adventures. One well-known adventure takes the group by sea to a celestial gathering, which is the inspiration for this crossover piece.

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hp friends

You Tuber Jeremiah Rivera likes making Friends-style mash ups with movies and the world is a better place for it.

His take on Harry Potter actually works really well, especially Neville and Luna. The most recent is an Avengers version which made me realize just how cranky much of the cast can look upon occasion (Chris Hemsworth smiling is awesome).

Something tells me he’s not going to stop at just two.

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ultron tv spot

Generally speaking, TV spots don’t bring much new footage to the table—but this Age Of Ultron spot is an exception. It has some of the best stuff we’ve seen thus far—including some sassy Tony Stark.

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This collectible isn’t just the kind of thing that could be the centerpiece of a collection. It’s big enough to be the centerpiece of a huge room. That’s right—Beast Kingdom Toys is selling a life-size version of Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster for $21,500.

See Also: Hot Toys’ Amazing 1/6th Scale Hulkbuster Figure

Unfortunately, you can’t wear the suit or pose the statue, but it does appear to have some lighting effects that would scare the daylights out of someone walking into the room in the dark. You won’t need a dog with this guy guarding the front door.

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The new wave of Avengers Marvel Legends action figures includes six figures with additional pieces to complete a Thanos build-a-figure. Hulk, Captain America, Fierce Fighters Spider-Woman, Fierce Fighters Hellcat, Batroc, and Iron Man Mark 43 round out the lineup.

The figures are estimated to arrive sometime this month, but the case is available for pre-order now.

Product Page ($159.99)

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Hot Toys has unveiled the newest edition to its Age of Ultron line, and as you can tell from the above pic, the Hulk appears to be very, very angry. In fact, he is so angry that he actually comes with two heads: one that’s mid-shout (above) and one that’s gritting its teeth in pure fury. The figure is also pretty tall, standing at an imposing 17 inches.

There are two versions of the figure: the standard version and the deluxe version, with the latter featuring “two newly developed angry and screaming Hulk head sculpts with rolling eyeballs, a specially painted muscular body and a newly sculpted interchangeable Hulk smash pose upper body.”

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