This huge balloon sculpture was created by John Reid aka Epic Balloons at Salt Lake City Comic Con. It’s the world’s largest balloon sculpture created by a single person and it’s fantastic. Now, if Poptimus Prime will just let him go, maybe he can make Bumblebee and the rest of the gang to match.

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It’s something special when a guy can use the most mundane of everyday objects to effectively explain something as complex as fluid dynamics. That’s exactly what Destin does in his Smarter Every Day series, and in this video he uses a minivan, a balloon, and his adorable kids in his demonstration.

It seems like a simple question. Which direction will the balloon tethered to the floor of the minivan move when Destin accelerates? You likely have an answer in your head and that answer is likely wrong. Watch as Destin explains the science behind it all in the video after the break…

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Ned Stark isn’t looking at all happy about his new Iron Throne. It might be that it’s made of nothing but balloons, but you’ve got to figure it’d be more comfortable than the crazy iron version. It took 16 hours to build the balloon Iron Throne even though it would take about 16 seconds to utterly destroy.

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Apparently professional cluster-balloonists are a thing, and Jonathan Trappe is one of them. He flew across the English channel with balloon clusters two years ago. If you have that hobby, it’s only a matter of time before you would want to re-create the house from Pixar’s Up. He built a house, attached balloons, climbed aboard, and took to the sky – no big deal.

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It took 3 days and over 2,600 balloons for The Balloon Guy, Jeremy Telford, to make this recreation of Bag End. He spent 10-15 hours a day blowing up balloons and twisting them into shape to make this amazing tribute to The Hobbit. There are some great details like a basket of apples on the table, a chandelier, and even a fire in the fireplace.

See a time-lapse video of the process after the break…

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Balloon sculptor Mark Verge’s life-sized Spinosaurus replica.

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It kind of looks like Popeye ate a little too much spinach. But man, he’s really been working on those abs—rockin’ a 10 pack that goes all the way up to his collarbone.

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Does the Russian Roulette balloon gun work? Does the pop hurt your ears? Would I or my brother be the one to get dusted if this deadly game were real? Find out in the video after the break.

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These Walking Dog Balloons put a unique new spin on the whole idea of a virtual pet thanks to their ability to hover above the ground and “walk” when their leash is pulled. Dogs filled with gas have never been so much fun.

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