8-Bit Superhero Bedding For Adults


Go to sleep safe and secure under your favorite superheroes in all their pixelated glory. This microfiber duvet cover is hand sewn and provides a white reversible side as well as a hidden zipper for easy assembly.

And there’s such an awesome range of superheros including The Hulk, TMNT, Lion-O, and even the Animaniacs. It’s like an 80’s slumber party…for adults! The duvet covers is available in Full, Queen, and King. Go get your geek on.

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Most of us will never get to experience the wonder of space, but these sheets will make you feel like you’re an astronaut. There are seven different designs each of which is digitally printed on silk. Sets are available in sizes for every bed and include sheets, pillow covers, and a duvet cover.

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You’ll dream of The Doctor whisking you away for adventure when you’re sleeping on these TARDIS sheets. The image was tweeted by Classic Doctor Who who says the sheet set is coming soon with the hashtag #BigBritishXmas so maybe Santa will leave this under your tree this year.

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Instead of just being a comforter with a picture of Spider-Man swinging through the sky, this bedding actually turns your bed into Spider-Man. It comes with a stuffed head, arms, and feet and zips right up over a twin mattress set.

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Most of us will only be astronauts in our dreams, so a duvet that makes us look like we’re ready for launch is perfect. There’s a high-res photo of a spacesuit printed on the duvet and a helmet on the pillowcase. Unfortunately it’s not available in larger sizes, but this will help your kids prep for the close confines of the space station, should they ever become a real astronaut.

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You can make this Totoro bedding set, complete with an adorable pillow face. It’s actually not quite as complicated as you’d think and is likely a project most aspiring seamstresses could manage. You start with collecting sheets or fabric in the textures and colors you want, then create a few simple templates, cut, stitch and you’re done.

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If your perfect lullaby is visualizing a hoard of zombies attacking your bed to eat your brain, you’ll love this “Never Sleep Alone” bedding set from Etsy seller Melissa Christie. Included are two pillowcases and a duvet cover sporting screen printed Zombie arms with hand painted details. The items are also sold individually and are available in twin/single, double/full, queen or king sizes.

Product Page: ($135 via Incredible Things)

Unless you’ve taken a blacklight to your sheets, you may be unaware of how much of your DNA is already hanging out in your bed. However, you can’t count the molecules to lull yourself to sleep unless you have $374 to spend on the DNA pillow. You can also cuddle up with a giant fingerprint, hair, or various bloodstains that will make it look like you were blown away in your sleep but able to confine the blood to your pillow. All designs are incredibly expensive and perfect for fans of forensic mysteries.

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guinness duvet

Normally, a few pints is all you need to get to sleep quickly—but now you can keep warm on the inside and the outside courtesy of Guinness.

Product Page (£38 or $62)

The Space Story Blanket is a space themed duvet cover with a comforter lit by over 100 LED’s. You can either set it to story mode where it plays sounds effects and rhythmically moving lights for two minutes. In sleep mode the lights come on and fade out over one minute to ease you into sleep. The idea is to give kids a place to use their imagination making up their own stories, but I just want one for the sound and light show. You can complete your bedroom conversion to a place of science fiction worship by adding the under bed lighting kit. Just to keep the monsters under the bed on the run and give you a little bit of a night light.

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