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Blade Runner takes place in 2019. The world is a different place than the one we know but not so far gone that it’s unimaginable. It’s dirty and crowded, and the above image looks like a natural piece of that fiction. Sadly, that’s a real photograph of a building photographed in modern day Beijing. The smog is so intense there (seriously – you can see it from space) that it produces these otherworldly images. Yipes.

(Twitter via Gizmodo)


If you caught the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, you will agree that the 60 glowing monowheels spinning around the Bird’s Nest stadium were hard to ignore. Monowheel bikes are nothing new of course, but if you want to own the same version used during the ceremony, a website claims to be selling them for $1650. From what I can tell, the specs spot on—but there is no guarantee that what you see is what you get.

Product Page ($1690)


I hear that Beijing has a serious problem with smog. That makes this ashtray shaped like the “Birds Nest” stadium less of a slap in the face and more like small scale pollution model. On a side note, that LED in the lighter looks bad ass if I do say so myself.

Product Page ($23)


The Summer Games are officially underway and collectors are busy grabbing every pin and plush doll they can get their hands on. However, the crown jewel of collectibles from Beijing has to be these official Olympic torch replicas. The IOC has granted a limited edition 200,000 run of the torches which have also been certified by the Beijing Notary Office. The torch itself is constructed out of leftover steel from the “Birds Nest” while the base is carved from crystal and features a laser-printed line map that illustrates the route of the controversial torch relay. An additional image is available after the break.

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