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The trailer you are about to view is not from Blade Runner 2049. It’s from a short film called Slice of Life from Croatian filmmaker Luka Hrgovic and his friends. [click to continue…]

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Art by Casey Callender.

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blade runner pistol

I want to say something really cool and meaningful about this Tomenosuke Blade Runner Blaster replica, but all I can manage is “OMG BLADE RUNNER BLASTER! WANT!” because Rick Deckard’s blaster has always been one of those Holy Grail prop replicas for me. The more I learn about it, the more amazing I think it is.

I’ve actually had the opportunity to look at one of these up close and personal and I can tell you that, while $900 is pricy, this replica really is a work of art. From the weight to the tiny details, it’s simply amazing.

This is also your last chance to get it. As creator Tomenosuke wrote on his blog, “This is it for the Tomenosuke Blaster PRO Retailer Edition, and there will be no further new or revised molds. In other words, this is the final form we arrived at.”

It comes in both a kit version and the full pro replica and is limited to 50 pieces worldwide.

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blade runner watercolors

Blade Runner has one of those fan bases that will go to extreme lengths to show their love and appreciation for the film. Artist Anders Ramsell is a shining example. He’s abbreviated the film into a 34 minute re-telling. It wasn’t just a matter of editing though; he created 12,597 watercolor paintings by hand to animate and form the film. Each piece of art is approximately 1.5 centimeters by 3 centimeters. I don’t care what he’s seen, even Roy Batty would be impressed by this effort.

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YouTuber Chad Desmond created a small piece of cinematic brilliance by re-cutting and turning Blade Runner into a black and white Film Noir classic.

As a huge fan of the movie, I think this is a love note to both Ridley Scott and his vision. Personally, it makes me wish they’d make a film noir edit just so I can own it.

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Will we ever see another Blade Runner film? Crazier things have happened, but it’s one of those Hollywood unicorns that keeps making tiny splashes and then fading away. Ridley Scott has stated a sequel is happening, so hopefully it’s just a matter of when and who’s available – like Harrison Ford. He could be back as Rick Deckard.

He recently spoke with IGN while doing press for Ender’s Game, and they got a few questions in about Blade Runner and whether he’d be up for a sequel. Ford’s reply:

“We’ve been chatting about it…
I truly admire Ridley as a man and as a director, and I would be very happy to engage with him again in the further telling of this story.”

Though it sounds like a bit of a canned answer that doesn’t make it untrue. I’d be completely in favor of him showing up in a sequel though I’d hope it was just a cameo or as a supporting character rather than the focus of the story.

What do you think of this news? Would you like to see Ford in another Blade Runner movie?

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blade runner figures 1

The memorable characters of Blade Runner deserve wonderful action figures, but they never got them. Not officially. Given the fact that several characters have striking hair and clothing – Pris and Rachael alone – you’d think toy manufacturers would have jumped all over the franchise by now.

Since they haven’t, artist Scott Pettersen has made custom versions. He went with a 12″ scale, and he worked diligently to sculpt likenesses of the actors in the film. He sculpted from wax and cast the finished heads from resin. He also took the time to dress the figures in reproductions of the wardrobe from the movie. Wow. It’s no surprise each figure takes 2-3 months. He told Geek Magazine the following:

“On all these figures my intent was to capture as realistically as I could the details and essence of the characters from one of my favorite movies,” Pettersen says. “There seems to be a certain sadness to some of the characters so I tried to convey that in the sculpture. I tried to replicate them down to the smallest details like the round, brown laces on Deckard’s shoes or the slight smudging of Rachael’s eye makeup. I spent a lot of hours researching the movie and visiting Most of my time was spent focusing on the likenesses though. It is difficult to interpret and capture faces that most people would recognize.”

The time he invested in these impressive custom figures is obvious.

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Fans of old-school video games and Blade Runner will absolutely love this video created by 8-Bit Cinema. As fun as it would be to actually play this game, sadly it’s just a video and there’s no game to be found. Maybe we’ll get lucky and someone will actually turn it into a full-fledged, playable game.

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