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zelda throw 1

Getting comfortable on the couch and playing hours of video games is one of life’s simple pleasures. Etsy seller Penelope and Clyde has video game afghans to make the experience even better. You can play Legend of Zelda while covered in a matching blanket! The shop also has Space Invaders, Galaga, and Pac-Man options.

Each throw is handmade from acrylic yarn. Order time varies depending on how many blankets are in the queue.

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No, it’s not bigger on the inside, but it is big enough to wrap around yourself and keep out the chill. This officially licensed TARDIS blanket measures 50″ x 89″ and is made of 100% polyester fleece. It looks perfect for snuggling under when scary creatures are about to attack the Doctor.

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TARDIS Blanket

It’s not enough just to make a blanket from fabric printed with TARDISes—this lady upped the ante by creating a blanket shaped like the police box. At over 7′ long, it will definitely cover your bed and it doesn’t just look cool: it comes with extra touches. The windows and light glow in the dark, and the light was made with sparkly fabric. It took about two months from start to finish. I’d say it was well worth it, and I’m jealous of the person who received this wonderful Doctor Who present.

(Rainy Monday Morning via TMS)

It’s always time for an epic journey when you’ve got this Adventure Time throw in your house! Buddies Finn and Jake are the stars of this soft and comfortable blanket and though they like going on quests, they’ll understand if you just need to take a nap sometimes instead of adventuring.

Product Page ($24.99)

Cuddling with this blanket is almost as good as cuddling with the Doctor – any of them.

The giant 50″ x 60″ throw is 100% polyester and fluffy; it features Van Gogh’s exploding TARDIS art. You can use it any time, of course, but it’s best to get comfy with it while actually watching Doctor Who.

Product Page ($19.99)

If you’ve ever wanted to be cuddled simultaneously by Loki and Thor (and I’m guessing the number of people who fall into that category is huge), this blanket is for you. This design by Pascalle Lepas is that dream come to life. She designed the artwork and printed it onto a snuggie-like cover; once you’re under the blanket, it looks like you’re sandwiched between the Norse gods. Yeah, that’s not so bad.

It’s cool and wacky all at the same time. She’s currently sold out of the blankets, but keep an eye on her Etsy store because they’ll probably be available again soon.

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Why curl up with a plushie of your favorite character from Adventure Time when you could just sleep under it instead? I made that sound creepier than it is. Etsy seller Plentiful Designs makes fleece blankets made to look like characters from the cartoon. Jake is shown in the above sample, but you can make requests for other characters and sizes. It’s adorable and such a perfect gift for fans of the show.

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If it’s not enough to just play with Lego bricks, consider making a blanket that features the design of the simple toy (or talk a craftier friend into it). The designer gives a step by step tutorial that’s time consuming, but only requires pretty basic crochet stitches. I’m considering improving my crochet skills just to make it!

(All Things Bright and Beautiful via Craftzine)

Well, not literally of course—but I’ll be that wrapping yourself up in this TARDIS blanket does make for some awesome, adventurous dreams.

(hedoknitstic via Craftzine via Neatorama)

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The Snuggie looks downright elegant next to the Snazzy Napper.

Basically, it’s a burqa/blanket/bib with a nose hole and some lambs, moons and shit on it. The idea is to offer some privacy while sleeping in public places. Yeah, it’s a good thing you won’t be able to see all of the people ridiculing you.

Check out the horrifying promotional video on Fashionably Geek