Artist Butcher Billy is known for his clever mashups of music and comics. This time, he’s used the titles of classic heartbreak songs as inspiration for Stephen King-style book covers. I’ll bet Man Eater is terrifying. [click to continue…]

The latest round of Star Wars Little (and Big) Golden Books has debuted, and they look just as adorable as the series released last year. The new titles available for pre-order include I am a Hero, The Big Golden Book Of Starships, Speeders and Space Stations, Heroes and Villains Little Golden Book Collection, and The Big Golden Book of Aliens, Creatures, and Beasts. [click to continue…]

X-Files fans will be happy to hear that a new audiobook will be available this July called The X-Files: Cold Cases that features the voices of a sizable chunk of the main cast. Basically, it’s a really long X-Files movie that you can’t see! [click to continue…]

Have you been following the #OperationBlueMilk Star Wars book mystery on Twitter? Well, the details have finally been revealed, and…holy crap. Del Rey is releasing a MASSIVE anthology called Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View that will bring together (over) 40 all-star authors for 40 stories told from the perspective of background characters in A New Hope. [click to continue…]

Artist Joey Spiotto is back with some much-needed additions to his Little Golden Book covers series. These additions include Logan, Westworld, Suicide Squad, The Matrix, They Live, The Walking Dead and more. Check them out below. [click to continue…]

You could carry around Field Notes notebooks as part of your EDC, or you could go with this Game Boy notebook that features a Holographic Super Mario Land screen. I don’t know how many pages there are, but it is college-ruled. Not that it matters. I mean…Game Boy holographic notebook! [click to continue…]

Sylvain Neuvel’s sequel to Sleeping Giants is out today, and if you thought that book was a page-turner, buckle up for Waking Gods. [click to continue…]

Good news! Awesome parents will soon be able to add The X-Files to the list of important subjects that they can introduce to their children at an impressionable age. An adorable picture book from author Kim Smith entitled The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird is coming soon. [click to continue…]

“What happened when Batman was late to play baseball with Robin?”

“There was a Wayne delay.”

The Official DC Super Hero Joke Book is intended for kids but, if you’re an adult, this book will be the most powerful weapon in your pun-powered arsenal. It might even be deadly. Check out some sample pages below. [click to continue…]

‘Revolutionary Girl Utena’ created by Be-PaPas and featuring story and artwork by Chiho Saito, is returning in a deluxe set that includes all of Revolutionary Girl Utena and The Adolescence of Utena collected into two hardcover volumes that feature exclusive color pages and a poster. [click to continue…]