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Like books? Like shelves? Like putting books on shelves?

You would? Weirdo.

Alright then, how about shelves that look like the logos for your favorite comic book characters? What a coincidence! Istanbul-based designer Burak Dogan has created that exact thing.

Clearly, superheroes value style over functionality when it comes to storage.

Sadly, these are only artist renderings at the moment. Impractical or not, they do look pretty cool.

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Outdoor TARDIS Shoer

The internet is wonderful for many reasons – one being that people keep coming up with everyday uses for the TARDIS. The spaceship isn’t only meant for traveling through time and across the universe; it has practical uses too. It becomes rational to build a big blue box when you use it for an outdoor shower, a bookshelf, or turn it into a soda machine. You could even make it a mini library. I’ve seen a few amazing transformations, and I’d love to replicate any of these in my space.

How would you like to clean up after a long day inside the TARDIS? The outdoor shower pictured above was built by madwomanwithboxshower, and I think it’s genius.

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Bat Logo Bookshelves

Bookshelves are almost as attractive to me as books. Though I often go for straightforward designs that can fit as much media as possible, I love the way these Bat Symbol bookshelves look. Etsy seller Fahmi Sani came up with a couple of designs based on Christopher Nolan’s movies and the more classic black and yellow look. I think they’d be perfect for storing DVDs.

They’re made to order; and we recommend checking with the seller about timelines beforehand. Note that they do not come with an actual Batman.

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I so wish I had paid a little more attention in shop class. If I had, then I might be able to make something as cool at this TARDIS bookshelf that has a light on top and plays the Doctor Who theme music when you open the doors. Tumblr user bowtiesandginghamshirts made this for himself as an eighteenth birthday present.

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Finally those ghosts in Pac-Man can be used to do something other than piss you off. Etsy seller “LightYourselfUp” created this 3D Pac-Man ghost shelf which measures 30” x 28” x 4” and is fully customizable, from the size and color all the way to the direction the ghost is looking.

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We’ve seen fans transform all kinds of objects into a TARDIS, from refrigerators to bus stops—and this movie shelf by by UK model-maker msmuse101 is another worthy addition.

(The RPF via Technabob)

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These cupboards from skitsch certainly look good, but they have the added benefit of making it seem like you actually read. As you can see, the front of the cabinets are designed to look like a shelf full of books when, in reality, they are probably full of liquor, video games, movies and/or action figures.

Product Page (€495-€1980 or $636-$2543 via BLTD)

This could be the coolest idea since the development of the invisible floating bookshelf some years back. The Salkim is basically a series of pendants that can can be interlocked to form a curtain. Besides simply looking awesome, the design incorporates movement as a gentle breeze or a light touch will get the books swinging.

Product Page (€19.50  or $25.50 via Holycool)

Get a load of this mind-bending bookshelf design by Bjørn Jørund Blikstad. My brain would be spent before I actually retrieved the book.  Fortunately, the stuff I’m reading isn’t all that taxing.

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We have seen circular bookshelves in the past, but David Garcia’s design is probably the first that invites you to walk around inside. It’s just a conceptual piece of course, which is probably a good thing because nobody wants to die just because they were reading a book.

(TBOTB via Likecool)