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breaking bad


There are two things you can count on in life: fans will always have questions after a beloved series ends, and Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage will always be happy answer those questions by blowing things up.

Indeed, the Mythbusters tested whether or not Walter White could have, a) built the automotive booby trap in the “Breaking Bad” finale and b) if it would have actually worked.

Having watched the episode, I can tell you that they do a lot of testing and there’s a lot of trial and error. Plus, Vince Gilligan is there to help them determine if the myth is confirmed or busted.

Oh, and a lot of things go boom.

If you’re not worried about spoilers and you want to see how it turned out, you can watch a short recap of the episode after the break.

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mic drop

I would say it’s unnecessarily cruel, but Bryan Cranston does have some Heisenberg in him.

He was at SDCC to promote SuperMansion, a show created by Matt Senreich and Zeb Wells of Robot Chicken, produced by and starring Bryan Cranston as an aging superhero.

You can watch the mic drop and the SuperMansion trailer after the break…

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breakingbadgta copy

Thank you, YouTuber LioN KoLLA, for using GTA V’s Rockstar editor to create such a cinematic masterpiece. A diehard Breaking Bad fan, LioN used the editor to recreate some of the most popular and memorable scenes from the TV show. The details are all top notch–he even made sure to add Walter’s iconic hat!

Check out the video after the break…

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This fantastic 1/6th scale Heisenberg figure from Breaking Bad couldn’t be more perfect. It measures 12″ tall and has fantastic details like a realistic sculpted head, multiple hands, glasses, sunglasses, pork pie hat, black windbreaker, pistol, and five stacks of money.

It will be the first in a Breaking Bad series available through threezero in Hong Kong. Set your clocks for February 23rd at 8 EST when the figure officially goes on sale.

See another picture after the break.

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scully and mulder

At New York Toy Fair 2015, which kicked off on Saturday and is running through Tuesday, there is A) a lot of Frozen, B) A LOT OF FROZEN, C) a Tribble coin purse from The Coop (bless), and D) all the Funko you can shake an adorable plastic figurine at. If you weren’t there either because you weren’t in New York or you were in New York but made the completely reasonable decision to stay indoors where it wasn’t frakking freezing, you can live the experience vicariously through me. There’s no visual aid for my reaction to the upcoming X-Files figures, above, but it was something like this. Behind the cut: Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jaws, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Arrow, Firefly, The Fifth Element, Star Trek, and more!

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Not content to simply take all of our money for their standard POP! figures, Funko has now introduced vehicles—thus guaranteeing a whole new level of need for a new shelf in your home.

The latest releases include Jesse Pinkman with the Crystal Ship RV and Daryl Dixon complete with his chopper.

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I think my favorite part is how Jesse sticks up out of the RV.

Check out Daryl Dixon’s chopper figure after the break…

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walter white frozen

The songs from Frozen have been parodied to death, but this is the only version that matters. YouTuber Anime Me has just released a fantastic and twisted Breaking Bad spin on “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” that asks “Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?”

Watch the hilarious mash-up after the break.

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These cartoon-like versions of the Breaking Bad characters are the work of Trevor Grove of Sideshow Collectibles along with his brother Troy. From Grove’s Facebook page:

Here is a preview of an ongoing personal project I’ve been collaborating on with my brother, Troy, since last year’s final season of “Breaking Bad”.
The idea was to create a series of miniature (approximately 5″-6″ tall) stylized figures based on many of the characters from the show.
These are the in-progress wax sculptures, along with some photoshop color composites we’ve done to better visualize the final outcome.

They make everyone look kind of cute, in a deadly sort of way.

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The guys at tvtag decided that they wanted to send a bobblehead into space, and they turned to the public to see which one had the right stuff. It was close, but Walter White beat out Daryl Dixon and even Daenerys Targaryen and got his chance to fly.

They launched Walter at Goblin Valley State Park, Utah and he landed 250 miles away in Wyoming. They say they’ll launch more bobbleheads into space in the future, as long as the equipment holds together.

See the video after the break.

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monty nikki

We know people put a lot of time and effort into finding the Facebook cover photo they feel represents them, but a gal named Nikki is going the extra mile with to make some really amazing and hilarious photos for her page.

Check out more of our favorites after the break…

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