Funko may be trying to bury us all in cute figures and plushes. To that end they’ve unveiled yet another line: 6″ Playmobil figures.

They already have figures for Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, TMNT, Back To The Future and Willy Wonka. I can only imagine what’s coming in the future. Probably everything. [click to continue…]

bttf prequel

This fan-made trailer by Tyler Hopkins explores a very interesting concept for a BTTF prequel—what exactly went down with Doc and his shady dealings with those Libyan terrorists?

It features masterfully edited clips from Back to the Future, My Favorite Martian, Camp Nowhere, Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead, Dennis the Menace, Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, The Sum of All Fears, Syriana, Iron Man, Dazed and Confused and Munich.

Check out the trailer for 1.21 Gigawatts below.

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LEGO Ideas member Masman8675 has proposed a BTTF 1:1 Scale Hoverboard Model over at LEGO Ideas and it needs your votes to happen:

I have tried to create an extremely accurate LEGO version of the hoverboard used in the BTTF movies. It’s to the exact specifications of the prop used in the films: 71 centimeters/28 inches long, 20 centimeters/8 inches wide, and 3 centimeters/1 inch thick. In LEGO, that translates to: 90 studs long, 25 studs wide, and 3 bricks thick. It would be more accurate at 2 and 2/3, but that would look less accurate, and could possibly compromise the structural integrity.

This set would come with: The Hoverboard Model of course, and two minifigures: Doctor Emmet Brown in his 2015 attire, and Marty McFly in his 2015 clothes as well. The whole set is made up of 3,680 pieces: the full-sized Hoverboard model – 3,663 pieces, the minifigures with a stand and a minifigure scale hoverboard – 18 pieces.

Sounds good to me.

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bttf main

When we first got wind of the Back To The Future Monopoly set, we only had a picture of the box. But that was enough to get us excited. Now we have a look at the board, the tokens, and the rest of the goodies in that Plutonium Case and it looks great. From the description:

Want to travel from back to 1985, to 1955, to 1885, in the comfort of your own home? Back to the Future Monopoly provides hours of fun as you collect locations and time-hop through the world of the BTTF trilogy! The game board features properties taken straight from the films, including Café ’80s and Doc’s Mansion, plus die-cast metal game pieces of the time machine, Einstein the dog, the cowboy hat, the futuristic sneaker, the hoverboard, and the famous Hill Valley clock! Perfect for fans of Monopoly and the Back to the Future series, this classic game even comes packaged in a full-color box resembling a case of plutonium.

Personally, I like that the Clock Tower in 1885 and 1955 are the Park Place and Boardwalk spaces.

I can already imagine the fights over the DeLorean token.

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Back in Time is a Back to the Future documentary that has been in the works since last year when it debuted on Kickstarter. The filmmakers landed an interview with Christopher Lloyd and have since interviewed others including Robert Zemeckis, Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson, Bob Gale, and Alan Silvestri to name a few.

In other words, the project has gotten bigger and that means another round of funding is needed to help with post production and distribution. So, the project is back up on Kickstarter along with the news that it will be released this October to coincide with time that Marty McFly arrived in 2015 in the movie. From the Kickstarter page:

Malka Media Group, Patchwork Media, and Director Jason Aron are pleased to announce that the documentary feature film BACK IN TIME will premiere in Hollywood, California on October 21, 2015, as a part of the We’re Going Back fanfest honoring the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future. The film will release digitally and on Bluray/DVD on or shortly after October 22nd, and will be available for preorder via a Kickstarter campaign beginning March 9th.

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bttf yahtzee

If you like Yahtzee, you’ve probably been enjoying the new themed versions that USAopoly has been releasing (My personal favorite is the Firefly version). The latest reveal comes in the form of this Back To The Future Yahtzee game with a Flux Capacitor.

I don’t need it, but I want it anyway.

Unfortunately, I can’t buy it yet. But it’s out there…in the future.

(USAopoly via Gizmodo)

bttf live

Outdoor movies are already fun. Heck, if I had a local drive-in movie theater, I’d totally go. Here in LA, we have some pretty cool outdoor screenings, including one at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

All of that said, I’m pretty sure Secret Cinema may well be the coolest outdoor movie experience on the planet.

If you combine a movie screening, a live show ala Rocky Horror Picture Show, amusement park rides, large and lavish sets, and cosplay into one event, that’s Secret Cinema in a nutshell.

A crazy, awesome, fun nutshell.

SC recently did a tour of screenings of Back To The Future and they just released a video that will make you want to go to any event they do from now on.

On that note, Secret Cinema is bringing the show to Los Angeles in 2015. I think it’ll be a blast.

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Ever since Marty McFly rode a hoverboard in Back to the Future the world has been waiting for this future technology to be a reality. We have Jill and Greg Henderson of Hendo Hoverboard to thank for being the first to actually make it happen. The California couple has launched a kickstarter for their invention and if fully funded they will be shipping out what they’re calling a “Whitebox” next summer.

The developer kit will include hover engines with the boards themselves following a few months later. It’s not quite as good as what Marty flew, since it will only work over a non-ferrous metal surface (much like a MagLev train), but it’s the first real progress towards the hoverboard we all dream of.

Watch the video after the break to see it in action…

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mr. fusion

Great Scott! Pretty soon you can own your very own Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Replica. This realistically scaled 18-inch electronic replica comes complete with lights and sounds, so all you need to do now is start shopping for a DeLorean and you’re all set.

I wonder what the mileage would be if you could work it into a Prius?

It’s estimated to arrive in March of 2015, but pre-orders are open now.

Product Page ($399.99)


We’ve all been demanding our flying cars and flying skateboards for years now, and this “commercial” would have you believe that at least one of those dreams has come true. It’s for the HUVr flying skateboard and the video is introduced by none other than Christopher Lloyd aka Doc Brown. It then goes on to include some famous faces like Moby, Tony Hawk, Billy Zane, and Terrell Owens singing the hoverboard’s praises.

Unfortunately, Devin Faraci has crushed all of our dreams and confirmed that it is but a viral video created by the folks at Funny or Die. However, I have no doubt that we will get our hoverboards and shoes with self-tying laces one day.

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