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I’ve never seen anything like this, but now I want all my comic strips to be in interactive 3D.

This Calvin and Hobbes strip was reimagined using Blender by artist Gabriel de Laubier.

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YouTuber “kaptainkristian” has created a six minute video extolling the virtues of the beloved Calvin and Hobbes comic strip along with the integrity and vision of its creator, Bill Watterson.

The video takes a look at the strip’s longevity and the state of art itself, explaining that there’s no “low” or “high” art and that works either speak to people or don’t. There’s also an examination of commercialism in the art/comics world that leads to the title of the video itself, Art Before Commerce.

That being said, there’s a heavy dose of opinion in the production, as well as some unabashed dumping on other comics – especially Garfield. Check out the video after the break…


Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed, creator of Bloom County, won April Fool’s Day when he “revealed” that he has taken over ownership of Calvin and Hobbes, noting that his Facebook page would host to the first brand-new strips since Bill Watterson’s retirement. Not only that, there were promises of “new merch”.

As you probably know, Watterson is legendary for his refusal to license Calvin and Hobbes despite the oodles of cash that would come with such a deal. Breathed, however, isn’t burdened by integrity. As you’ll see below, C&H fans will get what they want under his new management.

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millennium calvin

The Star Wars / Calvin and Hobbes series by Brian Kesinger continues.

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Calvin Kylo Ren [Comic]

kylo calvin

We featured the brilliant Calvin and Hobbes / Star Wars mashups by Disney and Marvel artist Brian Kesinger earlier this week, but his latest one is the best of the bunch in my opinion.

Check it out below (spoiler warning).

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star wars tfa calvin

We’ve seen many, many Star Wars / Calvin and Hobbes mashups in the past, but Brian Kesinger‘s versions are certainly better than most. That might be due to the fact that he’s a story artist at Walt Disney animation studios and an artist for Marvel Comics.

Check out more illustrations from his The Force Awakens series below.

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Little 6-year-old Owen Lake accidentally left behind his Hobbes stuffed animal at Tampa International Airport before a flight to Houston. This might sound like the start to a very sad story, but the airport personnel took Hobbes on a grand adventure while waiting for Owen’s return to the airport. He got back his precious Hobbes, and he also received a photo album showing all all the awesome things Hobbes did while they were apart.

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calvin and hobbes snowmen 1

Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes kept busy during the winter by building snowmen. His creations weren’t of the friendly Frosty the Snowman variety though, they were a little more morbid. He lobotomized them, made it look like they were hit by cars – you get the idea. When artist Sean Daigle had to face his first Thanksgiving alone this year, he decided to use the free time to re-create those memorable scenes illustrated by Bill Watterson with massive wood sculptures – some of them are 7 feet long!

He ended up making several of them, and I’m positive that the resident of Austin, Texas, will have the best holiday decorations in the city.

See more of Daigle’s snowmen after the break.

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This beautiful piece features Calvin and Hobbes careening down a hill in their little red wagon. It was a commissioned piece that was hand sculpted and painted by Emily Coleman. It measures 8″ tall and took her 25 hours to complete, which seems surprisingly short given the detail on the finished figure.

(deviantArt via Kotaku)

calvin and hobbes damage

Calvin of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes spent a fair amount of his time wrecking things. You’re going to break a few lamps when you’re running around the house being chased by a tiger – it happens. Matt J. Michel, editor of the the parody science journal Proceedings of the Natural Institute of Science, put his free time to good use and estimated just how much it would cost to cover damages when raising a kid like Calvin.

He went through every published comic and noted every instance where Calvin did damage on the page or when someone referenced damage Calvin caused. Michel then went to to look for the costs of comparable items. In the end, it was over $15,000. His results:

In total, Calvin caused an estimated $15,955.50 worth of damage over the duration of the comic strip (Figure 1). Damage ranged from a broken glass jar[6] ($2 from to a flooded house[7] ($4,798.83 from Taking into account Watterson’s sabbaticals (see Figure 1) and the November start to the comics, Calvin caused $1,850.55 of damage per year. For context, the USDA estimates that middle-income families spend an estimated $1,750 per year on child care and education for 6 year-olds. In fact, the amount of damage caused by Calvin would rank 4th out of the USDA’s categories in annual expenditures, behind Housing, Food, and Transportation, and ahead of Education, Miscellaneous, Health Care, and Clothing.

Read the full report at PNIS. By the way, read that acronym slowly. Then skip around their site and note the sections called “HARD” and “SOFD.” Other articles on the site include “Assessment of the frequency with which men think of things: chicken wings” and “A Shakespearean translation of the last rap battle in 8 Mile, with a subsequent analysis of its quality.”

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