The Goonies came out way back in 1985 but even after all these years, it’s a beloved film. So much so that illustrator Nat Iwata has designed a beautiful set of playing cards themed to the movie and they’re currently up for funding on kickstarter. Iwata worked to stay true to the original look of the movie and created beautiful illustrations that you’ll immediately recognize. There are also two special joker cards featuring Mikey and Sloth.

You can get a deck for a pledge of $15 with higher levels getting you custom coins and even a limited deck. They’ve already reached their goal, so if you pledge, you can expect to get your deck in November.

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cat cards

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J.J. Abrams gave a TEDtalk back in 2007 telling the audience all about a mystery box his grandfather gave him that he never opened. This box does open and inside you’ll find some special playing cards.

Inside the box, which is sealed with an alphanumeric lock and branded with the Mystery Box emblem, are 12 decks of Mystery Box Playing Cards that are individually wrapped in letterpress kraft paper with the Mystery Box emblem on the front. There is also a short letter from J.J. Abrams included within.

The box and the cards were designed by in part by Abrams and for each deck sold, Bad Robot Productions will make a $1 donation to 826 National, a non-profit that promotes creative writing workshops in schools.

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The Viper pilots aboard Battlestar Galactica played Triad/Pyramid for entertainment between shifts. The 55 card game is like poker, and graphic designer Dietrich Kerner is offering it for you to download free of charge. Gather friends, download the cards, learn to play, and let the good times roll.

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These beautiful Legend of Zelda playing cards were made in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the game. They’re an officially licensed Nintendo product and contain images from all the Zelda games. I love the four variations of Link that are on the back of every card. Imported from Japan.

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Illustrator PJ McQuade has released a line of Star Wars themed Christmas cards that you’ll love to send and all the nerds in your life will love to receive. There are five different styles, including Chewbacca with reindeer antlers and Salacious Crumb in a wonderfully ugly Christmas sweater. You can order them individually or in various sets so you can get the perfect mix of cards for everyone on your list.

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This selection of Zombie Christmas cards from ThinkGeek that will let people know that you care while also presenting a rare glimpse of how the undead celebrate the season. Each pack includes four different designs (one of each per pack). Check out an additional photo after the break.

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Lucasfilm has been creating a company holiday card since 1977, and their latest design has just been unveiled.

“For this year’s holiday card, we depicted Jabba the Hutt as a snowman who melts away from Lucasfilm’s warm wishes,” says ILM Art Department designer Devon Cutler. “This lighthearted and whimsical approach to Jabba was a fresh take on a bad guy. We used a white shimmery foil on a thick white paper stock and subtle emboss details on the hat, eyes, mouth and hands to add a bit of sophistication.”

A complete gallery of Lucasfilm holiday greeting cards is available on

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This is a deck of cards custom made for poor players. Usually the first player out of the game is just a loser who has to go off and find something else to do, but with this deck, that same player can sit at his seat and build little card town houses from his poor hand.

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The Deck Of Cards Flask will hide your gambling habit by making people think you have a drinking problem. I would think that playing a game of poker was a lot less destructive than the homeless wino, but I could be wrong. I guess there is always the possibility that the gambler may become a homeless wino if his luck turns bad.

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