super mario cat

What happens when Mario leaves his cat home alone? It plays – like, actually plays the game. YouTube user Mr.TVCow put together this amusing video that features a cat going through the familiar Super Mario landscape. The cat runs around collecting coins, beating the tar out of Goombas, and smelling the flowers. It will make you smile.

Mr.TVCow achieved the effect by inserting the game graphics around the cat’s adventures, and I can’t get over how great it turned out. See for yourself in the video after the break.

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Cats try to look all cute and cuddly, but most seem to be counting the days until they can kill you in your sleep and make it look like an accident. BaneCat goes a step further. He’s going to scare you half to death, break your stuff, and then he’s going to kill you in your sleep and make it look like an accident.

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That cat condo in the corner of your living room is going to look really lame once you finish looking at these images of one man’s house in Goleta, California. He’s made the whole thing into a cat’s dream house. The remodel was done by Trillium Enterprises who says:

A peaceful place to getaway from it all; this four bedroom, two and a half bathroom home has been transformed into an oasis full of life. Plants, animals, playful colors, and every electronic gadget you can think of has been incorporated into every aspect of this home. From the underwater camera in the Koi pond, to the built in cat walks and fully integrated appliances this home meets every imagination.

The owner spent $35,000 on the renovation of his 4-bedroom, 2.5 bath home and likely now has the happiest 18 cats on the planet.

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catlateral damage

Cats ruin stuff and it might seem like they don’t know any better, but they do. Those furry little monsters know exactly what they’re doing to your stuff and now you can play Catlateral Damage and experience life through their eyes. Knock over books, cups, pencils, and pretty much ruin all the things!

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tie fighter cat

This feline can’t keep any secrets about whether it works for the Empire or the Rebels. I don’t know that I would have noticed the TIE Fighter on my own but once the cat’s owner, Ella McConnell, pointed it out, I can’t unsee it. I’m hoping she has another cat with a marking that looks like an X-wing, and that they run around chasing each other. I’d pay money for that show.

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roomba cat in shark costume duck lego

When a funny thing happens on the internet, it’s only natural that someone will turn it into a LEGO work of art. Well, specifically LEGO builder Iain Heath. He built Grumpy Cat in bricks and has also been inspired by the hilarious video of cat Max-Arthur riding around on top of a Roomba in a shark costume chasing a duckling (I can’t believe I just typed that) and decided to make a brick tribute. His creation is almost as cute as the real and furry cat, and I’m equally mesmerized watching it go across the screen.

See LEGO cat-shark in action after the break.

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cat plays magic the gathering

Redditor MukMu’s cat had to wear a cone and was looking sad, and what better remedy for the blues than a game? Magic: The Gathering is recommended by three out of four veterinarians. No doubt the kitty was a slight disadvantage because she wasn’t able to build her own deck and probably had a bit of an issue putting down cards. However, I bet it took the cat’s mind off her predicament. If nothing else, she got roll her eyes at her silly human.

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Hobbit Hole litter box

Does your feline have discerning taste and enjoy second breakfasts? If so, you need to upgrade the litter box to a Hobbit Hole. It’s not a real product yet, but it wouldn’t be the only Hobbit structure made for animals – remember these chicken coops?

IF Industries posted the design, and I imagine that the mossy roof would come right off so you could get in to scoop. You could probably use real grass and moss on the entire structure, too. Your cat will be in heaven. If the meowing starts to sound like “my preciousss” though, it’s a good idea to leave the house immediately.

(IF Industries via Geekologie)

Batman the Cat [Image]

Batman Cat

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