The crew of the Enterprise has embarked on their most dangerous mission yet—a planet inhabited by giant cats. Plus, they have to dodge gold asteroids and their own insignia.

It’s a really weird part of space.

Star Trek The Original Series USS Enterprise Teaser Wand Cat Toy ($8.99)

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Build your cat the fort he/she deserves with Box Kitty, “the ultimate modular cat house”. These rugged cardboard pieces come in several different shapes and can be fit together with velcro to create fun designs.

Check out the box in action below.

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dnd kittens

Artist Kyounghwan Kim imagined D&D classes with cats, and now I want to play as these characters really, really bad.

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See more adorable examples below.

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This Cat Haz The Power

cat plasma ball

Soon he will harness the power of the red dot and seek his revenge.

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The Internet’s latest animal obsession is Gimo, a Scottish Fold with big, gorgeous eyes. As Kotaku and others have pointed out, he looks a lot like a soot sprite from Studio Ghibli films.

If he closes his eyes he transforms into a tribble. Gimo is a master of cosplay.

Check out more pics below.

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These kitties are giving Mario a run for his money. Etsy seller CatastrophiCreations has updated their original Mario Warp Pipe Cat Complex with version 2.0 and added a full Mario-themed wall set option.

It looks awesome, but I gotta say—where are the power ups? What, no fiery catnip?

Check out more pics below.

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When the Monmouth County SPCA website announced that they had a two-year old Balinese cat named Corey up for adoption, his picture went viral as a couple sharp-eyed people noticed a resemblance to actor Adam Driver.

Jill Pantozzi aka The Nerdy Bird even went so far as to create the side-by-side above and help spread the word about Corey who, thanks to the attention, has since found a forever home.

Also, because the internet can give you amazing gifts, Twitter’s animal loving photoshop master @darth made a perfect image in tribute, which you can check out below.

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sw kitties

The last time we featured Disney artists Griz and Norm, they were obsessed with Disney Princess themed shoes. This time around, they’re obsessed with what most of the Internet is obsessed with—Star Wars and kittens.

It’s a mash-up guaranteed to satisfy. See more examples below.

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This Is How BB-8 Really Works

bb8 cat

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tribble cat

For one thing, Tribble the cat is fluffy—but it’s his adorable purr that really drives the comparison home. Check out the videos below to hear it for yourself.

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