Of all the creatures in Final Fantasy, Chocobos are the most adorable. I adore the little fluffy companions and that they are a constant in the game. A Chocobo fan commissioned artist Jenna Antonelli to sculpt one of the feathered animals, and the end result is extremely huggable (well, it would be if it wasn’t made from clay).

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Coming soon to our Nerd Approved Shop—the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Chocobo Plush!

Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Square-Enix’s hit role playing game (RPG) franchise, Final Fantasy with this adorable Chocobo plush! Chocobo is carrying a cake celebrating the momentous anniversary. Chocobo is made of polyester and comes in a plastic bag. Chocobo measures 9-inches long x 7-inches tall x 6 1/3-inches wide.

Look for the Chocobo plush to ship this September.

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Chocobo Plush—$29.99