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weeping angel christmas topper

Halloween is behind us so if you really must start planning for Christmas, you may as well go ahead and think about what you’ll put on top of the tree this year. ThinkGeek has one option for you: a Weeping Angel! You won’t be able to blink for the entirety of the holiday season, but that’s a small price to pay to have a touch of Doctor Who upon your tree.

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cthulhu tree

There are trees that look like a great monster from the deep, and then there’s this wicked creation. It has all the touches you need from glowing blue lights, to tentacles, and wings. My favorite details are the giant eyes. Cthulhu tree is watching everything you do – just like Santa.

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I like to think this Christmas tree came about because the students in the chemistry lab at Avans University of Applied Sciences were presented a challenge: build a holiday tree using only items you can find in this room. And lo, the Chemistree was born! Unfortunately, if any of these potions should mix, it would result in a massively festive explosion.

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Gather ’round the Nord; it’s time to open presents!

This Skyrim tree by Redditor Lanarchy wins the crown for nerdy Christmas decorations this year. Doesn’t it inspire you to incorporate “fus ro dah” in all your favorite carols?

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Too bad Christmas is over because I would have totally stolen this brilliant idea.

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Our friends at Archie McPhee alerted us to this magnificent Cthulhu-themed Christmas tree they made out of about 50 Cthulhu tentacles and one hard to find plush Cthulhu (though there are alternatives like this and this).

If I was a little kid and my presents were under this tree, I would be grabbing them with a stick at a distance of at least 10 feet.

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The University of Sciences in Philadelphia takes the cake for Christmas trees built by computer geeks. This tree looks to made of old RAM sticks and is sitting atop a Beowulf cluster. You couldn’t make this holiday tree more IT if you tried.

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Godzilla Christmas Tree

Apparently, this tree was displayed at one time in the Aqua City Odaiba shopping mall in Tokyo, Japan. What better way to celebrate Christmas than venerating the giant monster that has repeatedly destroyed your city?

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