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christmas tree

pee wee tree

Pee-Wee Herman superfan Angela Walsh decided to Pee-Wee Herman up her Christmas tree and it’s glorious. It comes complete with homemade bow ties and even a Pee-Wee tree topper.

She even did a Pee-Wee/Bumble mashup that we just had to add.

Check out more pics below.

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I know I agreed to go to the Christmas party, but I had a few drinks at the time and was in a particularly good mood. When it comes time to actually do that thing it will be the last thing that I want to do. Just gimme a glass of whiskey and a book.

This ornament is perfect for people like me. Hey, the back of the tree needs decorations too.

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I know it may be a little early for Christmas stuff, but is a TARDIS topper that lights up! I mean, come on.

It’s also a limited edition exclusive of only 1440 pieces, so waiting until Christmas might not be an option.

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groot tree

What to do with a Groot costume after Halloween? The Guardians of the Galaxy character isn’t exactly small enough to be hidden in a corner. Will Brattain has one solution that will get you through the holidays: a Groot Christmas tree! We’ve seen a Groot tree topper, but this method turns the whole tree into Groot. He doesn’t seem to mind the garland or the star on his head, and the lights sort of match a scene in Guardians. Happy Geekmas, one and all!

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Yeah, losing his security deposit was totally worth it.

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diy harry potter tree cauldron 1

We’ve been sharing regular updates about Jen and John’s Harry Potter tree, because they just can’t stop making it more and more awesome. This is shaping up to be the ultimate tree for Potterheads, and I can’t wait until it’s completely finished and Jen shows off all the beautiful details. In the meantime though, she’s shared another tutorial. This one explains how to turn a plastic bucket into a witchy cauldron with cardboard, paper mache, and patience.

Jen and John used a tutorial from the Halloween Forum as inspiration, and I have to say that I can’t think of a better bottom for a Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree.

See some making-of photos after the break.

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hp tree 1

Jen of EPBOT and her husband John are applying some Harry Potter magic to their Christmas tree this year. We saw the golden snitch ornaments they made, and now they’ve come up with a way to replicate the look of the floating candles we see in the Great Hall in the films.

They bought battery operated candles from The Dollar Tree and removed the tops and bottoms, added faux wax drips with hot glue, painted and aged them, and attached them to the ceiling with clear fishing line. The result is so pretty that I’m considering inviting myself to their home to see the candles in person. Or I guess I could make my own.

The craziest part? This beautiful Harry Potter themed tree is still a work in progress. What else will they add?

See some photos of the candles in progress after the break.

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Groot is a tree-like creature so it makes perfect sense that he’d become a great Christmas tree decoration. DeviantArt user witchcraftywolfen crafted this awesome Groot tree topper from a CD spool cover, foam, plastic eyes, Crayola Model Magic, pipe cleaners, and acrylic paint. Whew. Because Groot can’t be without his pal Rocket, she also made a Rocket Raccoon plush to hang out on the tree with him. Both decorations are creative and awesome.

See the Groot topper off the tree after the break.

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weeping angel christmas topper

Halloween is behind us so if you really must start planning for Christmas, you may as well go ahead and think about what you’ll put on top of the tree this year. ThinkGeek has one option for you: a Weeping Angel! You won’t be able to blink for the entirety of the holiday season, but that’s a small price to pay to have a touch of Doctor Who upon your tree.

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cthulhu tree

There are trees that look like a great monster from the deep, and then there’s this wicked creation. It has all the touches you need from glowing blue lights, to tentacles, and wings. My favorite details are the giant eyes. Cthulhu tree is watching everything you do – just like Santa.

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