circuit board

I’m not sure that I want to win the Game of Circuit Board Thrones. Looks like the “Royal Data Throne” here would skin my bottom up pretty bad when I make a download.

Still, interested parties can actually purchase this odd little sculpture for $500.

Product Page ($500 via Technabob)

If you have some old computers lying around, consider recycling that old junk into furniture like this awesome circuit board table.

The design is fairly simple: a smaller table on the inside holds the boards, and a larger glass table functions as the display shell. Throw in a few LED lights and you’ve got yourself one hell of a conversation piece.

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These “short circuit” bookshelves by Alexandra DiCairano are inspired by the form of circuit boards and transform their function from housing digital information to physical information in the form of books. They could have allowed you to create series and parallel circuits of style with an additional “I shop at Radio Shack” edge, but they aren’t offered for sale. So you can only dream of what might have been.

Project Page: (via Freshome via Oh Gizmo)