From That’s Nerdalicious!: See if you can solve the maze before the drip dries.

Unfortunately, this coaster and coffee cup combo appear to be concepts at the moment.

(erdemselek via Super Punch)

If there was ever a situation that called for fine stemware and even finer wine, it’s the 30th anniversary of Pac Man. Celebrate this momentous occasion with some vintage Lafite Rothschild and that special someone while you move a dot munching pixelated pie chart around a maze for old time’s sake. That’s what dreams are made of.

Product Page: (¥5250, or about $50 via Technabob)

With earthquakes looming large in the headlines these days, I find myself wondering why people continue to live in areas prone to natural disasters. Obviously, moving is easier said than done, but if I lived on a coaster under a giant glass filled with liquid and the condensation constantly flooded the rivers and streets, I would get the hell out of Dodge.

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Darth Vader’s ultimate goal was always galactic domination. Since that dream was squashed by Luke and his cohorts he has been forced to accept the demeaning job of helping the galaxy by keeping tables safe from water rings.

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Take the Hand Coaster’s words of  “Put it there, pal” to mean either a friendly greeting like a handshake or a direction on where to put their drink. Either way it should make the user happy.

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drug test coaster

Thanks to the dancing bottle of pee on this coaster, I am protecting my coffee table and learning that I too can get same day test results.

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Set your drink on these miniature versions of a stargate and hope that they stay in your current world. The last thing you need is to lose a mixed drink every time you put it down on a coaster. Luckily their event horizon is permanently fixed making them great for avoiding water rings on expensive tables. The blue rippled surface gives them a very authentic stargate look.

Product Page (£27.99, about $42, available June 30)

Disk Brake Coasters


You drink beer and you are a man’s man, but you still don’t want unsightly rings on your living room tables. A set of these coasters can sit out without making you look like someone who takes their stuff too seriously. Because that would put a little dent in your macho reputation.

Product Page ($39.36)