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While being drawn as a character from The Simpsons already makes someone more interesting, these Simpsonized Twin Peaks characters by Belgian artist Adrien Noterdaem are making me all nostalgic.

I’m just sorry we don’t have a version of Laura all wrapped in plastic. Cause I’m morbid like that.

You can see the larger versions of each character after the break.

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From That’s Nerdalicious!: Or maybe you are so jacked up on caffeine that it just seems like time is moving more slowly.

When cool, the Tardis on the mug stays put in London. Add hot liquids and it will automatically be transported into outer space.

Product Page ($11)

The Zero Gravity Coffee Cup

From That’s Nerdalicious!: Is that coffee cup perched on an edge or am I so jacked up with caffeine that it’s actually falling in slow motion?

No, it’s really titled like that, and it will stay that way until you actually decide to fill it with a beverage. It even has a math equation on the side for a bonus nerd factor.

(Zero Gravity via Notcot via Gizmodo)

From That’s Nerdalicious! There are some awesome products coming out of Star Wars Celebration V this year, and this Stormtrooper insulated thermos is definitely a testament to that.

However, if beer is your drink, there’s also a Hoth Brewing Company mug. Both items are exclusive to the Star Wars Shop and will ship on August 30th.

Product Page: Thermos ($25) Mug ($13)

From That’s Nerdalicious!: See if you can solve the maze before the drip dries.

Unfortunately, this coaster and coffee cup combo appear to be concepts at the moment.

(erdemselek via Super Punch)

From That’s Nerdalicious!:The Canon camera lens thermos was only available for a short time, but Nikon has jumped in there to fill the void. Their awesome camera lens thermos is now available for purchase (assuming you can get on the overloaded product page that is).

Product Page ($23 via NPR via TWBE)

From That’s Nerdalicious!: Israeli design student Schmuel Linkski created this concept Lavazza espresso machine which is encased in concrete and would look perfectly natural sitting in a mechanic’s shop covered with enough oil to lubricate a Peterbilt.

“I had a vision. Concrete in the kitchen, not only as a wall or decorative part, I wanted it to be a desirable consumer product.”

Mission accomplished. now it just needs to be available for purchase at your local NAPA.

(Dezeen via Gizmodo)

Duct Tape Mug

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From That’s Nerdalicious!: Why not just cover a plain cup you already own with duct tape you ask? This version is ceramic that’s made to look like duct tape okay? Much better. Besides…shut up.

Product Page ($13)

So, the ultimate nerd’s beer has been brewed, baconed and bottled. Now we wait.

However, I do have some details on the taste of the unconditioned beer. Before bottling and just prior to the coffee addition, I gave the beer a taste test to determine how well the bacon flavor came along after the “hopping” period.

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Indeed—Nerd Approved’s oatmeal, coffee, stout has just received its bacon addition. Now comes the daily taste-testing to determine the appropriate amount of bacony beer flavor.

Of course, I will probably need quite a bit more bacon than I put in the hop bag to get the flavor that I want. Though I cooked the bacon down as much as possible without burning, I’m still a bit paranoid about fat leeching into the beer. So I’m starting with a relatively small amount of bacon just to get a baseline, then I’ll likely ramp it up over the next couple of days depending on how it goes.

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