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Sunday’s Game of Thrones brought an event that many fans of the series have been waiting to see: the death of a horrible, awful, no good character. Goodbye, Joffrey Baratheon and good riddance. Dorkly captured the sentiments of various groups’ reactions to “The Lion and The Rose” perfectly because it was all more or less unanimous.

Happy as I was to see Joffrey bite it, I do have to compliment Jack Gleeson for his portrayal of the despicable character. He played the heck out of the worst king Westeros has ever seen, and it can’t have been an easy burden to bear. On top of that Gleeson seems to be a super nice guy that loves cuddling puppies.

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If you spend any amount of time around Star Wars fans, you’ll quickly discover they fall into different categories. There are people who are into nothing but the original trilogy, people who love and defend every minute of the prequels, and people who are all about the Expanded Universe characters. Those are just a few examples of the types of Star Wars fan you’ll find, and Dorkly rounded up five more in their “8 Types of Star Wars Fans” comic. I’ve met at least one person from each bucket on their list.

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It doesn’t happen often, but there are times when I still get questioned by guys when I wear a nerd t-shirt. It gets old. Like, want-to-punch-the-person-in-the-face old. John Kovalic tackles a similar situation in a recent edition of his Dork Tower comic. His character Gilly handles a dudebro asking about her Batgirl shirt and her geek authenticity with wit and hilarity. I can’t wait to sick burn someone next time they ask if I really like Star Wars.

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Calvin and Hobbes ended almost twenty years ago, and artist Bill Watterson hasn’t published a cartoon since. However, that changed with the poster you see above for the documentary Stripped.

Stripped focuses on several of the world’s best cartoonists, not just Watterson. Besides featuring the first art published by Watterson in a while, Stripped also features the first ever recorded interview with the creator. You can hear him in the trailer after the break.

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Do you play video games? Do you desperately want a pet? Dorkly is here to help. They’ve figured out which kind of pet you should own based on which gaming system you play the most—and it’s rather amusing.

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The architects of the Death Star and their supervisors have a lot to answer for. They left the weapon with an Achille’s Heel, and the vulnerability brought them to their knees. Sure, the galaxy was saved, but think of all the innocent lives that were lost! Dorkly imagined a letter from the dude who installed the exhaust ports, and he makes a hilarious defense for his reasoning and claims it’s not his fault. He blames the Force and ultimately turns it all back on Darth Vader.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi died and got to become a Force ghost; it doesn’t seem like the worst of fates. But what does it mean? He told Darth Vader that if Vader struck him down, he would become more powerful than Vader could possibly imagine. Did he? He’s just a pale version of his elderly self. Dorkly takes a look at Ben’s “powerful” state and makes it into an amusing comic.

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Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle Earth can probably be broken down into a handful of categories, and it’s easy to classify people into different types. Andy Kluthe has ccreated a comic illustrating eight different types of Tolkien fans and, as far as I can tell, he’s not far from the truth. They’re exaggerated stereotypes for humor, but hey, I’ve met most of these people. You’ve got casual movie fans to folks who know The Silmarillion by heart. It takes all sorts.

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Facebook is a social media platform made for oversharing. That can lead to awkwardness but also hilarity – especially when you put people like Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, and Gale Hawthorne in the mix. Team Pwnicorn imagines how the drama of The Hunger Games would play out on Facebook, and it puts a funny twist on the very serious film. The bit above about Katniss dating Loki had me laughing out loud.

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Ever wonder why Loki got off so easy after all the trouble he caused? I mean, they don’t take things like mass murder lightly in any universe, yet Loki gets a cushy prison cell. This comic shows that you’re not the only one who has wondered about his easy sentence, and gives a clue as to why it was so light.

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