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This is what happens when the cover of Uncanny X-Men #141 gets a Game Of Thrones twist. When you think about it, you have to be a superhero to survive in Westeros, so it makes sense.

Here’s what creators Comfort Love and Adam Withers had to say about why they did the project:

“So, this was an idea that Adam was shocked – SHOCKED – had not been done yet. When it occurred to him, he scoured the Googles to see whether anybody else had done it, but nothing came up. So here he is, sitting on this goldmine idea. In case anybody isn’t getting the reference, this piece is an homage to the classic John Byrne cover to Uncanny X-Men #141 – the start of the Days of Future Past storyline. With the upcoming movie, you’ll probably be seeing this cover more often. Adam selected Dany, Tyrion, and Jon for the front because they seem to have the strongest “Plot Armor.” Whatever else might appear to happen to them, I suspect we’ll be seeing them through to the end of the story. Though god knows I could be wrong. That Martin SOB loves toying with our emotions.”

Get a closer look at the artwork after the break.

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strange days batman

As part of an ongoing celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary, DC Entertainment released a new Batman short film by Bruce Timm (co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series) called “Strange Days”, which pits Batman against Dr. Hugo Strange in a gorgeous 1930′s style. It debuted earlier this week on Cartoon Network, but is now available online.

We’ve included the new short, along with a video of Bruce Timm discussing its development on an episode of “DC All Access” after the break.

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Since it’s founding in 2007, comiXology has become a large part of many comic fans’ weekly reading, so it will be interesting to see how the news of comiXology being acquired by Amazon will ripple through the industry.

Naturally, Amazon and comiXology see this as a definite positive. From the press release:

“ComiXology’s mission is to spread the love of comics and graphic novels in all forms,” said David Steinberger, co-founder and CEO of comiXology. “There is no better home for comiXology than Amazon to see this vision through. Working together, we look to accelerate a new age for comic books and graphic novels.”

“Amazon and comiXology share a passion for reinventing reading in a digital world,” said David Naggar, Amazon Vice President, Content Acquisition and Independent Publishing. “We’ve long admired the passion comiXology brings to changing the way we buy and read comics and graphic novels. We look forward to investing in the business, growing the team, and together, bringing comics and graphic novels to even more readers.”

Obviously, a digital publishing powerhouse like Amazon could help the platform grow, but there have been some fans who have said that, due to a dislike of Amazon policies, they wouldn’t be buying from comiXology in the future.

So, are you excited about the possibilities (fingers crossed for free comics with Amazon Prime) or do you have concerns?

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life with archie 36

Archie Andrews is going to die. The news was announced on the Archie Comics blog yesterday, saying that he’d sacrifice himself heroically to save a friend this July in their upcoming Life With Archie #36.

Archie Comics says they knew they wanted to do this five years ago and, given the themes Life With Archie has taken on during that period, I think they’re pushing the envelope one last time.

I can honestly say I never thought I’d write about the death of Archie Andrews. It’s a strange feeling, I admit. Thankfully, he will live on in other Archie series.

You can read the entire press release and get a look at the amazing artwork planned for the covers of both #36 and #37 after the break.

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Apparently, Ma-Ti wasn’t useless after all.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has had its share of ups and downs and viewers have been a little frustrated with many of its episodes. Some people may be wondering why there aren’t more huge, grand, large-scale adventures that live up to the kinds of scenes we get to see in the movies. Well, this comic explains it all and it comes down to the almighty dollar.

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comic book vending machine

Chris Romberger isn’t your average teenager; he’s an entrepreneur. The 19-year-old, diagnosed with Down Syndrome and autism, sells comic books in a vending machine. He worked with his job coach to open “Comic Man,” and the machine offers a variety of single issue comics. Since purchasing a retail space is quite expensive, Chris and his job coach worked with a custom vending manufacturer to create the comic book dispensing machine. While it’s not the world’s first such machine, it’s still awesome.

The machine is doing good business, apparently selling “several issues” in its first few weeks. Chris keeps the books stocked and may add more comic book vending machine locations in the future.

Watch the video about Chris after the break.

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Heimdall sees everything that happens in Asgard. We’re not just talking matters of safety and security, we’re talking everything. Yes, even that thing you thought no one would ever see. He saw that and he took a picture because Heimdall is kind of a nosy jerk.

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Batman has been battling the Joker for decades. Though we’ve seen the fights in different art styles and in different settings, this take is something new. DeviantArt user sandara created this fantasy version of the rivals, and it’s wicked. Batman has medieval style armor, and the Joker takes on the form of a crazy dragon. The mythical setting more than suits the relationship between the pair.

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rpg winter top

Here’s proof that there are real skills to be gained through gaming, specifically RPGs. This comic will show you how surviving winter is just like your typical role-playing game, complete with NPCs, potions and boring dialogue.

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