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You had better bring a weapon because there’s one animal guard that shouldn’t be trifled with in paw to talon combat.

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Bach To The Future [Comic]

bach to the future

I know it’s been a Back To The Future overload this week but…come on. This comic by Jim’ll Paint It is absolutely hilarious.

wizard school

Created by John McNamee of Pie Comic.


If you aren’t already familiar, you really need to follow Emmy Cicierega on Tumblr. She’s an artist that does storyboards for Gravity Falls and posts hilarious comics on the Internet. Recently, she unveiled a series of Disney comics that she made years ago but never published.

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Dark Side Day Care [Comic]

dark side day care

Comic by Jay Fosgitt created as a commission for Heather Antos. Click to enlarge.


This November, Batman will finally have a chance to meet–and maybe even fight–everyone’s favorite heroes in a half shell. DC noted in a press release that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman will meet up in a new crossover comic.

The plot involves Krang hurling both the Turtles and Shredder into an alternate reality with the hopes of finally defeating them. The alternate reality just happens to be Gotham, and Batman–once he hears that armed giant talking turtles and a guy covered in blades are walking about the city–decides to go and investigate. DC and IDW have placed Freddie Williams II and James Tynion IV at the helm of this new spinoff, and it sounds like it’s definitely going to be an entertaining one.

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This is what happens when you let a Final Fantasy director and character designer loose on a Catwoman figure. Tetsuya Nomura’s Play Arts Kai figure design features crazy armor and will include two whip tails (WHIP TAILS!), a small pistol, and a set of extended hand-claws. Pricing hasn’t been announced but if it falls in line with similar figures, then it’ll likely be around $175.

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When Chew makes its move from comics to animated film, David Tennant will be voicing the character of Mason Savoy, a mentor to the lead character. The role was intended for Robin Williams before his tragic passing last year.

For the uninitiated, the official synopsis for the 2009 comic book series notes:

Tony Chu is a cop with a secret. A weird secret. Tony Chu is Cibopathic, which means he gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats. It also means he’s a hell of a detective, as long as he doesn’t mind nibbling on the corpse of a murder victim to figure out whodunit, and why. It`s a dirty job, and Tony has to eat terrible things in the name of justice. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the government has figured out Tony Chu`s secret. They have plans for him… whether he likes it or not.

Other actors lending their voice talents to the project include Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) and Felicia Day (The Guild). It will be directed by Jeff Krelitz who also directed the animated series, Torchwood: Web of Lies.

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Not only has Mad Max Fury Road inspired a lot of conversation and fan reaction, but it’s also inspiring artists who, as this very accurate tweet explains, can’t stop drawing Furiosa and other characters from the movie.

It really has been amazing. Every day, I see more art and it shows no sign of slowing down. A whole bunch of examples are available after the break from professionals and fans alike. The #Furiosa tag on Twitter is also a font of creativity.

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The Joker design above comes from Greg Capullo’s amazing work on Death of the Family. Special effects master Rick Baker has put his own spin on the character and the results are amazing. This is the Joker look we’d all like to see on screen but, sadly, it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get that with Leto.

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