Gamer Problems Then and Now

Mart Virkus of Arcade Rage lays out gamer problems from the past and present. Some of you may not even have much experience with the “past” part. It was a simpler time. Much less chance of being hit by a bus that’s for sure. Check out the entire comic below. [click to continue…]


Marvel has made good on its proposal to create a 13-foot-tall Captain America statue for the character’s 75th anniversary.

As previously reported, the statue is slated to debut at Marvel’s booth during San Diego Comic-Con before being shipped to Brooklyn, where it will be unveiled in Prospect Park on August 10th. After a month on display, the statue will reportedly be moved to the Barclays Center before heading to Sunset Park in October.

As if this isn’t enough, Entertainment Weekly reports that a special 75th anniversary comic will also be released at Comic-Con which depicts Captain America kicking it with the bronze representation.

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YouTuber “kaptainkristian” has created a six minute video extolling the virtues of the beloved Calvin and Hobbes comic strip along with the integrity and vision of its creator, Bill Watterson.

The video takes a look at the strip’s longevity and the state of art itself, explaining that there’s no “low” or “high” art and that works either speak to people or don’t. There’s also an examination of commercialism in the art/comics world that leads to the title of the video itself, Art Before Commerce.

That being said, there’s a heavy dose of opinion in the production, as well as some unabashed dumping on other comics – especially Garfield. Check out the video after the break…


What’s better than a powerful superhero? A powerful superhero that is also a dragon.


Artist Lynton Levengood utilized the signature colors and costume patterns of icons like Wolverine and Deadpool to bring these superhero dragons to life. Check out more examples below.

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When DC originally announced Rebirth, fans had little idea of what the event might entail. That all changed this past weekend at WonderCon.

DC: Rebirth is an event series that will last for two years and continue (or completely change) several ongoing titles. But the big reveals came in the form of new characters, returning talent, and brand-new faces to DC’s creative lineup.

Check out the five biggest reveals below.

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We don’t know why this exists, but it’s been brought to us by the fine folks at Cryptozoic and DC Comics and costs a mere three American dollarydos (the comic books are sold individually). It becomes available in December of 2016 apparently, so you can finally build that comics shop for your Hot Toys figures.

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Marvel is giving Poe Dameron a hero’s welcome at participating comic retailers during the “Poe Dameron #1 Celebration” on April 6th, which also just happens to be the comic debut date for Marvel’s Star Wars: Poe Dameron by writer Charles Soule and artist Phil Noto.

Retailers will need to opt in to get promotional items from Marvel that include buttons, variant covers, postcards, and more. They need to opt-in by March 7, so talk to your LCS about getting in on the action so you can party with Poe.

Check out more pics and the full press release below.

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How I Spend Money [Comic]

how I spend money

Priorities right? Personally, this version is pretty accurate, though “books” is interchangeable with “gadgets” and “booze”.

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It’s been seventeen years since The Phantom Menace raised our hopes and dashed them with clinical precision, and the rancid taste of Jar Jar Binks is still one that seems uncomfortably at the back of many a Star Wars fan’s throat. Even the new sequel trilogy has been marred by rumors that Kylo Ren would be revealed as the Gungan goofball. Fortunately that turned out not to be the case, and the fandom is finally moving away from Jar Jar and what he represented for the movies.

That being said, there’s still some bad blood, and some fans have chosen to excise those demons. Fans like artist Stephen Byrne, who has made this wonderful fan comic dubbed “Episode 7.5”. Following on from the events of The Force Awakens our new heroes, accompanied by Luke Skywalker and everybody’s favorite round-thing-on-top-of-other-round-thing BB-8, take down Jar Jar Binks in this fantastic 14-page comic.

Byrne posted the comic on Twitter across four tweets, and you can check it out in full below.

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millennium calvin

The Star Wars / Calvin and Hobbes series by Brian Kesinger continues.

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