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Devin Smith runs End of Line Designs, a company that specializes in high-end gaming controller customs. This Fallout PS4 controller with a flip-up Pip-Boy design is the perfect example of what he’s capable of. Check out more pics of this beauty below [click to continue…]


This custom controller was designed by DeviantArtist Zoki64 as a commission for one of his customers. We’ve seen some beautiful custom controllers and consoles from him before and this one is no less impressive. He takes an already vintage controller and makes it even more so with the NES design.

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Not only is this 5-foot long NES controller made entirely of Lego bricks, but the thing actually works. Baron von Brunk first had the idea over the summer and spent the last few months putting this behemoth together. In that time, not only did he construct the exterior Lego shell, but he also finished the inside to include spring loaded modules for the buttons that he soldered to an actual NES circuit board.

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Power A controllers has unveiled Batarang controllers for the Xbox 360 and PS3 that will coincide with the release of Batman: Arkham City on October 18th.

Both controllers feature bat-buttons, soft bat-grips, and bat-LEDs that light up in seven different colors. The PS3 version is wireless, but you’ll be tethered with a 10-foot cord on the Xbox 360 version. A wired controller may seem dated, but to the sharp crime-fighting mind that just means it doubles as a grappling hook.

(Power A via Superhero Hype)

ABXY Controller Coasters

From That’s Nerdalicious!: Now all you need is a D-Pad to finally get your alcoholism under control. But there’s no hope if you like to take a swig of Playstation now and then.

Product Page ($10 via Technabob)

Seperately, game controller soaps like this have been around for quite some time. However, this is the first set I have seen that takes you on a hygienic journey through the evolution of gaming.

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