Own The Head Of Cthulhu

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of collectible busts, but I could use a centerpiece to my Cthulhu shrine. Artist Dominic Qwek wants to deliver with an 11.5″ fully painted polystone Cthulhu bust that was originally part of a model kit release by Gecco back in 2015. [click to continue…]

We’re suckers for awesome dice and these Lovecraft-inspired Elder Dice certainly fit the bill. [click to continue…]

Renowned voice actor and Dungeon Master Matt Mercer is also the owner of the world’s most evil backyard water feature thanks to Super Fan Builds. Head on over to the SFB go90 page to learn more about Mercer’s Cthulhu obsession and how the fountain came together.

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Artist and illustrator Chet Phillips creates fun matchbox art that blends vintage style with mytical beasts and movie monsters. My favorite has to be the Cthulhu safety matches, but there are plenty more designs where that came from (see below). You can also purchase prints in his Etsy store and t-shirts on TeePublic. [click to continue…]


Trading card game Force of Will is getting an anime anthology movie in 2018, and a trailer for one of the shorts was released this week. The anthology will feature six short films based on the game, all by different directors. Shuhei Morita is directing this particular short, and it’s based on the Cthulhu mythos. As you’ll see in the video below, it looks absolutely stunning. [click to continue…]

cthulhu hourglass

This Cthuhlu lava effect hourglass counts down to “a dark awakening or your own doom!”

*Shakes fist dramatically*

It’s also great for tea. TEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Cthulhu Lava Effect Hourglass ($36.99)

deadpool cthulhu top

What do you get when you cross Deadpool with Cthulu? Cthulhupool? Deadpoothulhu? Whatever you call him, this one of the cutest amigurumi ever.

This marvelous mashup was made by Etsy seller Kutuleras. Grab it before it’s gone! [click to continue…]


Now this is an Aquaman story I could really get into.

The Aquaman And Cthulhu Q-Fix is a SDCC 2016 release for QMx, but it will be available for purchase online during the convention.

Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


If you should die before you wake . . . 

Human person rentdownstairs commissioned this gently terrifying crib from Atlanta-based woodworker Garrick Andrus, presumably because he’s not fussy about whether his newborn baby gets any sleep or not. I mean, seriously, did we learn nothing from that one episode of The Simpsons?

Here’s a closer look at some of the intricate woodcarving:

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Geeks like two things: Bacon, and Cthulhu. While science has yet to find a way to combine these two great tastes, geekdom has wasted zero time in combining them, individually, with other things.

Adding to a pile of Cthulhu-themed stuff that’s already threatening to topple over and level your neighborhood is Z-Man Games’ Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu. It’s a Lovecraftian variant of the popular Pandemic tabletop board game. Players take the role of a group of investigators looking to close a bunch of portals through which indescribable horrors might emerge.

We don’t have full details of how this new version of Pandemic will play, but Ungeek reports that there’ll be some kind of sanity mechanic added to the gameplay (because why wouldn’t there be?). Images have also revealed three of the seven investigator characters, which will include a Magician, Hunter and a Reporter. Three of the twelve Old Ones cards have also been revealed and include Shuddle M’Ell, Azathoth, and Cthulhu.

Z-Man Games is slated to reveal more details soon, along with a debut at GenCon this summer. Check out an additional pic below.

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