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Man, I wish I had these D20 String Lights when I put up my tree the other day. Part of my brain is like “there’s still time!” while the other part is like “re-stringing lights would be a pain in the ass!”.

Okay laziness, you win this round.

If you’re more ambitious than I am, now is the time to grab them. These are the kind of string lights you can have fun with year round. The bulbs can be easily replaced and the lights can be used indoors or out. [click to continue…]


This D20 dice holder from Etsy seller 3DCreationsPR is 3D-printed to order and comes in small and large sizes and a range of colors. You can even customize it to glow in the dark.

They also make a D20 box with a redesigned numbering scheme so it can be used as a life counter.

Product Page: ($20.00-$69.99)

braille d20

Felicia Day received this 3D printed 20-sided die from a girl who helps the visually impaired play D&D. How amazing is that?

And the best part is that you can print one yourself using these files from Thingverse.

(via Felicia Day)


This wild D20 is full of tentacles and beaks, but it actually rolls. And by “roll” I mean you can toss monstrosity across the table and it will rotate on its tentacles in a very creepy manner. It’s cool and weird, and totally unique.

The Kraken D20 comes in eight different metal finishes or eight plastic colors. Check out more images and a video of the roll in action after the break.

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The dice pictured above are made from wooly mammoth ivory. Seriously.

It’s just one example of the exotic materials Artisan Dice uses to make their unique gaming dice. Other options include carbon fiber, whiskey barrels, animal bones, and metals like titanium and copper.

The company has certainly come a long way since they launched with wood dice on Kickstarter back in 2012. Check out more examples of there wares after the break.

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We live in a happy time, friends. You can dress up any room in your house by adding a rug, and you make it geeky with a plethora of options from ThinkGeek. They just released four new styles of floor coverings featuring Chewbacca, a unicorn, a dragon, and a D20. They’re perfect for your office, bedroom, kitchen – anywhere.

See the rest of the rugs after the break.

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If you’re a gamer then you know that there are times when the dice love you and times when the dice hate you. Brian T. Huff has created a series of posters that show what happens when you’re rolling Natural 20s and killing your foes. They also show what happens when you get those pesky Natural 1s and die a horrible death as your buddies laugh so hard they fall out of their chairs.

See more pictures after the break.

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dice shaming

(schneiltzle via Boing Boing)

If you’re engaged in a never ending quest to convert everything you own into a tribute to D&D, we’ve got your clock and lamps right here. Etsy seller Claudia Malmberg is offering a variety of dice-based products which are crafted partially from stained glass. In addition, the glass and number colors are customizable based on available tones.

Click the link below to check out the complete selection.

Product Page: (Prices Vary via it8bit)

A D20 that flashes red when you roll a critical hit? And it’s only $4.99? How could any RPG fanatic pass that up? Plus, ThinkGeek has taken extra precautions to ensure that it is properly weighted:

GMs: For starters, we’ll let you know that we did our very best to ensure the Critical Hit LED d20 Die is weighted as evenly as possible considering the electronics inside. We did this because we’re gamers and we really wanted to use them in our Thursday D&D game. Of course, you are the boss, so it’s up to you whether to allow it at your table. We will say that with the appropriate mood lighting in your gaming room, the Critical Hit LED d20 Die will gently illuminate your face with an evil red glow when you roll a crit behind the screen. Since every GM has a wee bit of sadist inside, we knew you’d love that.

Critical Hit LED D20 Die$9.99 $4.99 (50% off)