If you thought collecting all seven Dragon Balls would be difficult, think again. Apparently, all you need is $70. They even come in a fancy display box. When they arrive you can ask Shenron for your $70 bucks back straight away. Hell, ask for the entire sum in crisp $10 bills—think big. [click to continue…]

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So what do Dragon Ball Z and Ford have in common? Well, it’s funny you asked because I have no idea. I would have said “not a damn thing”, but then this commercial appeared.

As you’ll see, Krillin and Gohan are in the process of wishing for three cars from the Namekian Dragon/Porunga (one with great gas mileage, one with a great sound system–you get the picture). And, what a surprise! It turns out that the 2016 Ford Focus features everything they could possibly want in a single car.

So it appears that this idea was proposed at Ford. There were probably meetings about it. Agreements were made. Against all odds it was actually produced and uploaded to YouTube where you can watch it below.

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If this live-action fan short titled, “Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men” had an awesomeness level, it would be well over 9,000.

The fan film–produced by Black Smoke Films–boasts some decent cinematography and effects despite being low budget. It also packs a solid story into 29 minutes. Here are the basics on the plot:

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