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“What happened when Batman was late to play baseball with Robin?”

“There was a Wayne delay.”

The Official DC Super Hero Joke Book is intended for kids but, if you’re an adult, this book will be the most powerful weapon in your pun-powered arsenal. It might even be deadly. Check out some sample pages below. [click to continue…]


Young Justice fans rejoice! Your beloved animated series about a team of young DC heroes is coming back for a third go-round after prematurely ending in March 2013.

Warner Bros made it official with the announcement that Season 3 is currently in production with original producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti. There’s also a teaser poster and the promise of “new twists, turns and dangerous new threats for the team.”

That’s it—no release date or further details. But it’s enough to have us very excited. Check out the entire teaser poster below. [click to continue…]


Take a little time out of your day to enjoy these gorgeous portraits by Russian artist Aleksei Vinogradov.

He does some amazing portrait work, but I admit to being most delighted by his series featuring fictional characters and their imaginary pets. The Ron Perlman is my personal favorite, but the Mystique knocked me on my butt. Check them out below. [click to continue…]


Since its launch a year ago the DC Super Hero Girls brand – which consists of a YouTube series, a film, books, toys and all manner of other merch – has been hugely successful. Like most successful nerdy things, it’s about to get the LEGO treatment.

Come November 27th, American LEGO fans will be able to pick up these LEGO Friends sets featuring everyone’s favorite female heroes and villains including Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Batgirl (and not Bartgirl as I almost typed). A Super Hero High School playset is also planned, and additional sets that feature Wonder Woman, Bumblebee and Lashina drop in January when the range becomes available internationally.

Each set also comes with its own vehicles and accessories. Check out photos of the sets, along with US retail prices below. Huzzah! [click to continue…]


Soon you’ll be able to color some of Wonder Woman’s most recognizable covers and looks in the new DC Comics: Wonder Woman Coloring Book which features ready-to-color illustrations from some of the greatest artists in DC Comics history.

Looking at the pages below, I think the Justice League cover is going to be super fun to color. [click to continue…]

deathstroke top

Ben Affleck just tweeted what appears to be evidence that Deathstroke will be part of an upcoming DC film—most likely Justice League, which is currently in production. At this point, nothing has been confirmed—including the actor playing the part. Check out the footage below. [click to continue…]


It’s good to be DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee. Why? Because you can get Mark Hamill to do your voicemail as the Joker. Then again, he’s probably going to get a lot of phone calls now. Hell, I would call him every day and get pissed if he answers. Fortunately for those who are not in his inner circle, you can listen to the message in the video below. [click to continue…]


Everyone’s going bananas for the upcoming animated adaptation of The Killing Joke, the popular and controversial Batman comic written by Alan Moore and featuring art and coloring by Brian Bolland and John Higgins respectively.

The film adaptation has generated a much, much milder controversy of its own among fans – apparently, quite a few people are miffed that the film doesn’t match Bolland and Higgins’ visuals from the comic. And as we all know films that take creative liberties with the source material are always terrible, while films that stick rigidly to the established form are, of course, universally acclaimed.

Emil Ryderup, also known as Plan Making Mammals, has taken it upon himself to grab hold of WB’s trailer for The Killing Joke and give it a tweak and a fresh coat of paint to make it look a bit more the original graphic novel. You can check out his version, as well as a comparison of the two, below. [click to continue…]

dc logo

For those of you who weren’t aware, DC Comics has revamped their logo…again. Naturally, some people aren’t keen on it. Case in point: Bobby Timony, an artist and illustrator, posted his “corrected” version of the new logo on Twitter, which adds a taste of the DC Bullet logo of yore. Personally, I dig it more than the official version. What do you think?
[click to continue…]


We don’t know why this exists, but it’s been brought to us by the fine folks at Cryptozoic and DC Comics and costs a mere three American dollarydos (the comic books are sold individually). It becomes available in December of 2016 apparently, so you can finally build that comics shop for your Hot Toys figures.

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