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I wouldn’t give him a ride since it would probably end with a scene like this, but Deadpool will undoubtedly find a way to Comic-Con.

Here’s hoping he gets into it with some Deadpool cosplayers.

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Heading to SDCC? There’s plenty of free stuff to be had, but we wanted to tip you to a couple of additional treasure hunts that include Rob Liefeld Deadpool sketches and adorable crocheted superheroes that you can look for while you’re at the show.

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deadpool wrapped

Ryan Reynolds has been having a great time giving us updates on the Deadpool movie during both the lead up to filming and the filming itself. He’s also been very generous with fans.

So it seems only fitting that we’d get an update when the movie wrapped.

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Ryan Reynolds spent some time recently putting smiles on the faces of some very special kids while filming for Deadpool. He met with Tony Acevedo, a little boy fighting Hodgkin’s Disease, and 15-year-old Calista King who is a huge Deadpool fan. He sent King home with Deadpool’s sword and let little Tony don Deadpool’s mask and gloves.

Tony’s visit was through Make A Wish Foundation. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he wanted to meet with Deadpool because, “Deadpool never dies and everything he touches has magical powers.”

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deadpool jump

Can we just agree that Ryan Reynolds may be one of the best people to follow on Twitter? Well, now you have Instagram to keep up on as well. Reynolds recently joined and posted his first picture: an awesome shot of Deadpool in action.

His caption is also great. “Stuck the landing. With my mouth.”

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Ryan Reynolds’ social media brilliance continued yesterday with a delightfully tasteless Mother’s Day picture featuring Deadpool.

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We won’t see Deadpool in theaters until February 12th of next year, but actor Ryan Reynolds is making the wait easier with a steady stream of Deadpool-themed tweets.

The latest features him and Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead. She was a student of Emma Frost who has telepathic and precognitive abilities. It’s just another bit of evidence that the movie is trying to stay true to the comic.

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Ryan Reynolds has unveiled another hilarious tweet featuring Deadpool on the can reading the latest issue of his own comic.

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As you probably know, Deadpool #250 has been hyped as featuring the death of The Merc With A Mouth—but there’s no reason to worry. The caption reads:

“Smells like someone died up in here. #alivepool”

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If you’ve been following the Deadpool movie news, you know there’s be a lot of back and forth on whether or not the movie was going to have a PG-13 or R rating.

Early on April Fools’ Day, Ryan Reynolds started tweeting that a PG-13 rating wouldn’t have a negative impact on the film. He tried to assure fans that it was going to be okay.

But, before you get too bummed out, Jo Blo posted a new video in which Reynolds sat down with Extra’s Mario Lopez and…let’s just say that a few things got clarified, including what rating Deadpool will actually get.

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Oh, Deadpool

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