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This past Monday marked the 30th anniversary of the first episode of The Golden Girls. Why is this not a national holiday?

Thankfully, Deadpool was there to mark this momentous occasion. It got weird.

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trying to connect

(via Ryan Reynolds)


Fangirl BrittLiv reinvented her original “sliced” illusion table to pay tribute to her favorite comic character. Using an Ikea lack table and a few other bits, I’d say this table is certainly a success.

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This new Lady Deadpool Bishoujo Statue brings Shunya Yamashita’s Wanda Wilson to life in 1:7 scale. Standing just under 10-inches, Lady Deadpool is featured in her red and black outfit, grenade in her hand. It also includes an alternate unmasked head sculpt, so you can display Wanda masked or unmasked.

Product Page ($74.99)

deadpool snoopy

What happens when Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld starts shooting the breeze with his friends over at 20th Century Fox? A pretty awesome way to celebrate Snoopy’s birthday, that’s what.

Liefeld posted this awesome Snoopy as Deadpool on Instagram in honor of our favorite beagle.

Check it out after the break, along with a “How To Draw Snoopy” video that was also made for the occasion by the team behind The Peanuts Movie.

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deadpool jump

As promised yesterday, the Deadpool trailer has arrived. It’s everything we hoped it would be.

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deadpool teaser

The Deadpool trailer is coming tomorrow. Naturally, Ryan Reynolds had something to share on Twitter about it. A little “Amuse Douche” if you will.

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deadpool sdcc

I wouldn’t give him a ride since it would probably end with a scene like this, but Deadpool will undoubtedly find a way to Comic-Con.

Here’s hoping he gets into it with some Deadpool cosplayers.

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Heading to SDCC? There’s plenty of free stuff to be had, but we wanted to tip you to a couple of additional treasure hunts that include Rob Liefeld Deadpool sketches and adorable crocheted superheroes that you can look for while you’re at the show.

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deadpool wrapped

Ryan Reynolds has been having a great time giving us updates on the Deadpool movie during both the lead up to filming and the filming itself. He’s also been very generous with fans.

So it seems only fitting that we’d get an update when the movie wrapped.

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