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Remember those moon lanterns? Well, this is no moon lantern.

This Death Star Paper Lantern Floor Lamp even makes great party decor. It’s an 24″ sphere which can be switched on using an in-line foot toggle. It’s perfect for a dark corner. Looks great in a playroom. Being so lightweight, you can easily hang it from the opening on the top that exposes the armature. Just remember that it’s delicate.

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Colby Powell and his kids like Star Wars…a lot. So, in honor of the upcoming Star Wars film, the Powell family built a two-story Death Star as a Halloween decoration.

Like you do.

It features plenty of flashing lights and it was mounted on the roof of their home in Lafayette, CA. See it in action after the break…

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Tap into the power of the Death Star with this USB wall charger. It has two ports and lights up!

Q: But will it blow up my phone?

A: Maybe?

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In this Death Star Perplexus Maze, you must navigate the X-Wing (a.k.a. tiny metal ball) through treacherous tunnels and precarious pathways until reaching the escape hatch through the glowing red core.

The clear sphere allows you to see every angle in this 3D puzzle game, although you might need some serious Jedi force skills to complete the mission. The toy lights up and has sound effects as you play, no batteries required.

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Relax in the soothing glow of The Death Star. Instead of obliterating planets, this mood light will obliterate stress. It’s USB powered and the display stand is transparent, so it appears to hover.

A true testament to the original galactic superweapon in every way but one, this majestic sphere of destruction is – unlike the original – impeccably designed. Its resemblance is intricately on point – having a textured, tactile surface and the bumps and crevices of the Death Star are clearly defined – however it’s free of a great gaping thermal exhaust pipe. Meaning the likelihood of sabotage is minimal.

A gloriously nerdy answer to mood lighting – the Death Star Mood Light is the perfect addition to all bedside tables, desks and the like. Allow the milky hues of this weapon of mass destruction to calmingly illuminate your nighttime antics.

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You’ll soon be able to have a fully armed an operational Death Star crashing through your wall with this 3D light. Other upcoming releases in the series include R2-D2, C-3PO, and Darth Vader’s gloved hand holding a glowing red lightsaber.

A release date hasn’t been announced yet, but you can expect them to arrive in stores (most notably Target) sometime in the near future.

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This 14″ inflatable Death Star beach ball is the perfect way to pass the time this summer. Not only does it look like it could blow up a planet, but it has impact-activated lights that twinkle as you play.

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The Death Star is a deadly weapon that can destroy whole planets, but it’s all cute and happy in this Lego build by Steve Price. He created a Lego Friends version that includes a beauty salon, candy store, and even a pet shop. How can that much cute be deadly?

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This Bluetooth speaker is designed to look just like the Death Star and it even lights up when in use. It measures 6″ tall x 4 1/2″ wide x 4 1/2″ deep and comes with a clear acrylic stand. This is an officially licensed Star Wars product and will wirelessly stream music from up to 30 feet away. Sadly it does not come with a working turbolaser.

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You can walk all over the Imperials with this Death Star rug. This officially licensed product mesures 52″ in diameter and will make it look like the Death Star is hanging out on your living room floor. Just think how cool this’ll be as a backdrop next time your break out all those Star Wars ships you’ve got stored away.

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