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Once Joss Whedon signed on to work with Marvel with films, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander to a happy place that involved a merging of Firefly and Disney. It could never actually happen since Firefly is a touch violent and has, you know, prostitutes—but a girl can dream.

Artist Stephen Byrne apparently had similar thoughts when he created this precious art featuring the crew of Serenity drawn in Disney animated movie style. The little River Tam is my favorite.

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Ever wandered what some of your favorite Disney characters would look like as the other sex? Artist Sakimi Chan has created illustrations of her vision, and I’ve got to say, some of these Disney ladies look mighty attractive as dudes. She’s changed it up for characters such as Hades, Jack Skellington, Beauty and the Beast, and even a few faces from Miyazaki films. Her art has an almost anime feel, and I love the way she shades and colors her portraits.

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grumpy cat frozen

If you’ve ever worked in retail, especially in an industry that caters to merchandise for kids in any way, you’ve probaby heard the worlds “You’ve ruined Christmas!”. Heck, back in the day when I worked at Entertainment Earth, no holiday was complete until we heard it at least once.

But the demand for Frozen merchandise has apparently unleashed hell on Disney because the supply has dried up. People on eBay are selling Elsa dolls for up to $1750 bucks and parents are losing their ever lovin’ minds on the official Disney Store Facebook page.

Obviously, Disney didn’t anticipate that they would need to make Elsa and Anna dolls for pretty much every child on the planet and now people are willing to sell body parts for a toy for their little Susie.

It really is amazing to see the level of outrage. It reminds me of the Cabbage Patch insanity back in the day.

So if you have Frozen merchandise, you’re a very special snowflake. Enjoy that. If not, head after the break to see what you can look forward to at your local mall.

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Though I like Harry, Ron, and Hermione plenty, seeing Disney characters in Hogwarts school uniforms makes me feel giddy. Disney has its own kind of magic and combining it with the world of Harry Potter means sparks! DeviantArt user Eira1893 came up with this crossover and created illustrations featuring over 20 characters in the school setting.

My favorite part, other than seeing the cute couples, is noting which house the artist sorted the characters into. Anna and Kristoff from Frozen are both in Hufflepuff while Ariel and Prince Eric are in Gryffindor. She goes into detail about her process for choosing the houses on some of the pieces at DeviantArt.

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Practice your dice rolling skills and prepare your character because it’s time to play Dungeons and Dragons with Disney princesses! Artist Alexandra Mihai set this delightful scene featuring Snow White as the Dungeon Master. The dragon on the table looks like Maleficent and, not surprisingly, Belle has her nose stuck in the player’s handbok. Cinderella’s probably making her mice do all her work for her, and I bet Mulan is kicking butt and taking names.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall observing this game night. In fact, it needs to be a web series. Please get on top of that, internet!

(via DeviantArt)


The Disney heroines look ready to kick some butt in these Street Fighter versions of the characters. We’ve already seen the first batch of these fantastic images by Mike V and this second batch is just as good. Belle, Elsa and even Lilo are ready for battle!

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A character artist over at Blizzard Entertainment (WoW, anyone?) named Tyson Murphy has been pursuing a pretty interesting little art project in his spare time: he recreated classic scenes from The Sword in the Stone and 101 Dalmatians by digitally painting over them to create a more modern, digital perspective. The man has talent, that’s for sure.

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That very unhappy face belongs to Francesca who is having a splinter removed from her knee by her very patient Mother. The splinter doesn’t look to be very large, in fact you can’t even see it in the video, but Francesca will have you thinking otherwise.

While her Mom removes the splinter, Francesca belts out Do You Want To Build a Snowman at the top of her lungs to distract from the agony. I’m sure it hurts, but this kid deserves an Oscar for dramatic interpretation.

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DeviantArtist Kasami-Sensei has toughened up some of your favorite Disney characters like Ariel, Mulan and Elsa and plopped them down right in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Even Buzz, Woody and Jesse are ready to take on the brain-eating hordes, but I think Mulan with her wicked looking sword is most likely to come out alive.

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Wall-E was absolutely adorable and this remake of the movie using a kitten makes it even more precious. The kitten version of Wall-E is so stinking cute, you’ll wish you could just reach right into your screen and snuggle his cute little furry face. Add in narration by a very enthusiastic little kid and it’s all over.

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