Is this haunted room actually stretching? It is, but the stars of the Haunted Mansion’s stretching portraits have been replaced with characters from Disney’s animated films. Artist Laura Knighton took the morbid illustrations and added her own spin to the theme with Ariel, Jane, Belle (that one’s my favorite), and Tiana. They’re all doomed! I love that she didn’t do a straight up re-creation of the existing portraits.

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disney smash bros 1

What if Disney characters starred in Nintendo games? By the looks of this art from Michael Villamejor, it would be awesome. He mashes up characters from Disney films with ones from Smash Bros., and it results in combinations like Stitch as Pikachu and Robin Hood as Star Fox. I can barely handle the brilliance of these pixels.

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robin hood pop

Ooo-de-lally! Funko has announced POPs from Disney’s animated Robin Hood and they’re frickin’ adorable.

Currently, you can pre-order Prince John, Robin and Sir Hiss for shipment later this month. I’m not sure if they’ll be making more, but the look on John’s face is so perfect that if I get that one, I’ll be content.

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New York Comic Con has started and Tomorrowland decided to do it up right. First off, George Clooney was on the Tomorrowland panel yesterday (joking about how he was spending his honeymoon at the con). Plus, Disney released the first teaser trailer and Funko debuted their first ReAction figure from the movie.

I think the movie looks really interesting and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more.

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that's so Revan

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Adventure Time fans, you are going to want all of these posters to decorate your walls. They’re the work of Joe Hogan and Mike Vasquez who’ve taken on everything from Star Wars to Game of Thrones to the Disney princesses. Each has been redone with Adventure Time characters in the style of the animated series and they’re amazing.

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Snow White (Whitney Avalon) might seem all cute and innocent, but the princess proves she’s got some fighting words tucked away for the right moment, like this rap battle with Elsa (Katja Glieson) from Frozen. The two have a war of words over which princess is more badass and it’s hilarious. You can even buy the song in singer Avalon’s iTunes store so it’ll be stuck in your head, just like evey other Disney princess song.

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Tired of Disney Princess art crossovers? Think they’ve all been done? Well, allow us to submit this series that explores how the Disney princesses would look as piles of rocks. It just might be the best mashup yet. It’s the work of artist Kevin Bolk who has stacked up all the rocks and given just enough adornment and background to identify each princess. Mostly, it’s just their hair, but Cinderella also gets her glass slipper.

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It’s one thing to know your Disney movies well enough to put them in chronological order by their release dates, but could you do the same thing based on their approximate historical setting? This timeline goes through the Disney films taking us all the way from the prehistoric times of Dinosaur to the far distant future of Treasure Planet.

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If you’ve ever wondered how you’d look as a Disney or anime character, artist Robert DeJesus can give you a good idea. He takes photographs and sketches them into cartoons (this includes pets). He is taking commission requests over on his DeviantArt page and also has a YouTube channel where he shows you how he draws different characters.

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