Pixar’s newest movie Inside Out already looks like will have that mix of adorable, comedic, and serious that we’ve come to appreciate from Pixar.

It’s the adorable that really comes into play with these new Funko POP!s of Riley’s inner feelings; Anger, Joy, Despair, Sadness, and Fear.

I want all of them.

You can get a better look at them along with the trailer for the movie after the break.

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dota disney 1

I’ve never played Defense of the Ancients (Dota), but I’ve seen plenty of artwork and costumes inspired by the game. The character designs are the kind that make an impression, but as much as I like them, I prefer artist Igor Artyomenko’s Disney-esque illustrations of the game’s heroes.

He’s drawn a Windrunner, Lina, a Crystal Maiden, and a Drow Ranger as though they were characters in a Disney animated film. Specifically, they’re based on the facial models used in modern Disney movies like Frozen and Tangled. I really want the Windrunner’s entire outfit as seen in the above picture.

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Gaston is know for being something of a blowhard who is all talk with absolutely no substance. This point was recently proved by a little girl who really put him in his place at Disney World.

Now a new challenger has stepped forward to take Gaston on in a push-up contest. Okay, so this time, he might actually have what it takes to back up all his manly man claims.

See the video after the break.

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Plus it’s super expensive!

The fact that I just had to string all those words into one headline has me wondering if I should have stopped drinking before I sat down at the keyboard today. Nope. Completely sober. This is a real thing that you can buy, if you’re so inclined.

It’s a 12″ tall, hand-painted, resin statue of a scantily clad woman with a Boba Fett helmet with Mickey Mouse ears. Her boots and gloves also have claws so she’s also part werewolf? Hey, to each his own.

Product Page ($239 via Topless Robot)

frozen funko 3

No one is ever going to let Frozen go. Ever. The animated film is still raking in merchandise dollars, and because Funko is smart, they’re releasing another series of brand new Frozen Pop! figures. You’ll be able to get young Elsa and Anna, coronation Elsa and Anna, and a summer version of Olaf (don’t worry, it’s not a big puddle). They’re all as cute as you’d imagine.

Besides the normal size figures, Funko’s also releasing a series of Mystery Minis. I want to buy the entire box of them!

Pre-order now to receive the new Frozen figures in February or March.

Check out the rest of the new figures after the break.

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chewbacca journal

Record your deep thoughts and/or musings about The Force Awakens trailer in this Chewbacca journal or “Wookiee Book” from the Disney store. The spiral bound design features lined paper and is covered in faux fur and a plastic bandolier. The best part? The journal emits a Wookiee growl when opened.

See the inside of the journal after the break.

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hobbit cottage 1

If you live in Los Angeles and can afford $2,595 a month for rent, you could live in a cottage that looks like it’s right out of a storybook. This cozy home was created by Disney artist Joseph Lawrence and is known as “The Hobbit’s House.” It’s listed on Craigslist with plenty of photos and has features such as a stone fireplace, stained glass windows, ponds, and a bar. It doesn’t look huge (it’s just two bedrooms and one bath), but it’s oozing with charm.

More photos of this magical looking abode after the break.

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frozen snowflakes 1

Frozen hit theaters at this time last year, and the animated film is still insanely popular. If you’re embracing Frozen fever, you might want to let it go and cover your tree and/or home in paper snowflakes featuring Olaf, Anna, Elsa, Hans, Kristoff, Marshmallow, and Sven! These beauties were designed by Anthony Herrera, also known for being the creator of these amazing Star Wars paper snowflakes.

You’ll need a sharp X-acto knife, patience, and a printer to create these chilly pieces of art. However, the pattern is completely free to download.

See the other Frozen snowflake designs after the break.

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Using Disney characters to divine the future is more popular than you’d think. We featured some Disney-themed tarot cards earlier this year, but artist Julian Rivera has put a fresh and beautiful spin on the idea. Julian shared four of her Disney tarot card designs so far, and He’s chosen Ariel (and a dinglehopper) to represent The Empress card, Snow White as The Fool, Ellonwy as The Magician, and Kida as The High Priestess.

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Elsa and Jack

You know we like our crazy movie theories around here and this side by side comparison of Disney’s Frozen and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining by blogger Mary Katherine Ham makes some pretty interesting points.

In her scenario, Frozen characters and locations coincide with characters and locations in The Shining both in temperament and design.

Head after the break to get the basics on the theory.

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