Maker Bob Clagett was hired to build a pair of giant lightsabers for a holiday display and the results are pretty fantastic. Just the thing to pair with that giant inflatable Jabba you bought for the lawn.

If you’d like to make some giant lightsabers for your own home, you’ll be glad to hear that the process was actually pretty straightforward. Plus, the entire build was documented in the short video below.

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crazy tentacle

“I appear to have invented a knife wielding tentacle”.

The kind of person that can utter that statement with a deadpan delivery is very dangerous. Something tells me that YouTuber outaspaceman in on his way to becoming a supervillain (if he’s not shredded by his own creation that is).

Check out the video after the break…

nasa arcade

Imgur user scoodidabop of Paradox Arcade Systems specializes in refurbishing and building custom arcade cabinets—like this very cool NASA-themed version he built for the Houston Arcade Expo this past weekend.

The build is a real work of art. If you’d learn more about how it was built, check out the following gallery:

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wake up machine

Simone Giertz decided that the most effective way to wake up in the morning is to have an alarm clock that slaps her in the face repeatedly with a rubber arm. To make it happen, she picked apart a clock, wired it to an Arduino UNO and controlled it via a 165 rpm brushless DC motor through a relay.

As you’ll see after the jump, the Wake-Up Machine may work too well. Not only did it smack Simone in the face, but it also ate her hair. That being said, watch out for some nsfw language.

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Last month we checked in on the real-life Star Wars Dejarik “Holochess” table being built by Ian Martin. It was shaping up to be something very special, and the finished table is just as spectacular as we imagined.

Martin posted a video that highlights all of the various features of the table—along with an update on the extremely awesome augmented reality version of the game.

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catan board

Redditor hachi6 turned some blank wooden Catan hexs, clay and paint into the stunning board you see here. Flipping the table in a rage would be unthinkable.

And wait till you see the sheep up close! You’ll actually want them for once.

See how it was made in the gallery after the break…

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Good lord. R2-D2 builds don’t get any better than this. Fortunately, smokeysunrise has put together a detailed gallery that explains how it was done.

And it only takes a ton of skill and a billion man hours to complete! Check out the gallery after the break…

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ricks portal maker prop

Rick and Morty may have started out as a spoof on Back To The Future, but the show has created a phenomenon of its own. I think it’s safe to say that Rick and Morty is the best sci-fi/animated show on television right now.

Dave Dalton from Hammerspace in Kansas City, Missouri is a big fan. Dave has built his own version of Rick’s portal gun complete with coordinates back to his home planet. He also does a pretty good Rick impression when he’s demonstrating.

Check out the video after the break to see it in action.

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Engineer and Thingiverse user John Lawrence used his 3D printer to create a simple and effective device to save his toilet paper from becoming a feline plaything.

His aptly named “Kitten Proof Toilet Paper Guard” is basically a plastic cover with a sliding door that is installed over a roll of toilet paper. While easily opened by humans, it exploits the cat’s greatest weakness—a lack of opposable thumbs.

The device can be printed in four parts and is easily assembled, as demonstrated in the video after the jump.

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Inspired by Mass Effect, Instructables user eggfooyoung decided to make a serious rubber band gun modeled after the M-6 Carnifex. He notes:

“Ever since I was a kid I have always wanted a rubber band gun. Growing up, my parents would never buy me one because they were afraid I would hurt myself. Now that I’m an adult, I’m old enough to make my own!

As an avid Mass Effect fan, I decided this would be a great opportunity to make one based on it. Not only is it a fun toy, but also a great prop for fans!”

Basing the design off of an M-9 rubber band gun created by YouTuber RBguns, he used a laser cutting machine to create the frame and etching details. Plus, the 13-step instructional PDF is free to download if you want to make one yourself.

Check out more pics of this rubber band shooting M-6 Carnifex after the break.

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