Post updated to credit the Stargate creator/groom:

Ian Milward spent weeks building a Stargate for his wedding and I think it was absolutely worth it. This amazing ring is measures 12-feet in diameter and is unbelievably detailed with constellations and LEDs. And there’s a pretty cool story behind it as well:

“They first met working at the same lumber and hardware store, and connected because of a mutual love of Stargate. About a year into their relationship, they were watching the episode where Jack and Sam get married in front of a gate, and she said that would be pretty awesome, so six years later he remembered that and did it.”

Check out more images (especially the impressive nighttime view) of the Stargate after the break.

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Fangirl BrittLiv reinvented her original “sliced” illusion table to pay tribute to her favorite comic character. Using an Ikea lack table and a few other bits, I’d say this table is certainly a success.

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Redditor and father hahabird posted photos of the awesome life-size glowing Minecraft block he made for his son’s birthday. Since the blocks in the game are about one meter, he decided to build one side of a cube true to scale. Then he added color-changing LEDs which can be remote controlled. The entire project took about a week in his spare time and only cost $85 in parts and paints.

His son’s reaction was absolutely perfect:

“At 7 this morning: “DADA! This is super cool! Come see! It can change colors! Look: redstone! Diamond! Lapus lazuli!” A few minutes of sitting in front of it staring, interspersed with the occasional “Wow! Sooooo cool.”

Then he asked where I got it (he should really know better by now). “I made it.” “How?” So we looked through the album as I explained each step.

Now we’re eating cupcakes for breakfast, because birthday.”

Well done Minecraft Dad. Click below to see the entire DIY project gallery…

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When I get a real house, adding a secret doorway like this is at the top of my list of renovations. Redditor BaconJacobs recently completed this hidden bookcase doorway that leads to a badass smoking lounge.

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While NASA’s Curiosity Rover is exploring Mars, explore your home planet with this bite-sized 3D printed version. NASA’s latest downloadable 3D print file includes both simple and complex versions. And this is just part of their collection of models which also include 3D print files for asteroids, satellites, and telescopes.

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rocking speeder bike

Y’know, I love my parents and I’m very happy wth who I am, but some part of me wishes I could have been born as this baby girl. Awesome dad and Instructables user Tez_Gilmer made this The 74-Z Speeder model from Return of the Jedi for his daughter’s first birthday and I am super jealous right now.

See Also: AT-AT Rocker And Tauntaun Rocker

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monkey hunt

Ben Millam has a cat named Monkey and this self described “aspiring geek” was looking for a to give his beloved cat a more fulfilled life. Monkey has the instinct to hunt for his food, so he created a machine that trades food for RFID tagged balls Millam hides around the house.

This all started after I read an explanation of why cats go about repeatedly exploring the same areas: it’s partly to establish and survey their territory, but they’re also practicing ‘mobile’ hunting: moving about, being curious, and poking their noses around in the hopes of upsetting potential prey and finding a meal.

See the system in action after the break.

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Oh yeah, rubber band wars at the office got a level up with this 3D printed rubber band sentry gun. Forget the old days of finger flicking rubber ordinance at your cubicle foe. This gun, created by 20-year-old Kevin Thomas of Switzerland, is constructed from 3D printed parts, an Arduino Mega and servo-motors to control motion. It can find targets and fire upon them automatically using software from Project Sentry Gun.

His final gun design, which was first inspired by the Automatic Rubber Band Blaster, is available for download on Thingiverse. So now you can defend your cubicle while on an away mission to the breakroom.

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smartphone hologram

With a few household items and this instructional video, you can make any smartphone into a hologram projector. All you need to do is cut four trapezoid shapes from an old CD case (if you can find one!), tape the edges together, and place on top of your smartphone while a hologram specific video is playing. The images literally pop into 3D mode in the center of the plastic viewer.

So put down those boring old apps and check out this awesome DIY project after the break. 

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alien stone main

Xenomorphs are scary. Xenomorphs with a mouthful of fire? Terrifying.

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