tom baker scarf 1

Tom Baker’s colorful scarf makes the perfect addition to the decor of any home, and the creative folks at Our Nerd Home applied the design to a rug. They got the runner carpet at Home Depot and used acrylic and latex paints to add the stripes; they finished the ends by crocheting on yarn fringe. It’s simple and rather perfect for any Whovian, especially Fourth Doctor fans.

See some WIP pictures after the break.

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wolverine claws

As part of his Wolverine cosplay, Imgur user makeitifyoubelieve made himself fiberglass claws from scratch and helpfully documented the entire process along the way.

It’s pretty amazing to watch them materialize as you scroll through the image gallery. I sure wouldn’t want to get clipped with those suckers. They look sharp!

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baby dancing groot flower

If you saw the homemade dancing Groot we posted recently and wanted one of your own, Patrick Delehanty has posted pictures and details on how it was made.

It’s a perfect example of what happens when know-how meets imagination, and the fact that Patrick’s sharing his DIY hints with others is very Groot of him.

The picture above represents what baby Groot started life as. Head after the break to see some of the in-progress shots.

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adventure time chair

Oh my glob, this is the best chair restoration ever. Redditor reallylovely spotted a beat up chair at an antique shop and immediately saw an opportunity to turn the back of it into Finn from Adventure Time. She did an incredible job and explained the process:

I cleaned, sanded, primed then painted the design with acrylics. I also added a few coats of glow-in-the-dark paint to his hood and his socks. Then I sealed it about four times. For the seat, I used felt, and hand-embroidered the details of Jake’s face. For the dream bubble, I used a small piece of Adventure Time printed fabric which I bought online. After this photo was taken, I added a clear plastic layer to the seat to protect the design and allow it to actually be used as a chair (but I mostly made it as art).

She got the chair for only $20 and says she’d accept a considerable amount of money for the finished product. I’m guessing someone is going to give it to her.

See a work in progress photo with a sketch after the break.

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thwomp 1

Thwomps might have villainous intent, but the spiked cinder blocks still manage to be a little cute. Instructables user mactothefuture made a replica of the Thwomp from Super Mario Bros. using a mold box and casting the block from concrete. I wouldn’t call it a simple process, but all the details are there if you’d like to try to make your own!

Check out more photos of the Thwomp after the break.

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When you make props for a living, you can dream big. Builder Shawn Thorsson has had making a life-size ED-209 from RoboCop on his bucket list, and he recently checked it off and revealed his creation at the Bay Area Maker Faire. He spent about three months on the Enforcement Droid, and it’s insanely detailed. It moves, has audio (it warned passersby they had 30 seconds to comply), and every piece is painted and weathered perfectly. Wow.

See the robot in action in the video after the break.

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inflatable death star

Love May the 4th? So does Caleb Kraft. To celebrate the holiday, he made a giant inflatable Death Star. He started with a 12-foot beach ball and used it to make a pattern from fabric. Basically, he made a giant pillowcase for the ball and painted it with Death Star shapes. Though it definitely looks time consuming and you’ll need space, it’s a straightforward project. You can make your own and start taking over the galaxy soon!

Watch and learn in the video after the break.

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functional stargate 1

Itching to take a trip across the galaxy? One of the fastest ways to travel would be by transporting through a stargate. The device seen in the film of the same name and SG-1 can connect to other gates across the galaxy; all you have to do is dial a working phone number and jump into a wormhole. Bam. Though this miniature stargate by YouTuber TheEnchantedBeer won’t provide instant transport, it does light up and move.

The creator built it for a Hack a Day project from polypropylene sheets, a cutting board, an Arduino Uno, and a few more odds and ends. All the details had to take a while to get just right, but the light and motion tests already look good. I can’t wait to see the completely finished project.

See some close-up photos and watch a video after the break.

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bean bag throne 1

Want to bring a little taste of King’s Landing into your home? Nerd by Night has come up with a way to turn the Iron Throne into the most epic bean bag chair ever. You’ll have to put in time and effort to create this throne and steps include painting the fabric, sewing it into place, and stuffing it with foam and bean bag beans. But at the end of the day, all the sweat and tears are going to be completely worth it.

See the chair in use after the break.

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claptrap 1

As far as robots go, Claptrap isn’t exactly the smartest or most awesome. The character from Borderlands does manage to be pretty cute though – I mean, he has beatboxing skills for goodness’ sake. The folks over at Our Nerd Home are such fans of the little guy that they made a Claptrap trash can. Functional geeky projects for the home are the best.

They created a tutorial for you to follow along and build a Claptrap disposal unit of your very own. You’ll have to round up quite a few supplies like a step-on trash can, cables, and cardboard, but the end result looks like it’s well worth the trouble.

See the trash can in action after the break.

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