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You never know when you’re going to discover another nerd in your daily travels. Case in point: this note was left by a mechanic who worked on thetraciwho‘s car. Apparently, her car is adorned with all sorts of Doctor Who stuff, and the mechanic noticed. Clearly, he too is a Whovian which gave rise to the most brilliant customer note any mechanic has ever left ever.

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The look of the Cybermen continues to evolve, but the writers behind Doctor Who still can’t find a way to make them truly terrifying. This concept art would help—it shows them with a much creepier look that, in some cases, emphasizes their former existence as humans.

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lego who regeneration

Matt Smith regenerated into the Twelfth Doctor at the end of last year. While I like Peter Capaldi, Smith was my Doctor and Doctor Who just isn’t the same without him. This CGI LEGO re-creation of the regeneration scene by YouTuber BlobVanDam goes through the raggedy man’s last few moments scene by scene with some comedic embellishments. There isn’t any dialogue but none is needed.

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thrift store painting - tardis

Artist Dave Pollot gives paintings he finds in thrift stores a new life. A cooler and geekier life. We first saw his creations earlier this year, and he’s still hard at work transforming plain ol’ landscapes into works of science fiction. His gallery of redone oil paintings includes a TARDIS in a quiet scene, Dr. Zoidberg on a beach, Chewbacca in a forest, and more. I’m in love with his reimagined art.

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Doctor Who Series 8 posters

Season eight of Doctor Who hasn’t been all that amazing as far as I’m concerned but, thankfully, that is not the case for posters inspired by the episodes. Artist Stuart Manning created an impressive piece of art for each episode of the series for Radio Times. They have a retro vibe and include some lovely typography. The best news? They will eventually be for sale individually and as a set.

(Big Chief Studios via Topless Robot)


As we revealed over the weekend, LEGO is set to produce a Big Bang Theory set. Unfortunately, two of the sets that it was up against for approval were Doctor Who-themed. Don’t worry though! If you watched the announcement video through to the end  you would have learned those two sets aren’t dead yet. Lego Ideas team member Peter Espersen notes:

This review period featured two Doctor Who concepts, and the LEGO Review Board is evaluating them. We’ll let you know when we decide whether or not one will be produced as a LEGO set.

Yes! This seems to indicate that the licensing issues over Doctor Who have been worked out and that the Lego people are just trying to decide which set they should produce. Their current choices are a set called Doctor Who by GlenBricker or a set called Doctor Who and Companions by AndrewClark2, both of which look great. They should just make it easy on themselves and build both because you know every Whovian out there would be more than happy to own two sets.

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capaldi video

Ross Goodall recently shared an amazing video that Peter Capaldi recorded for Goodall’s nine-year-old autistic son Thomas. The boy had just lost his nanny, and Capaldi sent the video as the Twelfth Doctor to let Thomas know he wasn’t alone and that the Doctor and Clara appreciate him being on their side. Goodhall says it really helped Thomas deal with his grief. Pardon me, I think I’ve got some dust in my eyes.

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Doctor Who teaching

Syracuse University is taking a step into time and space by offering a Doctor Who class next semester. The director of the online masters in communications program at the college, Anthony Rotolo, is making the Who study available as an independent study class. That means it doesn’t exactly count as credit, but students can petition to make their education about the Doctor count towards their degree. It’s described thusly:

#WhoClass will feature a series of entertaining and informative lectures from Professor Rotolo spanning the whole of Who history. Rotolo’s unique teaching style involves the use of real-time Twitter and interactive polling during lecture as well as live screenings of media content. Those attending the live class sessions on the Syracuse University campus will need to keep their smartphones and sonic screwdrivers at the ready.

Those who cannot attend the live version of the course are invited to join #WhoClass in our MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). By joining us online, you will get all the same content as the students on campus, and you will be part of the same discussions and online community, too! No matter where you are in the Universe, you can be a part of #WhoClass.

The course will feature screenings of classic and recent Doctor Who episodes presented in the live class with interactive discussion. Online students will screen content at home. We will also view and discuss rare clips and lost stories, sample Who foods (would you like a Jelly Baby?), give away prizes in our trivia games and a lot more. #WhoClass is a whole new way to learn about and experience Doctor Who, whether you are a longtime “Whovian” or you’re looking for a crash course on The Doctor and his travels in time.

You can register for the class and read much more about what it entails on Rotolo’s website.

(The Daily Orange via Nerdist)

weeping angel christmas topper

Halloween is behind us so if you really must start planning for Christmas, you may as well go ahead and think about what you’ll put on top of the tree this year. ThinkGeek has one option for you: a Weeping Angel! You won’t be able to blink for the entirety of the holiday season, but that’s a small price to pay to have a touch of Doctor Who upon your tree.

Product Page ($19.99)

tardis bed 2

I have no idea who actually built this bed, but I do know I want one and I want it now.

Seriously, the BBC needs to license this TARDIS bed and sell it at Ikea or something. Because I need it in my life.

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