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David Tennant, aka the 10th Doctor, won the Special Recognition award at the National Television Awards last week. Basically, this award goes to someone who’s just plain awesome. Tennant definitely fits the bill.

The award is great, but his reaction is even better. He has no idea he’s getting the award so when his father and colleagues like Catherine Tate and Billie Piper start singing his praises in a video montage, Tennant is visibly overcome. You might get a little choked up yourself.

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david tennant bird

David Tennant is narrating a new BBC One series titled Pets – Wild at Heart. The documentary shows the “wild side” of pets and looks at everything from dogs, to hamsters, to talking birds. One preview for the show stars a clever talking budgie named Disco; he knows several choice phrases including “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?” Also, Disco is a Time Lord. He even notes that his cage is bigger on the inside. I hope the owners taught Disco that line specifically because the Tenth Doctor is narrating the episode.

The show premieres on BBC One on January 21st.

Watch the budgie video and more Tennant-narrated previews of Pets – Wild at Heart after the break (the hamster one is especially amusing)…

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The Doctor sometimes reminds me of Dr. Seuss’ The Cat In The Hat. The character is mysterious and nonsensical, and many of the Time Lords we know on Doctor Who have those qualities. Artist DrFaustusAU has come to the same conclusion and drawn all 13 of the Doctors as though they were characters in Dr. Seuss books. I think the Fourth Doctor in particular would fit right in.

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CES brings out all the coolest gadgets, and these wireless speakers from Massive Audio are no exception. They work with an iOS or Android app and can be paired together so you could have a small fleet of Daleks playing your favorite tunes. The design is wonderfully detailed and even includes a glowing blue Dalek eye and a lit TARDIS light.

Even better, there are sound effects so you get 6 TARDIS noises and the Daleks will yell “Obey!” and “Exterminate!” jut like the real deal. There are also two different TARDIS-themed headphones and, if you were at the show, there was a life-size Dalek roaming about the booth blasting tunes.

According to Mashable, Pricing will be $120 for the TARDIS speaker or $150 for the Dalek with a “Dalek Sec” variant that’s black for $120. Headphones will run for $60 wired or $120 wireless. Expect to see them go on sale in late spring.

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dalek - sailor moon

I’ve yet to be scared by Daleks in Doctor Who. They’re clunky, and unless there are large quantities of them closing in, I’m not impressed. I do appreciate their iconic design though, and Kelly, a.k.a. egyptianruin on DeviantArt, has mashed the Doctor’s enemy together with some cute characters – like Sailor Moon! Daleks look good with blonde hair. Who knew?

This and other 2.5 inch Dalek figures by Kelly were made from polymer clay and hand-painted. She created them for MAGFest a few years ago.

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nerd viewing party

We have a fun update on our story about LeAnn Moder and the TARDIS that earned her a letter from her Homeowners Association.

After receiving the letter, LeAnn decided that, instead of putting her TARDIS away, she’d host a Doctor Who viewing party instead.

We also have a little bit more info on LeAnn’s HOA and the overall reaction to the letter she received. While some people on the internet got a bit outraged (outraged on the internet? NEVER!), LeAnn herself isn’t upset at all. In fact, she loves her neighborhood. She’s taken all of this in stride and with good humor.

All in all, I’d say things worked out pretty well and, as it turns out, Pinellas County, FL has some pretty devoted Who fans.

You can see her comments and pictures from the event after the break.

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sonic screwdrivers 1

The Doctor and the TARDIS have changed over the last 50 years of Doctor Who and so has this sonic screwdriver. The helpful problem-solving (and sometimes day-saving) device went from a simple design that resembled a pen to something bigger and fancier that works better as a toy.

Artist David Wildlish illustrated eight versions of the Sonic from the beginning of the series to present day and made the piece available as a print. It’s interesting to see how they’ve become more complicated as time goes on. My favorite sonic is the War Doctor’s. What’s yours?

Product Page ($22.88 via and io9)


This is an excerpt from a letter sent to LeAnn Moder who lives in Lexington, Florida. She had a full-size TARDIS built for her wedding (where are those pictures LeAnn?) and the homeowners association took issue with her having the blue box in her driveway. The expectation is that she will remove this eyesore posthaste, but her response to them is priceless. She said on her Facebook page:

I’m slightly amused by this….I maintain this is a mode of transportation, therefore I have every right to park it in my driveway.

We couldn’t agree more.

(Nerd Bastards via Topless Robot)

tardis bed 1

If you have regular visitors but would like to utilize the space in your guest room when it’s not being occupied, a Murphy bed is the way to go.  But one possible problem: they’re not cheap. When blogger Stubbs of The Stubby Thumb was put off by Murphy bed prices, she decided to make her own and to give it some Doctor Who flair. I mean, the TARDIS is possibly the best choice for a hideaway bed.

She crafted the entire bed herself and while she mentions it’s not an exact match to any of the TARDISes seen in the series, her design had to fit the space available. I think we’ll let any inaccuracies slide on this one. In fact, I hope she expands the Doctor Who theme to include the entire room.

See more pictures of the bed (including the awesome Tenth Doctor bedding) after the break.

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The Doctor has his first breakout single, or at least Kat Robichaud does with Somebody Call The Doctor. She’s clearly a big fan with the video featuring all sorts of nods to The Doctor’s various incarnations. Even the lyrics are full of references that only fans will understand. It’s a bit of timey wimey musical fun.

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