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sonic wand 1

Calling all Harry Potter and Doctor Who fans! This post is for you because it features a sonic screwdriver wand in a TARDIS-inspired wand box. I think both Harry and the Doctor would consider this creation a magical mash-up.

Both designs are by Instructables user CabbitCastle. He was asked to make a wand fashioned after the Tenth Doctor’s sonic. He created plans in Photoshop and used a lathe to fabricate the wand while the wand box was made from poster board and foam pads. He wrote thorough tutorials for each project so you can create a sonic wand and case of your very own. This craft is definitely going onto my to-do list!

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papercraft elsa

As much as I love buying prints and posters, I’m always on the lookout for different kinds of art to put on my walls. I like variety, and these incredible papercraft designs by The Paper Pony blew me away! The Etsy shop features intricate paper art inside shadowboxes, and they are highly detailed and so very, very pretty. I especially love the use of different textures. Their work features characters from Frozen, Game of Thrones (Daenerys and her dragons!), Doctor Who, Legend of Zelda, and many others. You can even commission a design if you don’t see your favorite franchise represented in their shop.

Each piece is made by hand so there will be slight variations – which I think makes this art even cooler. Turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.

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Sure, The Doctor may have his sonic screwdriver, but we 21st-century humans have something almost as good: smartphones! The only drawback is that you have to charge them frequently. But now Doctor Who fans can charge their smartphones, especially their iPhones, with this cool Doctor Who TARDIS iPhone Stand. It’s laser-etched, and is made from blue acrylic. It also holds a notch for a charger. Added bonus: you don’t need The Eye of Harmony to power this TARDIS! You’re welcome.

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capaldi filming season 8

Spoilers ahead.

Thanks to YouTuber Ryan Farrell we have some cool new behind the scenes footage from Season 8 of Doctor Who which include a look at the sonic he’s using and a new villain from the 3rd episode of the new season titled “Robots of Sherwood”.

First off, let me say Peter Capaldi looks kind of handsome in orange. Which is, in itself, amazing. I mean, it’s hard to look good in orange.

We have more thoughts and pictures as well as video of Peter Capaldi shooting on Bute Street after the break.

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sonic box 1

If you have multiple sonic screwdrivers, you have to consider how to best display and store them. RPF user 00failure has set the bar high with this fancy Time Lord box. He used MDF, a black walnut veneer, a few fixtures, and laser cut Gallifreyan symbols into the wood. The sonics are held in place with flight coast foam. It looks gorgeous whether it’s left open or closed. BBC should come up with something like this and make it available for purchase everywhere; Doctor Who fans would eat it up.

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Now that Doctor Who is a go for Lego, the concepts are starting to trickle in to Lego Cuusoo. This idea for a Doctor Who Lego Set is definitely the most promising thus far. The design is the work of Andrew Clark who has been designing video games for the last 13 years but clearly has found his true calling.

The 530-piece set would include TARDIS interior and exterior walls, interior console, street, interior base, K9 and a Dalek. He’s also proposed 2 Doctor minifigs and 2 Companion minifigs that he hasn’t quite decided on yet. His suggestion is to have one older Doctor and one newer Doctor to make all the fans happy. There’s also the possibility of a Weeping Angel and even a Cyberman.

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These dog versions of The Doctor, or Dogtors, are the work of artist Christie who has drawn them all, including the War Doctor. She didn’t just randomly pick pooches either, but tried to pick dogs that worked for each Doctor. The 4th Dogtor is especially perfect.

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This amazing Temporal Schism Doctor Who Keyblade was handmade by deviantArtist SoulessStranger. She made it as a custom order out of layered plywood that was carved by hand with chisels and a dremel. The windows were done with matchsticks and a bit of resin. While the handle and key/crown are done in silver and brass spray paint, the rest of it is entirely hand painted.

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weeping cumberbatch

(via Cheezburger)

Doctor Who monster novels

Zygons, Daleks, Weeping Angels, Sontaran, Sandminer robots, Cybermen, Mummies and Silurians—this new Monster Collection features eight Doctor Who adventures with eight iconic monsters. It’s the perfect thing to tide you over until the Peter Capaldi era begins.

The good news is that we are giving away a complete set to a lucky Nerd Approved reader! Head on past the break for all the details on how to enter.

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