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It’s been 100 years since Einstein proposed his theory of general relativity. To mark the occasion, Eoin Duffy, Jamie Lochhead and Anais Rassat created an awesome little animation that will educate you on one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of all time in a little over three minutes.

And they got the next best person to Einstein to narrate—a Time Lord.

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Looking for the perfect comforter to go with these classy Doctor Who sheets? Look no further. This comforter comes in Full, Queen, or King sizes.

Product Pages: Comforter ($69.99) / Pillowcases ($19.99)


You may have heard that Donna and The Doctor are adventuring together again in Doctor Who Tenth Doctor audio dramas. Now you can check out a sample.

They’re arguing. It’s brilliant.

We’ve also got a clip of Tennant and Tate saying nice things about each other while discussing what it’s like to work together again. Check them both out below.

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We’ve been into bedding stuff lately. For some reason, a lot of awesomely nerdy sheets and comforters have been released recently and much of it is geared towards adults. This Doctor Who set is no exception.

The design is actually pretty classy and it comes in Twin, Full, Queen, or King-sized sets that include flat sheets, fitted sheets, and pillowcases.

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A life-size LEGO TARDIS has materialized in Australia (Sydney’s Bondi Beach to be precise) as part of a promotional campaign for the country’s inaugural Doctor Who Festival. Apparently, Peter Capaldi and Billie Piper will be among those in attendance.

Let’s hope there are a lot of Aussie Doctor Who fans because they’ll need to sell a lot of tickets to offset the cost of all those bricks.

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tardis luminary2

When we last checked in with the Doctor, he was trying to cope with the problem of a tiny festive TARDIS. Unfortunately, his first attempt at a solution has only resulted in even more tiny TARDISes strewn about the lawn.

Featuring a 24-inch lead wire and 8-inch spacing, this 12-inch tall Doctor Who TARDIS Luminary Outdoor Décor is perfect for lighting the pathway to your TARDIS. Packaged in a color box. Measures 90-inches long overall.

Back to the drawing board I guess.

Product Page ($37.99)

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light up lawn tardis

The Doctor has another tiny TARDIS problem—only this time it’s festive. He had another run in with Santa and, well, things ended badly. It’s a long story.

While the Doctor sorts things out, you can use this light-up TARDIS to decorate your lawn for the holidays. We only hope that the bow can be removed so you can use it year round.

Of course, the Doctor is liable to get a bit antsy if he’s in one place for too long. Don’t be surprised if he snaps and asks you something like this…

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doctor who lego set

We said the official unveiling would be hot on the heels of this teaser for LEGO’s Official TARDIS Set, and that has turned out to be the case.

This LEGO Ideas 21304 Doctor Who set is based on Andrew Clark’s Doctor Who And Companions set. It includes a LEGO TARDIS, two Daleks, and four minifigures; the Eleventh Doctor, the Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald, and a Weeping Angel.

It’s estimated to go on sale December 1st for $59.99.

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lego tardis

“Landing soon” being the words on the Lego Facebook page update.

But that’s not the only teaser shot! Check out the second image after the break…

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Little free libraries have been popping up all over the place in a wonderful attempt to inspire kids (and adults) to read, but a Little TARDIS Library recently landed in the UK on Brighton beach and I am both delighted and super jealous! It will continue to tour the UK “sharing stories with children and young people to help promote their love of reading”.

In fact, this four-foot tall, two-foot wide Library has hundreds (bigger on the inside) of classic books including Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Secret Garden, The Hobbit, The Harry Potter series, The Chronicles of Narnia, Charlotte’s Web, and collections of Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, and Shakespeare.

If you’re in the UK, you can inquire about getting the Little TARDIS Library to visit your school, library, or park by emailing

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