This is Raiders of the Lost Bark featuring an adorable boxer puppy named Indiana Bones. It was produced and directed by Zach King and Jadon Gauthier and it is the cutest version of Indy that you will ever see. He’s got his hat and coat and whip, and the villains are all kittens because everyone knows cats are evil. There’s even a full movie poster designed by Josh Kenfield.

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terminator shower curtain

Now you can have Brian Rubenacker’s Boxer themed art in your bathroom with this Thumbprintz Terminator Shower Curtain.

It measures 71″ x 74″, is 100% polyester,with a button-hole top. They also say you can use it in other rooms besides the bathroom. Hang it on your wall like fine art!

Product Page ($49.97 via Reddit)

adventure time dogs 2

Oh my glob, tell the pups in your life to get excited because Adventure Time toys could be in their future. You can get them a Peppermint Butler chew toy, a Lumpy Space Princess rubber and rope chew toy, and even scoop up their poop with a BMO bag dispenser. Plus you can get Adventure Time scented bags to refill the dispenser. I don’t know what that scent is but I’m intrigued.

Pre-order now to receive product in November 2014.

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Michael Rooker shares a moment with James Gunn’s dog Von Spears (who was the inspiration behind the movie version of Groot). Check out the important reason why he shared it after the break…

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Pugs are cute little dogs, but now they’re up to all sorts of mischief courtesy of this Game of Thrones video that has turned them into the citizens of Westeros. Phillip and Sue Lauer have dressed up their pugs, Roxy, Blue and Bono as the Stark family, Daenerys, Tyrion and more in this adorable video.

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This short video is titled “Wally Jurassic Park” and it turns a little dog into a giant dog-osaur, if you will.

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pete and spiderman

So, here’s Instagram’s Pete the Dog dressed like Mary Jane recreating that passionate upside down kiss with Spider-Man from the film.

This is one patient dog. Good actor too. Looks great in a wig.

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ewok terrier

(via Izismile)


Hopefully taking along the family pet is part of your plan for the zombie apocalypse, but in the heat of the moment a pet might get left behind. That’s what happens to poor little Stanley the Corgi in this short by CalArts student John Cody Kim titled Steadfast Stanley. Will he find the little boy he loves, or will the zombies get him first?

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vigo the dog

(Via The Meta Picture)