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I have to admit, this video of Geraldine the TIE Pupper had me in tears. The editing is absolutely perfect. Watch it below. [click to continue…]


Artist Lily Nishita is a genius. The former Naughty Dog artist knows what people like, namely Overwatch and doggy-woggies. So what could be better than taking these two great tastes and combining them in a flavor explosion so delicious it’d take every Frito-Lay executive working ’round the clock decades to match? Nothing, that’s what.

Oh, you want proof? Sure, go ahead – check out more of Lily’s amazing work below. Then weep, as Alexander wept, for there are no more things-as-dogs worlds to conquer. Not ’til the next Blizzard game, at least. [click to continue…]


Ah, the pet adoption process. It can be nerve-wracking to say the least. But beyond the adoption fees and vet visits, most adoptions are pretty straightforward.

Unless you’re trying to adopt a virtual dog in Skyrim.

Take, for example, the case of one Patrick Lenton, who took to Twitter to share his story. Despite his (hilarious) struggle, it will make you want to play Skyrim again just to give a virtual dog a loving home.

You can read it below.

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Instagrammer Jaemy Choong has a knack for mixing real life with movie posters, especially when it comes to dogs. There’s a certain mastery in catching the picture at just the right time. Not to mention, keeping a dog in one place long enough to get the shot.

There are lots of examples below to brighten up your Monday.


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Illustrator Josh Lynch has turned Marvel superheroes into dogs. There are pugs, golden retrievers, greyhounds, and more all dressed up and ready to save the world and/or poop in your yard.

See more examples after the break.

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Jurassic World smashed records on its opening weekend, so it’s time to let the parodies roll in for our amusement. This one replaces the dinosaurs with adorable dachshunds who are hellbent on nibbling you to death.

See the video after the break.

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This is Raiders of the Lost Bark featuring an adorable boxer puppy named Indiana Bones. It was produced and directed by Zach King and Jadon Gauthier and it is the cutest version of Indy that you will ever see. He’s got his hat and coat and whip, and the villains are all kittens because everyone knows cats are evil. There’s even a full movie poster designed by Josh Kenfield.

See the movie poster and the video after the break.

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terminator shower curtain

Now you can have Brian Rubenacker’s Boxer themed art in your bathroom with this Thumbprintz Terminator Shower Curtain.

It measures 71″ x 74″, is 100% polyester,with a button-hole top. They also say you can use it in other rooms besides the bathroom. Hang it on your wall like fine art!

Product Page ($49.97 via Reddit)

adventure time dogs 2

Oh my glob, tell the pups in your life to get excited because Adventure Time toys could be in their future. You can get them a Peppermint Butler chew toy, a Lumpy Space Princess rubber and rope chew toy, and even scoop up their poop with a BMO bag dispenser. Plus you can get Adventure Time scented bags to refill the dispenser. I don’t know what that scent is but I’m intrigued.

Pre-order now to receive product in November 2014.

See another chew toy and the poop bag dispenser after the break.

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Michael Rooker shares a moment with James Gunn’s dog Von Spears (who was the inspiration behind the movie version of Groot). Check out the important reason why he shared it after the break…

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