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Dr Who Paddle

Obviously, a Whovian had this paddle custom-made to look like the Doctor’s TARDIS. The seller even commented that it was painstakingly detailed and built to be as accurate as possible. It’s a light to moderate toy, but don’t underestimate the power of TARDIS because it packs quite a sting due of its slimness.

It’s also definitely bigger on the inside. Or outside. If you know what I mean. It will have every Whovian screaming with joy.

Hit the break to get a closer look at the details on the paddle.

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Doctor Puppet

The puppet version of Doctor Who is quite the traveler. This time around, the Doctor finds himself cruising Baker Street for Sherlock Holmes.

He travels with his faithful human companion named Alissa, who documents his travels with photos.

I’ve been told that there’s a man in London who’s more clever than even me. Of course I couldn’t resist dropping by his flat on Baker Street, but no one was in. At St. Bart’s Hospital I looked high and low for the man, but never found him. Sherlock Holmes – we will meet one day!

Check out more photos from Doctor Puppet’s travel diary after the break.

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Doctor Who is a Religion

Apparently, Doctor Who has a lot more in common with some of the world’s religions than you think, and this guy’s eager to tell you all about it. From Whovians and the show’s huge remix culture to the magic screwdriver and the occasional power struggle, Doctor Who could very well be a religion.

Hit the jump to watch him make his case about Whovianism. Who knows? You might just become a believer.

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Dr. Who Venn

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TARDIS and Dalek


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I am lucky if I can manage to sew on a button, but this makes me want to learn it all. It’s the work of graverobbergirl who made this queen-sized quilt for friends as a wedding present. This hand appliquéd, hand embroidered quilt measures 92′ x 92′ and took all of her free time for about two months to create. Makes the engraved picture frames some of my friends gave me for my wedding look a little meh.

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A collection of bedtime stores delivered by Doctor Who cast members David Tennant, Alex Kingston, Christopher Eccleston, John Simm, Freema Agyeman and John Barrowman as part of the BBC’s preschool channel CBeebies have been culled from YouTube for all to enjoy.

So if you want to be lulled to sleep by the likes of the 10th Doctor and The Master, check out the selection of videos after the break.

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Sadly, the Doctor wasn’t with it. Apparently this was a prank to signal the start of the academic year at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. In case you’re wondering, part of the message on the door reads “FREE FOR USE OF HACKERS and DO NOT OPEN”. Check out an additional photo after the break.

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Say what you will about the 11th Doctor, but I’ll  bet that Matt Smith is the only one that ever got on stage and played his own theme song.

You can check him out in the video after the break playing the synthesizer with the techno group Orbital at the recent Glastonbury festival.

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Have a favorite Doctor? If so, this TARDIS boxed set certainly has him. In fact, it has all 11 incarnations of the character from William Hartnell back in the ’60s to the recently inducted Matt Smith.

If you aren’t sure who the best Doctor was, perhaps a series of one-on-one action figure deathmatches can settle the issue once and for all.

Product Page ($100/August Pre-Order)