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Could you make a noise loud enough to move someone physically? The Dragonborn in Skyrim have the ability to make the Fus Ro Dah shout that’s so powerful; it displaces people. YouTube channel Vsauce3 explored whether it was possible to replicate the Fus Ro Dah in real life. They explored the effect of the decibel rating – just volume – and realized it’s not enough. It could cause internal damage without knocking you over. So what would it take? Watch the video after the break and find out (don’t worry, you won’t be blown back from your computer).

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This beautiful 1/6th scale Dragonborn statue from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the perfect accessory for the ultimate game room. It’s cast in poly-stone then hand painted and finished in a very limited edition of just 500 pieces. Each piece is measures 16″ tall, is numbered and also comes with a certificate of authenticity. There’s an incredible level of detail as the statue was designed with fabrics and details based on in-game assets. You’ll also be able to choose how you want your statue to look on a given day by swapping out the standard arm for one holding a glowing fireball spell. Preorder now for delivery in Q4 2013.

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Gather ’round the Nord; it’s time to open presents!

This Skyrim tree by Redditor Lanarchy wins the crown for nerdy Christmas decorations this year. Doesn’t it inspire you to incorporate “fus ro dah” in all your favorite carols?

(Reddit via Gamefreaks)

The Dragonborn is fierce and, in this case, very cute. Symbiote Studios has somehow made the legendary role from Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls into a collectible that I would just pick up and cuddle if it were a plushie. Oh heck, I’d cuddle it anyways. The vinyl figure features weapons and a removable helmet.

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Back in February Bethesda, the company behind Skyrim, offered a lifetime of company games to anyone that named a child born on 11/11/11 “Dovahkiin” (aka “Dragonborn”). New parents Megan and Eric Kellermeyer answered the call.

Meet Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer.

I’m confused. Is this a parenting win or a parenting fail? And what’s going on with this beet red baby anyway—is he about to breathe fire?

(Bethesda Blog via IGN)