The Her Universe Studio Ghibli collection has a new addition, and it’s one of the best items to date. The dark green My Neighbor Totoro maxi dress features cold-shoulder sleeves, side slits and an allover Totoro, Catbus and garden print. It’s available in both regular and plus sizes. See more on Fashionably Geek

HJC has made a name for themselves by making licensed motorcycle helmets for some of our favorite fandoms. Now they’ve added Star Wars to that list.

The lineup includes Kylo Ren, Boba Fett and X-Wing pilot options—all of which are DOT approved. Currently, the X-Wing and Boba Fett models are available on Amazon. I have to say, I want that X-Wing model. Unfortunately, I’ll need to get a motorcycle first…and learn to ride it. See more on Fashionably Geek

BoxLunch has partnered with Nickelodeon for a fashion collection that will surely push some nostalgia buttons if you watched a lot of Nicktoons in the ’90s. Some of the collection is already available online, and it will expand soon to include pieces inspired by Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, Hey Arnold!, Ren & Stimpy and more.

I’m guessing you can’t wait to get your hands on an Angelica Pickles purse right? There’s even toys for pups in the collection! Preview all of the looks on Fashionably Geek

An official dress based on Disney’s Hercules is awesome right off the bat, but the pottery design makes this even better. I wonder if we can get a Megara dress at some point. See more on Fashionably Geek

Sarah aka Winter Parades Cosplay put a Viking-themed spin on Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon and managed to make the character more adorable and more badass at the same time. Check out more pics on Fashionably Geek

Costume designer Lindy Hemming has received a lot of praise for her work on Wonder Woman, but fellow costume designer Amanda Weaver will help you fully appreciate what Hemming has achieved. In a gushing series of tweets, Weaver used her expertise to break down the costumes in the film and compare them to existing pieces of Roman armor. It’s clear that Hemming sought to balance the aesthetic needs of a Hollywood film with historical accuracy—tipping the scales towards the latter to deliver believable female warriors. Check out the entire series of tweets on Fashionably Geek

Hot Topic has launched a Lilo & Stich collection that includes some cute looks for the summer in both regular and plus sizes. Check out some of the pieces in the collection on Fashionably Geek

We can’t get enough of kimono-style stuff. This particular version features a watercolor-style Ariel design that would pair perfectly with a walk on the beach at sunset. See more on Fashionably Geek

A selection of Star Wars SDCC “exclusives” have been unveiled from Her Universe and Bioworld. I say “exclusives” because Her Universe usually sells their convention items online. We also learned back in May that the Bioworld Hoth-themed bag and accessory collection will debut at SDCC before heading to retailers.

Still, SDCC will be your first chance to snag them, and if you plan to attend, I would say that these bags and that cute AT-AT raincoat should be considered for your must have list. Check out more Star Wars SDCC fashions on Fashionably Geek

Japan’s Anippon is celebrating Sonic’s 26th birthday with a pair of officially licensed, limited edition sneakers that look just like the ones Sonic wears in the games. You’ll still run slow while wearing them, but a least you’ll look good doing it. Read more on Fashionably Geek