From Fashionably Geek: Archie McPhee makes anime cosplay easier and more authentic with these crazy anime eyes glasses.

These glasses are perfect for fans, or even otaku, of Japanese animation. Slipping these on allows you to mimic the large eyes of anime characters whether you’re doing cosplay at Otakon or just talking to a fellow fan of Akira via Skype. Buy a bunch and you and your friends can act out your own anime and post it on the internet.

Speaking of otaku (or the equivalent of “nerd” in Japanese), Archie McPhee has informed us that they put “Otaku Approved” on the packaging as a nod to Nerd Approved and our sites under Nerd Approved Media. We definitely do approve!

Product Page ($4)

Babies. Animals. Kids. These are some of the cutest things in our world. When you mix costumes into the mix, the result is usually precious. Who can resist miniature capes or tiny pet hats? No one with feelings. If none of these images make you say “D’awww,” you should probably get your heart checked to make sure it’s not two sizes too small.

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Nerds like us don’t venture out all that much, but if you’re forced to leave the basement — and it’s cold outside — you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of clothing options like these that are warm, functional and stylish.

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In case you’ve forgotten, it’s the holiday season. If you’re not in the spirit yet, go watch the The Star Wars Holiday Special. That will either put you in the mood for Christmas or make you want to cry – it’s a toss-up. Christmas is only a couple of weeks away though; you don’t have a lot of time to procrastinate. We’re here to make life easier. We’ve got gift ideas from rings to shoes to shirts, and one of them will be the right gift for the geek on your list.

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Our sister site Fashionably Geek has yet another awesome contest on tap for you today. We’re giving away a pair of these $200 Vuzix Wrap 310XL video glasses to a lucky reader!

With the Wrap 310XLs you can watch movies and videos directly inside the glasses in 16:9 widescreen or standard 4:3 formats in 2D (or 3D when supported media is played). Supposedly, it’s equivalent to viewing a 55-inch screen from ten feet. Plus, an iPhone/iPad/iPod compatible cable is included.

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Our sister site Fashionably Geek has teamed up with Toykoflash Japan to offer readers the chance to win the kick-ass Kisai Rogue Touch Watch!

Like all Tokyoflash watches, the Kisai Rogue Touch features a unique, futuristic design—but this particular model also has a touchscreen display that allows you to switch settings and turn on the LED backlighting with a touch of your finger on the four zones surrounding the face.

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Love is in the air. You met the perfect person at the comic book store. You both reached for the latest issue of Hellboy at exactly the same time. Several passionate rants about the changes in the Star Wars movies, multiple discussions about the best version of Dungeons and Dragons, and one Doctor Who marathon later, you’ve decided it was meant to be. You’re taking the plunge, and you’ve decided to weave your love for all things nerdy into your wedding day. Chances are the latest issue of Brides magazine isn’t going to give you the right kind of inspiration or the best resources. Since ads for custom wedding lightsabers don’t tend to find their way into the pages of mainstream planning magazines, you have to look outside the white, lacy box. We’re here to help.

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The AT-AT Dog [Pet Cosplay]

From Fashionably Geek: Kate Mello made this awesome AT-AT costume for her dog Bones. I just hope she’s also a Jedi because Bones may try to take her out after this.

(LAIKA/house via Super Punch)

Our sister site Fashionably Geek has teamed up with Archie McPhee to give away this completely hideous Cthulhu Christmas sweater to a lucky reader! It’s a limited edition of only 500, so you feel pretty confident that no one else at the party will have a sweater more grotesque than yours.

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Here’s your first glimpse at Henry Cavill as Superman for the upcoming flick Man of Steel. You can also check out an image of him as Clark Kent sans glasses after the break—which kind of looks like Henry Cavill wearing a dress shirt and pants.

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