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It seems like Hot Toys only exists for one purpose: to drain our bank accounts. One of their newest collectibles is a quarter scale Episode VI Boba Fett. I admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the character, but I can’t deny that he’s popular with the Star Wars crowd or that this collectible figure is insanely detailed.

Fett is fully decked out in armor, accessories, and weapons. Hot Toys shared the following on their Facebook page:

The highly-accurate quarter-scale collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi featuring finely sculpted Boba Fett helmet and armor, his signature jetpack, highly detailed weapons, accessories, and a specially designed sail barge figure stand all with skillfully-applied distressed effects. A special edition will be available for selected markets and include a blaster sidearm with holster which Boba Fett has in Star Wars: Episode V Empire Strikes Back.

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This beautiful piece features Calvin and Hobbes careening down a hill in their little red wagon. It was a commissioned piece that was hand sculpted and painted by Emily Coleman. It measures 8″ tall and took her 25 hours to complete, which seems surprisingly short given the detail on the finished figure.

(deviantArt via Kotaku)


This life-sized statue of Marty McFly is the perfect present for the Back to the Future fan that has everything. It’s currently up for auction on eBay (with a buy now price of $1950) as a one-of-a-kind piece billed as being accurate to the movies. However, that’s clearly not the case. Looks like Marty was played by an older special agent Dale Cooper or something. There might even be a little bit of the original Eric Stoltz version tossed in there.

It also comes with a little Einstein the dog and his water bowl. Nope. Nope. Nope.

(via Gizmodo)


The latest SDCC exclusive to potentially empty your wallet is this shiny version of the Arkham Origins Play Arts Kai figure of Batman. From the product page:

BATMAN™: Arkham Origins depicts Batman when he first started on his path as a vigilante. We made sure to recreate the details of his youthful physique, its careful sculpting heighted by the metallic color variation. The chest area incorporates a flexible material, maintaining beautiful aesthetics and allowing for a wide range of motion. The cape is also articulated, which makes for great variation in poses, from flying through the night sky with his cape spread wide like wings, to a more dormant stance with his wings closed and stowed.

The figure measures 12.5″ wide x 2.8″ deep x 10.6″ tall with 500 units available at SDCC and then 500 allocated to online preorders that will be filled in August.

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You know, in your head, that you would be the most fantastic superhero to ever walk the planet if you had powers. The folks at You Kick Ass get that so they’ve launched a kickstarter for a line of custom superhero action figures that have your face. Each head is 3D printed to look just like the customer and then attached to one of several available bodies like Armored Man, Man on Fire, Kicking Girl, or Running Woman.

You even get to decide which powers you’ll wield and get a comic strip with your origin story. It’s already fully funded so supporting the campaign now will have you turned into a superhero when figures ship next month.

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Street Fighter my be all about fighting but these guys look to cute to hurt anyone. You have your choice of Ryu, Ken, or Chu-Li as a poseable plush figure. Each measures 12″ tall and is set to be available sometime this month. These are the first in the series, so look for more characters to come in the future.

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So the above figure of Gon, a character from the anime/manga series Hunter x Hunter, doesn’t seem all that crazy or intense right? You’re probably thinking, “What’s the big deal? I’m not blown away by this!”

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garrus toy 1

If you’re a fan of Mass Effect, you may want to start saving your dollars. Gaming Heads is releasing a line of 1/4 scale statues from the game, and their Garrus Vakarian figure is available for pre-order. The highly detailed collectible stands at 21-inches and features the character in his trademark armor and armed with an Incisor Sniper rifle. I can’t get over how good the painting on the armor looks and how much the face sculpt resembles the character.

The statues will ship at the beginning of next year. One run is limited to 1,000 pieces, and another edition also comes with the Phaeston and will only have 500 pieces.

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darth vader figure 2

Sideshow Collectibles is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi with a fantastic new figure. The 1/6 scale Darth Vader Deluxe toy has a crazy number of details. The costume is an exact replica of what you see on screen, and the figure comes with a Imperial-themed light up figure stand and a meditation chamber stand for the helmet and mask. Other features include:

Newly Developed Fully Articulated Darth Vader body
Fabric body suit and cape
Detailed armor and gloves
Head with Helmet and Mask
Additional Anakin Skywalker Portrait
Detailed chest and belt boxes with light-up features
Ten (10) Gloved hands for various gestures
Lightsaber(s): Hilt Only and Hilt with Blade
Light-up figure display base with Imperial symbol
Additional Helmet and Mask accessories with light-up Meditation Chamber display base
Sideshow Exclusive: Severed Gauntlet and Hand

Even though I’m more of a Light side girl, I can’t deny this figure is going on my wishlist. You can pre-order now to receive the Sith in January 2014.

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teddy bear girl walking dead

You never know when you’ll need to scare the crap out of someone, so get a life-sized animated version of the Teddy Bear Girl from The Walking Dead! She’s over 4 feet tall and her moves are activated by sound. She floats across the floor like a zombie, and she makes zombie sounds (of course). You could put her out for Halloween or bring her out as a surprise when you have house guests who have overstayed their welcome. Yes, I’m evil.

Product Page ($179.99)