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final fantasy vii monopoly

Final Fantasy VII is finally getting its own Monopoly game, which makes sense because it’s a perfect fit.

Details are scarce, but the description reads:

Delve into the evolving city of Midgar in search of the latest business opportunities. Perhaps you’ll buy up a string of plots for housing development for the people, or go industrial and build a Mako reactor plant.

Trade with fellow players to secure key location and facilities and watch as savvy buyers secure a big pay day. A roll of a dice and a shrewd business mind will pave your way to success…Just watch out in case Shin-ra bring your empire crashing down!

Final Fantasy VII Monopoly is available to pre-order at $49.99 with shipping slated for April 2017.

(via Kotaku)

play arts kai

There are some new gorgeous new Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy XV figures for Ignis, Prompto, Gladiolus coming in September and October.

All three figures measure W 3.5″ x D 2″ x H 11″ tall and have an SRP of $129.99-$139.99. Square Enix released a preview of the figures, which you can check out below.

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brotherhood ff

Holy crap! Final Fantasy XV is getting a five part anime series that will air for free on YouTube leading up to the game’s launch on September 30th.

Dubbed Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, the prequel series “delves into the extraordinary friendships between Crown Prince Noctis and his three comrades, setting the stage for the adventure players will set out upon in the action-packed RPG”.

And the best part is that you can watch episode one right here, right now…

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swiffergame copy

Nick Luciano has a pretty awesome Dad. He’s the kind of Dad that’s willing to look ridiculous on camera reenacting animations from popular games for laughs. In their latest video, he’s recreating all of the Final Fantasy VII summons using a Swiffer as a prop.

That’s right. His Buster Sword also busts dirt and grime.

Watch the video below.

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The loss of David Bowie has inspired fans to create all kinds of tributes to the legendary singer/songwriter as people find different ways to say goodbye. We’ve also been reintroduced to the work of amazing artists who were moved by Bowie throughout his storied career.

One of those artists was Final Fantasy and Vampire Hunter D illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. Back in 2004, Amano was commissioned to create these drawings inspired by the Thin White Duke and they, in turn, inspired The Return of the Thin White Duke by Neil Gaiman.

Check out more art from the series below.

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ff top

Indonesian artist David Adhinarya Lojaya reimagined characters from Final Fantasy with a western-style animated twist. It’s like Disney meets the FF series…wait they don’t own them yet, right?

The collection features 21 Final Fantasy characters and transports them into the world of fairy tales. Check out more artwork after the break.

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Artist ZedEdge gave a few characters from Final Fantasy VII a Disney animated makeover and I’m having all the feels about it.

He plans on recreating all the playable characters from FFVII and I’m convinced Disney really needs to make this movie now.

His collection so far includes Aerith, Cloud, Vincent, Cid, and a more modestly dressed Tifa. Check them all out after the break.

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Harrison Krix of Volpin Props continues to blow us away with his work. This time, it’s Garuda’s Spine from Final Fantasy and, man, is it gorgeous.

He’s also making the awards for the League of Legends Collegiate Championship which you can view after the break along with more pictures of the bow. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

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Man at Arms is still going strong, creating yet another in its long list of amazing weapons from games and movies. They’ve just posted their latest video featuring the creation of Auron’s Katana from Final Fantasy X. It’s a truly wicked looking blade that they use to chop up everything from melons to milk to one poor trashcan that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

See the video after the break.

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We love both The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. But what would it look like if you combined the two games? The Tumblr site Shattered-Earth gave us a glimpse into the answer with a series of logos for Zelda done in Yoshitaka Amano’s classic Final Fantasy style. I don’t know about you all, but I think it’s rather well done.

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See more examples after the break…

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