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It’s tricky to get a cup of noodles cooked properly. You can stop worrying though, some geniuses have invented a timer that will help you perfect this culinary treat. The best part about this robotic timer is that it looks like a cup of noodles. It’s like the Transformer you never knew you wanted.

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My plans for the Memorial Day holiday weekend definitely involve inviting friends and family over and firing up the grill. I might even bust out the croquet set for a game or two. Inevitably a combination of smoked meats, alcohol and the blazing sun will result in a heated argument about bonus strokes that will culminate in me hurtling my brother’s mallet over the neighbor’s fence. Good times — but I digress. The following gadgets can make your grilling party more portable, more extreme and more fun.

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Ham Solo [Image]

From That’s Nerdalicious: For lunch today, enjoy some Ham Solo. That might actually be Canadian bacon but, either way, it should be stored in carbonite to maintain freshness.

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Obviously, most of us don’t need much of an incentive to eat, but if you have kids who are picky eaters, it might help to make mealtime more fun. The following products will help you do that — well, most of the products will. I’m not going to pretend that a knockwurst-controlled pair of lederhosen has any practical value.

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We’ve been waiting since last summer to get our hands on some of Harcos Labs Zombie Jerky, and the good news is that it’s finally ready to ship. The bad news is that this stuff isn’t worth the $5 per bag price tag.

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From That’s Nerdalicious!: No need to solve this Rubik’s Cube. Just pour in a beverage and taste success without even trying.

You can still screw up though, which is why there are also coasters available to help clean up the mess.

Product Page (£9-£13 or $14-$20 via Incredible Things)

Throwing a Firefly Shindig

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You can have a spectacular Firefly themed shindig even if you don’t have a floating chandelier or a spaceship. You just need time, a lot of fabric, props, food, helpful friends, and talented folks! That’s not so hard, right? Right.

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Start your morning off with a bang thanks to a heaping helping of bacon grease smoke bomb (though it’s really more of a flare actually).

Using it as a means of escape may be problematic though, as you linger to breathe in the delicious smoke.

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From That’s Nerdalicious!: We first got wind of the official Death Star cookie jar waaaaay back in July of 2009, but it appears that the jar is finally available for sale. As you all know, it takes a lot of R&D to develop a cookie jar this complex.

Like the original Death Star, this jar has a weakness—namely a core full of cookies. One shot of milk and BOOM! It’s all over.

Product Page ($50 via Gamefreaks)

From That’s Nerdalicious!: The series Ace of Cakes may be coming an end, but Charm City Cakes is still cranking out some real epic work—like this Stay Puft vs Ghostbusters cake for the wedding of two nerds named DonnaMarie and Ricky.

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