do you wanna

Kylo as Elsa and Hux as Anna makes me grin.

Fortunately, Tumblr user and artist PannaN went on to create more amazing Frozen Wars mashups.

All I can suggest is that you just let it in. Or, you know, let it go.

Check out more examples below.

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What’s In The Booooooooox?


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Fans of Frozen will be excited to hear that their favorite characters–namely Anna, Olaf and Elsa–are getting ready to take to the skies and see the world. Calgary-based WestJet airlines recently debuted their new Frozen-themed passenger plane.

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Featuring detailed pictures of Olaf on the fuselage (why is the snowman sunning himself?) and Elsa and Anna on the plane’s tail, the jet also features cool Frozen-themed decor on the interior (including the lavatories).

Take a closer look with additional pictures and a video after the break…

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Harley Quinn’s Frozen parody entitled “Do You Wanna Kill the Batman?” has finally been given life by animator Michael Smith. Using the song from Sydney Amber and Hesychia7, he animated a very expressive Harley Quinn singing to the Arkham prison door that holds the Joker.

The video also showcases the animation progression breakdown and a cameo from a special guest at the very end.

Watch Harley’s voice come to life after the break.

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frozen feels

As if I couldn’t love Kristen Bell any more.

Bell recently got into character as Anna to leave a voicemail for one of her biggest fans. Six year old Avery Huffman was recently diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma which is an inoperable brain tumor. Her parents have been documenting her battle on CaringBridge and with the hashtag #AveryStrong and caught the attention of Bell. In the voicemail, Anna appoints Avery as an “Honorary Princess of Arendelle.”

I think I have something in my eye. Check out Avery’s reaction to the voicemail after the break.

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The old Maelstrom ride at Epcot in Walt Disney World is being replaced by Frozen Ever After next year, and Disney has released the first details about the ride. It will be set in Arendelle during summer with Olaf and Sven preparing for a Winter Festival. Guests will see the trolls and hear the story of Anna and Kristof’s first meeting. Naturally, it will all end with Elsa singing Let it Go from her ice castle balcony.

Get a full breakdown of the ride in the video after the break…

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world of color star wars

Disneyland debuted its new “World Of Color – Celebrate!” show in a press event earlier this week, and it included sequences from Frozen and Star Wars.

The latter starts with Star Tours and ends with…well, I’ll let you see for yourself.

Watch the full show and individual clips of the sequences after the break…

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Japanese teenager Rena Rena drew a beautiful version of Frozen‘s Elsa on the chalkboard at school and it went viral in Japan. It’s been several months since a photo of her work made the rounds and now she is a paid professional. She just made the cover to the latest book by fantasy author Miyuki Miyabe.

The new book, The Castle of Kingdom Gone, is about to be released and it has a gorgeous drawing created by Rena Rena as the jacket art. It features a beautiful castle in the same style as the chalkboard art she drew at school.

See more pictures, including the jacket cover, after the break.

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frozen funko 3

No one is ever going to let Frozen go. Ever. The animated film is still raking in merchandise dollars, and because Funko is smart, they’re releasing another series of brand new Frozen Pop! figures. You’ll be able to get young Elsa and Anna, coronation Elsa and Anna, and a summer version of Olaf (don’t worry, it’s not a big puddle). They’re all as cute as you’d imagine.

Besides the normal size figures, Funko’s also releasing a series of Mystery Minis. I want to buy the entire box of them!

Pre-order now to receive the new Frozen figures in February or March.

Check out the rest of the new figures after the break.

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frozen snowflakes 1

Frozen hit theaters at this time last year, and the animated film is still insanely popular. If you’re embracing Frozen fever, you might want to let it go and cover your tree and/or home in paper snowflakes featuring Olaf, Anna, Elsa, Hans, Kristoff, Marshmallow, and Sven! These beauties were designed by Anthony Herrera, also known for being the creator of these amazing Star Wars paper snowflakes.

You’ll need a sharp X-acto knife, patience, and a printer to create these chilly pieces of art. However, the pattern is completely free to download.

See the other Frozen snowflake designs after the break.

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