deadpool fabrikation

Need more adorable toys? Of course you do! Funko’s just announced their Fabrikations collection and it offers a different kind of toy: a plushie that has the qualities of an action figure. The soft sculpted figures stand on their own, have rotating heads, and come with vinyl accessories. For example, Deadpool gets swords and Yoda gets a lightsaber.

The toys are definitely cute, and I like the idea of putting stuffed figures on my shelves next to my other collectibles. So far the Fabrikations line includes characters from Marvel, Star Wars, and DC Comics. You can pre-order Deadpool, Yoda, Batman, and more for an estimated ship dates between April to August.

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grump of thrones

Grumpy Cat and Game Of Thrones were both at SXSW this week and we’ve finally learned who was meant to rule Westeros.

Luckily for us, there are pictures of this event and we ended up with some pretty awesome shots of Grumpy Cat meeting the Funko POP! versions of Dany, her dragons, and Ned Stark.

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dragon pop funko 1

The sequel to the popular How to Train Your Dragon doesn’t hit theaters until June, but plenty of merchandise is already rolling out. It’s hard to resist so many cute Toothless toys! Funko POP! is adding more items to my wish list with their take on characters from the movie. Their line-up includes Toothless (of course), Hiccup, Astrid, Stormfly, Hookfang, and the two-headed Barf and Belch. You’ll be able to scoop up the collectibles in April.

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magic the gathering pop funko

Funko has a knack for taking characters to the next level of adorable with their Pop! line, and they’ve definitely used their skills on these Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker figures. Funko just announced the new licensing agreement with Wizards of the Coast and besides the cute Pop! toys, they’re also releasing a line of action figures featuring over 20 points of articulation. So fancy!

The first series of Magic toys will be out in April and feature the following characters: Jace Beleren, Garruk Wildspeaker, Chandra Nalaar, Liliana Vess, Ajani Goldmane and Nissa Revane. The deluxe figures will be available starting in August. I’m seriously drooling over the Goldmane design. Why must Funko try to take all my money?

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I can’t confirm this 100% because I didn’t see the catalog personally, but we have this picture of the new Funko catalog from this weekend’s Toy Fair and that sure looks like our Big Damn Heroes in Funko POP! style.

Little POP! Heroes? I don’t know what you call them. I just know that it’s shiny and must be mine.

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ghostbusters funko pop 1

It’s only Feburary, and the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters is already proving to be awesome. The official Ecto-1 LEGO set has been announced, and now we’re getting cute Funko POP! figures. The exaggerated, almost chibi style look works for both the Ghostbusters and the ghosts. The series of five toys includes Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Slimer. You can pre-order now for an estimated release date of Q2 2014.

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Funko has given you another toy to fill your craving for all things Game of Thrones. This time it’s a series of 24 mystery minis. Each figure measures 2.5″ tall and comes in varying rarities including super-rare and glow versions.

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got figure 9

Funko POP! has a new series of Game of Thrones figures to add to your collection. Series three includes so many adorable characters that it’s going to be hard not to just buy all of them. You can pick from Brienne of Tarth, Joffrey, Hodor, Drogon, Tywin, Ygritte, Ghost, Tyrion, and even wedding outfit Dany. Every figure but Dany is available January 14th, and Daenerys is available February 18th (varies by retailer). Think about how much fun you could have acting out scenes with the little toys!

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Prepare yourself for the return of Loki in Thor: The Dark World with a Funko miniature of a hammer-wielding Thor. The little superheroes are roughly 4-inches tall, cost about $10 and should be available soon. If you think about it, that’s a pretty good deal considering that you can have the son of Odin watch your stack of TPS reports 24/7. Exciting stuff!

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funko adventure time 1

Are you ready for more adventures? Funko Pop Vinyl is extending its Adventure Time collection this fall with new characters that are sure to make you smile. They released round one earlier this year, and apparently it was successful enough to warrant another set.

This new series includes Fionna, Cake, Gunter, Lemongrab, BMO, and Princess Bubblegum. In other words, they are all awesome and you’ll probably want to add them to your collection.

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