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3D printing has already reached its zenith.

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eyes on tree

Twitter user @Ohhpe managed to escape it’s clutches, but someone else might not be so lucky.


It’s hard to keep track of the names of all the Smash Bros. characters, but it’s even harder to guess their names if you don’t play the game. David Melnarik decided he’d ask his mother to do just that.

You have to give her credit because she does know some of them, but things quickly go off the rails as she completely makes up names based on their looks. Tail-on-Fire dragon and Wide-Hipped Robot are particularly good and ought to have the powers-that-be considering official name changes.

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assassins revew top

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bathroom hogwarts

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Spelling is important and these movie titles with one letter missing are the proof. The new movie names were all submitted on reddit and then artist Austin Light created brand new movie posters for these entirely different films. We kind of love the idea of Finding Emo, Pup Fiction, and Harry Otter. His designs have gone over so well that he’s now selling them as t-shirts and prints.

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thanos as a dad

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And by “better tomorrow”, I mean one that involves being subjugated by an evil, megalomaniac robot. Hooray?

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If you’ve seen our BatDad coverage, you know he’s a lot of fun. Heck, BatDad is one of my favorite things on the internet and, I’ll admit, I was starting to worry since he’s been kinda quiet lately. Was BatDad gone for good?

Never fear! BatDad is back with new adventure and multiple sidekicks. It’s fun for the whole family.

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