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cropped road signs

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actionmoviekid copy

We’ve covered Action Movie Kid’s antics before, and it looks like he’s back in… er, action. James Hashimoto (aka Action Movie Kid) is one lucky son of a gun: his dad (Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto) loves to shoot fun videos of James and then add all sorts of effects using Adobe AfterEffects to make it look like James is starring in his own action film. The end result is pretty spectacular.

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got video game

If you’re caught up on Game Of Thrones or you don’t mind spoilers, this Game Of Thrones mash up by Ozzy Man with the sound replaced by old school video game sounds is two minutes of mindless fun.

I think we can all use a little mindless fun.

Oh, I should likely mention it’s a bit NSFW due to some partial nudity. I mean, we are talking Game Of Thrones here.

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not a narnia gateway

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star wars neighbor

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shaun of the dead

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