I’m not sure if the guy in this video is a ninja, but the flying kick he launches at this arcade game is extremely impressive. While the martial arts action is cool, you don’t get to see the kick in normal speed, you don’t get to see the guy’s final score, and the quality of the video is abysmal. Bummer, I know. But I’m going to guess and say that he did get a high score… and that he probably broke the machine too.

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Yeah, losing his security deposit was totally worth it.

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elf on the shelf mandalorians

Apparently, the plot is to put more toys loyal to the Empire under Christmas trees this year. Will Santa give in to their demands?

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elf on the shelf and deadpool

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Black Friday might mean bargains for shoppers, but it’s like walking into the heat of battle for retail employees. Behold the wonder of Scott, a Target employee who gives the single most hilarious and inspirational Black Friday speech in history. This. Is. Target!

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Yes, Spidey and his kitty pal are incredibly cute together.

Hot Toys released an Amazing Spider-Man 2 Figure earlier this year that included accessories like a jacket, knit cap, backpack and a few other odds and ends. Twitter user tks1783 capitalized on the new Spidey accessories to create a photo series that portrays Spider-Man on his  day off from fighting crime. As you’ll see, when Spidey isn’t beating up baddies, he enjoys hanging with a giant cat, lounging in bed and also taking the Spider-Kid to school. It’s like he’s actually an average kind of guy, you know?

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gotg high school

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batman buddha

3D printing has already reached its zenith.

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eyes on tree

Twitter user @Ohhpe managed to escape it’s clutches, but someone else might not be so lucky.


It’s hard to keep track of the names of all the Smash Bros. characters, but it’s even harder to guess their names if you don’t play the game. David Melnarik decided he’d ask his mother to do just that.

You have to give her credit because she does know some of them, but things quickly go off the rails as she completely makes up names based on their looks. Tail-on-Fire dragon and Wide-Hipped Robot are particularly good and ought to have the powers-that-be considering official name changes.

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