zombie dentist

By now you’ve probably seen a million wisdom tooth videos featuring someone hallucinating about some crazy nonsense. But, I’ll tell you hwhat, the drama that (supposedly) unfolds when some jerky jerk brothers convince their poor little sister that the zombie apocalypse is nigh is better than anything I’ve seen on The Walking Dead or that dumb spinoff lately.

Watch it below.

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Everybody knows that dragons love to hoard gold—but it turns out they’re pretty big hoarders in general. Artist Iguana Mouth used her illustrative talents and a little creativity to imagine all the different things that dragons might possibly hoard. My favorite? It’s a tie between comic books, regular books and breakfast foods.

Not sure about panties though. Something disturbing is happening there.

Check out more examples below.

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kylo to the future

Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren is a great addition to the Star Wars universe, but YouTuber Dane Boe thinks that Ren would make a great addition to a whole bunch of other movies as well.

He edited the aspiring villain into several great movies like Back to the Future, 300 and Anchorman. He definitely has what it takes to be a newscaster in San Diego.

Watch the video below.

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How I Spend Money [Comic]

how I spend money

Priorities right? Personally, this version is pretty accurate, though “books” is interchangeable with “gadgets” and “booze”.

Check out more comics on Sarah’s Scribbles.

jon snow mustang

This GHOST Mustang is the proof. However he probably didn’t think that license plate all the way through as you’ll see below.

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Museum Humor

museum humor

Everyone knows that entomologists are the funniest of all scientists. Apparently, this joke was spotted at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

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indy bb8

Oh, it’s a trap all right. A really cute, lovable trap.

Check out the full clip below.

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sleepy d and d

The guy who was playing Khargol in this Dungeons and Dragons live stream must have fallen prey to a serious sleep spell.

We’re talking mid-game, live, face on the keyboard, down for the count snoring.

It’s an eternal slumber that even the DM is powerless against. Check out the video below.

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