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Batman London is… well, he basically describes himself as “the Batman from London.” An English answer to BatDad if you will.

We don’t really know too much about the English Caped Crusader, except that he loves to post funny clips highlighting how often The Dark Knight struggles with mundane things like dressing himself or snacking on crackers named “Rachel.”

You can watch some of our favorite clips after the break…

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sorting cone

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In terms of smartass antics on Counter-Strike, this is one of the most clever I’ve seen in a while.

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jamie dance face

The Game Of Thrones panel revealed a lot of cool stuff, but the gag reel from season 4 is one of the best. From Jamie’s Dance Face to Tywin’s potty mouth, it’s two minutes of awesome.

I’m also very glad Pedro Pascal isn’t flammable.

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Well, it looks like Texas-based Tinnus Enterprises has just created the ultimate weapon for summer water warfare. Bunch O Balloons is a hose adapter that comes with 37 water balloons that are all pre-attached. The user snaps the adapter onto a hose, and after turning the water on, the balloons all fill up at once. When the user shakes the adapter, the whole thing seals up and the user has enough balloons to wage a very damp war.

The company is currently seeking funds via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign (they obliterated their initial funding goal), and they claim that the device allows a single person to fill 100 balloons in under a minute. Now that sounds like a fun afternoon.

Check out his Kickstarter video and a sample video of the balloons in action after the break…

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If you’d like to recreate the battle of Hoth in your front yard, then you’ll need to buy this Star Wars AT-AT lawn ornament. It’s cast from resin, looks great and… no, I’m not actually sure if Dak is under there. Let’s just think about Ewoks now, shall we? Happy furry thoughts.

This lawn ornament will be available for purchase in November.

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It looks like Tumblr user Lorenzo is going to win the “good big brother” award today: he recently helped his six-year-old little sister learn about some classic video game characters from Nintendo’s popular Smash Bros. series. Lorenzo recorded his sister’s answers, and while they weren’t exactly spot-on, they were at least pretty funny and adorably cute. Oh, and her answer for Pac-Man is definitely the best.

(The Soupy Investigation via The Mary Sue)

lego recycling

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press b

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We’ve seen kid shaming, pet shaming and even D20 shaming, but thanks to a new Tumblr meme, we have Pokémon shaming — which may be the best shaming ever.

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