Luke’s X-34 landspeeder looked pretty cool, but do you know what it lacked?

Color. That bucket of bolts looked pretty flippin’ dull. So Tyler Sky decided to make a more colorful LEGO version of the X-34. He also decided to really ratchet up the cuteness factor by adding in a few space puppies.

Yes. Space puppies. You won me over, Tyler!

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Honesty, especially when it comes to communicating with children about the great wide world, is always a must. But when it comes to Star Wars, Brian Gordon’s Fowl Language comic has it pretty spot on: If a little white lie prevents a child from ever discovering Jar Jar Binks, then I don’t see the problem.

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In this clip, reporters in Japan ask an animatronic Rocket Raccoon a few questions. While I don’t speak Japanese, I believe that the Rocket robot is very annoyed with the reporters’ bothersome questions, and he threatens them. Hilarity ensues.

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ursula meets st. peter

A new webseries by Above Average imagines what might happen when St. Peter Meets Disney villains who are trying to get into heaven.

I think they may have some trouble with this, as Nicole Byer‘s Ursula The Sea Witch learns. Her idea of good and St. Peter’s (George Basil) idea of good are more than a tentacle’s length apart.

A little racy, a little irreverent, but they’ve got some solid Disney references and you won’t go to hell for enjoying it.

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Battlecat! Rawr!


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trial by ordeal

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kaiju turtle

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