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gravity poster top

Movie posters often feature a small quote from a critic two (usually something along the lines of “brilliant!” or “film of the year!”), to entice you to see the flick. But these movie posters by @AwfulReviews are on the opposite end of the spectrum: each poster features quotes from the movie’s 1-star Amazon reviews. And, wow, they’re pretty brutal—but also entertaining.

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breaking bad frozen

I don’t care if you’re tired of Frozen mash ups or Breaking Bad mashups. You will watch this video after the break and enjoy it.

Anna is the one who knocks.

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futurama truck

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An Imgur user posted some great pics of a bunch of pirated PS2 games that he supposedly came across in an Iraqi market. The covers are entertaining to say the least. Who knew that Agent Smith was such a Fallout fan?

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shirtless bigby

I don’t know how someone found this shirtless Bigby bug while playing The Wolf Among Us, but I want to know how to recreate it.

Maybe with Hugh Jackman.

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vigo the dog

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stormtrooper selfie

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Winter is Coming FB

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realisticmario copy

In Pete Holmes’ latest sketch comedy video, we finally get to see what Mario’s 8-bit world would be like if it was a little more realistic. And… Oh, God, it’s painful. I heard it snap too, Mario. I heard it snap too.

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