boring jurassic park

Though the theme park’s name sure is catchy, Jurassic Park is a bit of a misnomer. Paleontologists are quick to point out that many of the park’s residents aren’t actually from the Jurassic era. So, CollegeHumor decided to take a look at what the park might look like if it was accurately named for different geological eras. After watching it, you’ll totally understand the decision from a marketing perspective.

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payment methods edit

Obvious Plant’s Jeff Wysaski likes to mix things up at public places as he goes about his day. In this case, he added new payment options to a local store. Finally, a place where I can unload all of the pigeon hats I’ve been accruing. I’m like the Warren Buffett of pigeon hats.

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fight club for kids

This episode of the Mashable series, The Watercooler, features author Chuck Palahniuk trying to introduce his book, Fight Club, to a whole new generation. Unfortunately, Fight Club for Kids maaaaaaayyyyy get a little carried away with the violence now and then. Palahniuk can’t help himself.

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roboterminator copy

Epic Rap Battles of History is back, and it’s finally time for Robocop and Terminator to go head-to-head. These robots are programmed to drop some dope rhymes, and the clip is locked and loaded with tons of movie references.

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That stage light is definitely not a warp pipe. This dude is about to find that out the hard way.

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Take a good look at that innocent black stapler on your desk. Now watch this video and see how it terrorizes paper Sigourney Weaver.

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sonic copy

Marutaro the hedgehog calls Tambacounda, Senegal home. His owner recorded one of his outdoor adventures but, thanks to a few edits, the little guy was transformed into a real life Sonic!

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supermanbatmancafe copy

Daniel Baxter of How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) loves to poke fun at the two top dogs of the DC superhero world: Batman and Superman. In the latest HISHE video, Bruce “Do You Want To Know My Secret Identity” Wayne has a verbal tiff with with the cape-wearing Kryptonian about the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It’s on. So, so on.

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Trucks Against Humanity

cards against humanity truck

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Kerry Callen is the cartoonist behind Halo and Sprocket. He also works at Hallmark adapting cartoons into greeting cards. This image is more along those lines, and it’s something he did because it made his wife laugh. That’s good enough reason for us!

(via Kerry Callen)