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hadouken toilet

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ryan jackman

Deadpool is throwing his support behind Hugh Jackman to be “The Sexiest Man Alive” for a second time in 2015.

Between his face and that hilariously terrible impersonation, he isn’t helping. But we are entertained.

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Planning on whiling away the vast majority of this week playing Fallout 4? Well, you’re not alone. Thankfully, Pete Hines (chief spokesman for Bethesda) has got you covered.

Your entire office is about to come down with an acute case of pancreatitis.

He Tweeted out a fake please-excuse-me-from-work note that should help you to dodge your responsibilities. Just bear in mind, you’re probably going to need a level-100 speech check to make this faux-note thing actually work. But good luck!

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What’s In The Booooooooox?


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Spiders are gross and terrifying—though I’ll admit that peacock spiders are a little easier on the eyes with those awesome colors and their hilarious mating dance.

But imagine them with lightsabers.

Now imagine them coming at you with techno music blaring in the background.

Okay, stop imagining. You can actually experience it in the video after the break…

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animal guards top

You had better bring a weapon because there’s one animal guard that shouldn’t be trifled with in paw to talon combat.

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pokemath 2

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First off, if this guy was the real Darth Vader, that “hoverboard” might actually hover.

I’m guessing this is just some lowly Stormtrooper dressed like Vader for Halloween. You’ll see why after the break…

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A cop in Washington State recently busted a guy who was trying to use the HOV lane with a zombie baby riding shotgun. While slapping the driver with a $136 ticket, the cop also snapped a pic of the weirdness which was later uploaded to the Washington State Police twitter account.

According to the Washington State DOT, “Drivers can use HOV lanes whenever there are two or more people (including the driver) in the vehicle. The definition of ‘people’ is not limited by age or licensing status.”

…But it is limited by that person’s undead status apparently.

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