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Pyke, the Greyjoy castle on the Iron Islands of Westeros, is definitely on the dreary side, but LEGO artist Anu Pehrson‘s take on Pyke is remarkably beautiful. The creation even won an award at BrickCon earlier this month.

Needless to say, if I had to choose between visiting GRRM’s or Anu’s version of Pyke, I definitely go with the latter. Check out an additional pic below. [click to continue…]


Take a little time out of your day to enjoy these gorgeous portraits by Russian artist Aleksei Vinogradov.

He does some amazing portrait work, but I admit to being most delighted by his series featuring fictional characters and their imaginary pets. The Ron Perlman is my personal favorite, but the Mystique knocked me on my butt. Check them out below. [click to continue…]


Fans of George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire books are familiar with the game of Cyvasse, but there’s never been an official description of how the game looks. That hasn’t stopped people from imagining and creating their own versions, but this one by Bristol Design Forge may be the closest we’ve gotten to the game based the rules gleaned from the novels.

Each piece has been hand-drawn and laser engraved while the board and pieces have been hand-finished and waxed for protection. It features an 8×8 board complete with screen, 66 land tiles, 46 player pieces, and two different sets of rules for each style of gameplay.

It’s also beautiful.

You can pick one on Etsy if you’d like to play, or just have it around to look cool. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Hodor’s Mom Is Cold Blooded


Kristian Nairn’s mom got a new doorstop. I’ll bet you CAN guess what it is. Go ahead…guess. [click to continue…]

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You may already know that the Iron Throne that appears on HBO’s Game of Thrones is a lot different than the one George R.R. Martin imagined in A Song of Ice and Fire. If you’re not familiar, George’s version is bigger, badder, and very, very pointy.

With that in mind, GoT fan D. Schuyler Burks recently made a miniature version of the original Iron Throne (based on concept art by Marc Simonetti), and he highlighted process in the video below. I’m guessing Burks lost a lot of blood while making it. [click to continue…]

threezero the hound figure 6

This new Game Of Thrones Sandor Clegane figure by ThreeZero is blowing my mind right now. It’s almost as if they cloned Rory McCann at 1/6th scale, and those clones will spread throughout the world wreaking havoc on calves and ankles.

The Hound 1/6th scale figure features interchangeable hands and his highly detailed armor complete with scabbards and sheaths for his greatsword, longsword, dagger, and katar. The exclusive version even comes with his amazing helmet for roughly $15 more. Totally worth it, if you ask me. Then again, we are talking about $210 here. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]

alex cho dany

Artist Alex Cho is a visual development artist at Sony Pictures Animation, so when he puts his spin on the likes of Game of Thrones and Stranger Things you know it will be something special.

He’s also a fan of Harry Potter and Zootopia, among other things. It’s easy to fall into his art and get caught up. I suggest you try it starting with the examples below. [click to continue…]


The year is long and full of waiting for season 7 of Game Of Thrones, but that just means you’ll have more time to color in this new Game Of Thrones adult coloring book (and maybe even the one that came out last year).

This 60-page coloring book has portraits from the show featuring Dany, The Night King, even the Battle of the Blackwater. I want to color the water a different color than black and the wildfire something other than green…just because I can.

It will arrive this winter (how fitting) but it’s available for pre-order now. Take a peek inside with the sample pages below. [click to continue…]


Brazilian artist Bruno Alberto has recreated key scenes in movie and TV history as digital dioramas in a project called Low Poly Scenes.

So far, Alberto has put his low poly spin on scenes from Raiders of the Lost ArkBack to the FutureGame of ThronesStar Wars and Free Willy. As you’ll see, they are are charming and fun to watch.

Check out the rest of the series below. [click to continue…]

pulp fiction

You are going to wish that you never watched a single episode of Game Of Thrones so that you’re fragile, virgin ears could be violently and gloriously spoiled by Samuel L. Jackson in this beginner’s guide video.

Yes, THE Samuel L. Jackson. Not an impersonator. This is an official (and NSFW of course) video that explains the entire series up to season 6.

Watch it below. [click to continue…]