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If you enjoyed the video of Peter Dinklage performing “Still Going Strong” from Coldplay’s new Game Of Thrones musical for Red Nose Day, you’re going to love the full 12-minute version featuring a large part of the cast and Coldplay themselves.

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Artist KittyCassandra has recreated the casts of some of your favorite shows and movies as little costumed cats. There’s Game of Thrones, Mad Max: Fury Road, and even Parks and Recreation. They’re all available as 9″ x 12″ prints that will add some feline fun to your decor.

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dinklage coldplay red nose day

If you’ve been wondering what this whole Red Nose Day thing is all about, here’s a great intro. Red Nose Day has been raising money in the UK for 30 years to the tune of £1 billion to help save and change lives all over the world. This year, NBC has stepped up to add their support and help #RedNoseDay become more well known here in the States.

One of the huge benefits of this new push are videos designed to help raise awareness, like this one with Peter Dinklage and Coldplay teaming up to bring you Game Of Thrones: The Musical.

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As many Game Of Thrones know, the television series has begun to deviate from the books in a major way. Thankfully, Joeltronics has stepped in with a graph that will help you match episodes up with the chapters in the books and identify which bits of the books aren’t in the show and vice versa.

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Imagine if Westeros was a place you could actually visit? You might plan that road trip on Google Maps, and this is what that experience would look like. While you can’t zoom in and navigate, the design is certainly convincing. Etsy seller MongoLife is even selling it as a framed print so you can hang it on your wall.

Product Page ($21 via Mashable)


I love when artists re-imagine characters into other popular styles. These A Song Of Ice And Fire covers were created by Noriko Meguro right after the series was translated to Japanese. Our favorite characters look wicked, and hauntingly beautiful. And some of them look down right sexy as hell (slightly NSFW in fact). The picture above is Jon Snow from A Game of Thrones, Part 1.

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With over a hundred colors to choose from, these handmade 3D papercraft dragons come in a set of five that will really pop on your wall. Simply attach your dragons with the wall-safe adhesive. This is perfect for any fantasy lover, but especially Game of Thrones fans.

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Goodnight Moon is a sweet children’s book, but Goodnight Westeros is definitely not ideal for bedtime reading. Mashable has taken the classic story and retold it with a Game of Thrones spin, making it much, much darker.

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rabbit castle

Wallace the rabbit is a cute bundle of fluff who has an owner that is a big Game of Thrones fan. He previously built a carrot Iron Throne for his bunny (which he ate), but this time he went with a whole Red Keep (which he ate).

Wallace’s rule over the Red Keep began with great promise. He surrounded himself with wise and vigorous advisors (almost exclusively comprised of his turds and hairballs) and effectively crushed the Raisin Rebellion soon after becoming king.

However, Wallace almost immediately spiraled into madness when he realized that his castle was made of cardboard and his throne of carrots. He experienced vivid hallucinations, hearing voices in his head that told him to either chew on or fully eat every object in his presence. Rumor was that he had hidden “wildfire” around our apartment in order to transmute into a dragon through a fiery baptism but I am pretty sure that didn’t happen.

In the end, when Wallace looked around and saw what his insane hunger had wrought, his joy definitely turned to ashes in his mouth.

Crazy or no, he’s just adorable.

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Iron Throne

This toilet is worthy of a king thanks to the folks at Super-Fan Builds who have turned it into the Iron Throne. It is now the most impressive toilet in California and it belongs to Game of Thrones fan John Giovanazzi of Glendale where it can be found in the bathroom at his bar. It incorporates over 250 fake swords and even has a built-in toilet paper holder.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will probably have to make due with Iron Throne toilet wall graphics.

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