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From Dick Masterson On Tumblr:

I want a movie where literally everyone dies. Everyone. Like by some wild natural disaster or something.

It’s just like an hour and a half of showing desolated countries and cities and whatnot. There are no humans left.

And then, with thirty seconds of film left, Sean Bean crawls out from underneath the rubble of a fallen building and starts laughing.

lego groot hodor and chewbacca

It can’t be easy to live in a world where no one understands you. People interpret Guardians of the Galaxy’s “I am Groot” however they want, Hodor from Game of Thrones gets treated like a pack animal, and Chewbacca from Star Wars is only understood by Han. Aww.

In Brotherhood Workshop’s latest LEGO short, the not-so-well-spoken trio end up together at the Mos Eisley Cantina and swap horror stories about being misunderstood. It’s a little sad but mostly amusing.

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Texas A&M University’s Cushing Memorial Library has a huge collection of George R.R. Martin’s work, much of it in the form of manuscripts. Redditor _honeybird thumbed through the entire 1600-page manuscript of A Dance With Dragons complete with notes from Martin and his editor.

The major bit of information gleaned from this trip revolves around Coldhands, who many fans believe may be BenJen. Looks like Martin’s editor was wondering the the same thing and posed the question to Martin, who very clearly answers.

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guitar iron throne 1

Gibson made quite the splash at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this week. How does a guitar manufacturer make waves at what a technology convention? They built an Iron Throne from Gibson axes. Yes, it’s the prickly throne from Game of Thrones made from guitars. The Verge spotted the piece of art at CES and snapped a couple of pictures, and in case you’re wondering, yes, Gibson is letting people sit on their musical throne.

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tyrion dancing top

The season five trailer along with the last two episodes from season four of Game of Thrones are coming to the big, big, big screen with a week-long run in IMAX theaters. According to EW, it will be showing in 150 theaters across North America from January 23rd through 29th. This marks the first time that a television show has ever been released in IMAX format and, given how sweeping and beautiful it is, they couldn’t have chosen a more fitting show.

See some of the cryptic teasers HBO has released in the last couple of months after the break.

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stark lego

The sigils for each of the Houses of Westeros all have their own style and meaning and they have been reinterpreted many times over the years.

Of course, now that I’ve seen these Lego sculptures by Flickr user Omar Ovalle, I really wish they had LEGO minifgures to match (oh wait, they do have unofficial versions). I would love to see the map in the opening credits as LEGO as well (oh wait, I can).

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amell and pascal

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geeky xmas cards 1

It’s that time of year. PJ McQuade, whose work we’ve featured in the past, has created a new batch of geeky cards for the holidays. It’s fun to send season’s greetings with faces from pop culture. New designs include Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine in a Norman Rockwell homage, Boba Fett, Grand Moff Tarkin, Hodor from Game of Thrones, Ripley from Alien, and the many faces of the Doctor.

You can purchase the cards individually or in variety packs. Bonus: many characters from the cards are available as ornaments.

See more cards that let you send holiday wishes with fandom flair after the break.

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Pixel Joint is the place to check out pixel art, and you can stumble across some treasures while browsing through the site. These Game of Thrones animated gifs are a perfect example. Made by user Charlie_pl, the art depicts characters from the series in all their pixelated glory. There’s Jon Snow standing beside Ghost with his hair flying in the breeze, Khal Drogo with blood dripping off his arakh, and more. It’s not quite the fan art I’d expect to work for Game of Thrones characters, but it absolutely does.

More gifs from Westeros after the break.

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lego wall 1

Italian convention Lucca Comics and Games took place recently, and a giant LEGO diorama of Westeros from Game of Thrones was among the exhibits. Redditor todayiderp shared photos of the build, and the star is the Wall.

It’s crafted from goodness knows how many white LEGO bricks and includes Castle Black and the lift that takes members of the Night’s Watch and their guests to the top of the Wall. There’s even a Tyrion minifig posed on top achieving his goal to “piss off the edge of the world.’

Check out more photos of LEGO Westeros after the break.

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