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geeky xmas cards 1

It’s that time of year. PJ McQuade, whose work we’ve featured in the past, has created a new batch of geeky cards for the holidays. It’s fun to send season’s greetings with faces from pop culture. New designs include Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine in a Norman Rockwell homage, Boba Fett, Grand Moff Tarkin, Hodor from Game of Thrones, Ripley from Alien, and the many faces of the Doctor.

You can purchase the cards individually or in variety packs. Bonus: many characters from the cards are available as ornaments.

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Pixel Joint is the place to check out pixel art, and you can stumble across some treasures while browsing through the site. These Game of Thrones animated gifs are a perfect example. Made by user Charlie_pl, the art depicts characters from the series in all their pixelated glory. There’s Jon Snow standing beside Ghost with his hair flying in the breeze, Khal Drogo with blood dripping off his arakh, and more. It’s not quite the fan art I’d expect to work for Game of Thrones characters, but it absolutely does.

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lego wall 1

Italian convention Lucca Comics and Games took place recently, and a giant LEGO diorama of Westeros from Game of Thrones was among the exhibits. Redditor todayiderp shared photos of the build, and the star is the Wall.

It’s crafted from goodness knows how many white LEGO bricks and includes Castle Black and the lift that takes members of the Night’s Watch and their guests to the top of the Wall. There’s even a Tyrion minifig posed on top achieving his goal to “piss off the edge of the world.’

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game of thrones pop funko 1

Game of Thrones has a large cast, and that means licensees like Funko have a huge pool of characters to choose from. They probably hear requests from fans all the time, and their latest Pop! series of faces from Westeros feature some favorites. Series 4 includes the newly made-over Sansa Stark, Mhysa Daenerys Targaryen, Castle Black training attire Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly, and Petyr Baelish. I don’t know which one to buy first!

The figures are available for pre-order and should ship later this month.

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Video of Jason Momoa’s audition tape for Game Of Thrones recently surfaced and it’s no wonder he got the job!

In the audition, Momoa performs a Maori Haka. While it’s not perfect if you’re going for cultural accuracy, it’s fierce, spellbinding, and perfectly Khal Drogo.

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dothraki app header

Ready to brush up on your conversational Dothraki? There’s an app for that. The man responsible for developing Dothraki for Game of Thrones has come up with a system to teach fans the language. Besides purchasing the complete Living Language Dothraki program, you can turn to the new Dothraki Companion app for learning on the go:

The app includes interactive games, over 300 vocabulary flashcards, a comprehensive grammar summary, culture notes, and a conversational dialogue.

While it can be used with the Living Language system, you’ll learn plenty with only the app. Practice and apply yourself, and you’ll be ready to converse with the next Khal you meet.

You can download the iOS app for $3.99.

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Game of Thrones is an epic story and a very complex one. This beautifully animated video manages to summarize the first four seasons of the show in just over a minute. It was directed by BlackMeal and Baptiste Pagani who hit some of the key points, but obviously leave out a lot of the story. Still, it’s not so much the story that they captured or missed, but the lovely animation style that will make you wish this was a trailer for something much longer.

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Funko’s plan to siphon all the money from your wallet has hit the collectible Pocket Pop! phase.

Y’know those super kawaii Pop! keychains? These collectible tins of Pop!s are similar in that they are small enough to put in your pocket.

Funko will begin releasing Pocket Pop! Tins this December beginning with the Frozen Pocket Pop! Tin.

Then, in January, we’ll get DC Comics (Batman, Harley Quinn, and The Joker), Game of Thrones (Dany, Jon Snow, and Tyrion), My Little Pony (Rainbow Dash, Derpy, and Discord), and The Walking Dead (Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and Teddy Bear Walker).

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GoT Western cover

Neither fans or musicians seem to be tired of the Game of Thrones theme yet. Covers of the music by Ramin Djawadi continue to pop-up on YouTube, and one of the latest videos is full of twang. Benedikt Mendzigal of BenDan Productions arranged and performed a Wild West take on the opening theme, and it’s wonderful. It makes me want to see a showdown at high noon between Cersei and Tyrion.

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