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frozen got parody

Parodies of “Let It Go” aren’t exactly rare, but wonderful ones like this Game of Thrones take on the song from Frozen don’t come along very often. The mash-up turns “Let It Go” into “Westeros” and features Daenerys, Jon, and Joffrey singing about winning the Iron Throne. The lyrics are terrific, the production quality of the video is solid, and the singing is excellent. I call this mash-up a must watch – it’s that good.

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game of thrones X-men main

This is what happens when the cover of Uncanny X-Men #141 gets a Game Of Thrones twist. When you think about it, you have to be a superhero to survive in Westeros, so it makes sense.

Here’s what creators Comfort Love and Adam Withers had to say about why they did the project:

“So, this was an idea that Adam was shocked – SHOCKED – had not been done yet. When it occurred to him, he scoured the Googles to see whether anybody else had done it, but nothing came up. So here he is, sitting on this goldmine idea. In case anybody isn’t getting the reference, this piece is an homage to the classic John Byrne cover to Uncanny X-Men #141 – the start of the Days of Future Past storyline. With the upcoming movie, you’ll probably be seeing this cover more often. Adam selected Dany, Tyrion, and Jon for the front because they seem to have the strongest “Plot Armor.” Whatever else might appear to happen to them, I suspect we’ll be seeing them through to the end of the story. Though god knows I could be wrong. That Martin SOB loves toying with our emotions.”

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Joffrey Baratheon may not have approved of last weekend’s Game Of Thrones episode and how he ended up spending his wedding night, but Jack Gleeson thought it was pretty great.

Head after the break for the Instagram photo, but beware. Massive spoilers ahead.

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New York-based artist and illustrator Sam Spratt usually focuses much of his artistic talent developing art pieces for his various clients (who range from National Geographic Channel to Donald Glover), but he recently shifted his attention over towards GoT and created a beautiful illustration of everyone’s favorite Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen.

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got comic_header

Sunday’s Game of Thrones brought an event that many fans of the series have been waiting to see: the death of a horrible, awful, no good character. Goodbye, Joffrey Baratheon and good riddance. Dorkly captured the sentiments of various groups’ reactions to “The Lion and The Rose” perfectly because it was all more or less unanimous.

Happy as I was to see Joffrey bite it, I do have to compliment Jack Gleeson for his portrayal of the despicable character. He played the heck out of the worst king Westeros has ever seen, and it can’t have been an easy burden to bear. On top of that Gleeson seems to be a super nice guy that loves cuddling puppies.

See the entire comic after the break (the last couple of panels are a tiny bit NSFW).

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got 3 eyed crow main

Nerds, man. We go that extra level to be awesome and weird and amazing.

Allis Markham is the owner of owner of Preytaxidermy and also works as a taxidermist for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. So, when she wanted to give a gift to a friend who’s big Game Of Thrones fan, she made her this 3-eyed crow.

It’s definitely a unique gift. I’m sure GRRM would be most impressed.

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Winter is Coming FB

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arya and hound kickass

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George R.R. Martin didn’t just create a story and characters, but an entire world that he has carefully documented with detailed maps and histories. Every mountain, river, and plain is painstakingly recorded in those maps and now scientist Miles Traer has defined the geology to match.

In Generation Anthropocene, Traer has created a geologic history that shows not just where everything is, but how things like the Red Mountains and the Hills of Norvos were formed. He worked with Mike Osborne and Hari Mix to combine observations about places, characters, and events in the stories with principles of geology that apply to the real world. It’s a little of our world and a little of Westeros combined into one extraordinary study.

(Boing Boing via Nerdist)

iron throne made from toys

You know what Westeros? Keep your Iron Throne with thousands of pointy swords; I’d rather have this striking version made from toys. The creative folks at Happy Garaje are huge fans of Game of Thrones and were inspired by the series to create their own version of the monstrous chair. Instead of using weapons, they forged the seat from toy soldiers, teddy bears, action figures, toy cars, LEGO bricks, and more. You can see them take shape as you get closer and closer to the throne, and it’s stunning.

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