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If you’re a gamer who’s over 24, then I’ve got some bad news for you. According to a new study titled, “Over the Hill at 24,” a  gamer’s “self-initiated response time” within a video game tends to decline once they hit 24. Scientists from Simon Fraser University in British Colombia observed 3,305 StarCraft II players between the ages of 16 and 44, and concluded that a player’s response time and overall speed declines a lot earlier in life than you might expect. But, on a good note, the scientists also found out that a decline in dual-task performance and in-game multitasking doesn’t have any relation to a player’s age, which would explain why my Grandma was so darn good at Sim City. Her ability to raise taxes and put out fires at the same time is legendary.

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The only reason most people would run into a burning house is to save a loved one, but one man in Olathe, Kansas had a very special reason for running right back into the house from which he’d just escaped. That reason would be his Xbox.

He woke up, realized his house was on fire, and ran outside. Apparently the fresh air reminded him that his Xbox was in jeopardy, so he ran back in and suffered smoke inhalation to rescue the game console. We just hope that it was an Xbox One.

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most annoying gamers

As a gamer, let me just say…gamers can be real pains in the ass.

As this Dorkly comic points out, there are lots of different types of gamers. We would all like to think that we’re not one of the annoying ones but, let’s face it, we’ve likely done one or two of the things in this list from time to time.

I also think we need to add the WoW ePeen gamer. You know the one who wants to go on and on about their gear and how good they are and stuff? ::grin:: I think maybe this list is too short.

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Motivation for Gamers [Comic]

Motivation Comic

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You’re not a true gamer if all you play are casual games like Angry Birds, or so says the guy with the Wii. The thing is, there’s always a bigger fish in the sea, and when it comes to gaming, there’s one fish that absolutely can take out all the others. Be very careful the next time you think of bragging about your gaming prowess.

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This comic, titled Female Fantasy III, depicts a situation that definitely happens in real life and in circumstances other than gaming. It makes me sigh.

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True Modern Love

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Roger Ebert once wrote an article in which he claimed that video games can not be art. The internet promptly exploded in outrage. I happen to agree with the internet. Much later, he amended his original statements, but it’s always felt like he was trying to appease us while sticking to his original statements. The people behind Into The Pixel are out to prove him wrong with their annual selection of the best in video game art from around the world. The 2011 collection was on display at PAX East last weekend and it was as beautiful as anything you’d find in a museum.

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If you’re a serious tabletop gamer, then visions of Geek Chic tables have probably been dancing in your head for several years now. These things are works of art that are absolutely the most beautiful gaming tables you will ever see. They even have beautiful names like Emissary, Envoy and Sultan. Yeah, they’re that cool.

Your purchasing experience starts off just like buying any old table. You pick walnut, maple or cherry wood and things like stain colors and hardware. But then you get to the gamer stuff where you pick things like player stations with flip-down desks, secret drawers, cup holders and dice towers. I know, right?

Now, Geek Chic has upped the ante with their new and improved Locus table which includes a multi-touch gaming surface on a high end screen that pops up out of the table and slides back down flat with just the press of a button.

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