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If the following videos don’t stress you out, then you definitely have nerves of steel. For the uninitiated, “Item Abuse 3″ is a player-created level in Super Mario World that’s nearly impossible to beat–I say nearly, because someone finally did it. And that someone is the person that designed it.

PangaeaPanga had to use tools (TAS) to beat the level, including one program that accepted button presses on individual frames, but what you are are about to see is still extremely impressive.

He wrote the following on a Super Mario World forum:

“The final episode was ddue to the product of 3 years of on-and-off work, with the approximately 40% of the past 2 months being dedicated solely to this project.”

“And after furiously being frustrated at even beating my own level,” PangaeaPanga said, “it is completed (and hopefully without any major breaks to be found).”

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Classic Street Fighter characters like Zangief and Ryu going toe-to-toe is a lot of fun, but if you’re looking for something with a higher “cute factor,” then you may want to check out Marca Blanca’s “Xtremely Cute” take on the game. If two koalas duking it out (and making out) sounds cute to you, then you’ll be in for a real treat.

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The Needler is an iconic weapon from Halo, and soon you’ll be able to play with a toy dart gun version from Mattel that appears to be based on the BOOMco Twisted Spinner.

It was spotted at Toy Fair in New York City over the weekend and it’s got darts that glow and will stick to specially treated surfaces.

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This beautiful Triforce nightlight was built by redditor BigBadBobBitchin as a Valentine’s present for his girlfriend. It’s made to look like an armory with some of Link’s shields and weapons on display in front of a faux stained glass Triforce crest.

Although he didn’t document his build, he is considering selling them on Etsy at some point.

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Every gamer dreams of having an awesome game room, but this guy actually made his dream come true. It took 6 months for Grand DM and his wife to build their Game Tavern and it is just stunning. I could spend all day down there.

There’s even a hidden closet built into one wall where a disguised set of doors opens to reveal storage shelves for all their games. Color us jealous!

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Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day that’s all about love and romance. Nintendo thinks it should also be about friendship, so they’re helping you celebrate with these cards made just for friends. Nope, no love on these cards. Think of this as a kinder, gentler way to let that guy know you like him, just not like like him.

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Can you say “dream job”?

Last week we brought you the story of a developer from the RPG company Roll20 who projects digital maps onto the table for his gaming sessions. Now comes news that his company is looking to hire a professional dungeon master:

Roll20 is seeking a seasoned Game Master (DM, GM) to become our roleplaying game system guru and Twitch livestream producer as a part-time independent contractor. We welcome over 1,500 new tabletop gamers across a wide spectrum of roleplaying games interests to our program every day. The ideal candidate for this position will have a strong history in tabletop roleplaying games of all genres, be proficient with Roll20 Virtual Tabletop, Twitch livestreaming and social media interactions, along with extraordinary written and verbal communication skills.

Contractor will work with our entire Roll20 Development team to create engaging content for our audience, with an emphasis on showing the best ways to utilize the Roll20 platform across a wide array of gaming experiences. Contractor will host at least two live game broadcasts per week, produce Q&A sessions for the community along with our Dev Team, and be a general “go to” resource for other GMs who want to make the most of Roll20’s toolset in their games.

You can find more about the position over at the Roll20 Blog.

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So, who do you think would win in a real fight: Little Mac or Dark Ness? YouTuber Tim Wang sought to answer that question in his latest YouTube video, where the two video game characters battle it out in real life (with some fantastic fight choreography). From the description:

After having appeared in more Smash Bros games than his own, Ness has turned evil. His mission, destroy all other video game characters. His first target, the ever OP Little Mac.

So it looks like this might the first video in a series—presumably with Dark Ness hunting down other Smash Bros. fighters. After watching this video, we’re totally on board.

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Thanks to the Internet, the intro to Pokémon has been redone by 32 different animators, each working on their small section of the intro.

The finished product is a whole new slice of crazy.

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Traditionally, DMs use a pre-made mat or a carefully drawn paper version to create dungeons for their players to investigate. Redditor Silverlight did one better by creating a digital map projected from his laptop right onto the table. He explains:

I recently ran a group of newbies through the new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Starter Set. I wanted to do something really fun to get them engaged in the game and capture their attention, so I decided to set up a “hybrid” tabletop. The battle mat (map, drawings, etc.) is digital via a projector that I already owned, and then players had physical minis to represent themselves and the monsters they encountered.

Silverlight happens to be a developer for the digital tabletop gaming platform Roll20, so blending technology and D&D is nothing new for him. In fact, Roll20 powered the map. The rest is just an Epson projector and an Apple TV.

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