anime uno

I haven’t played UNO in a million years. I don’t remember it being this exciting.

Then again, anime can make pretty much any storyline awesome. Experience UNO like you never have before in the video below. [click to continue…]


Overwatch definitely doesn’t have an awareness problem, but that didn’t stop Blizzard from creating three enormous statues designed to look like packaged action figures of Genji, Pharah, and Tracer.

The Tracer statue popped up in Hollywood, CA, Genji appeared in Paris, France, and Pharah was put on display in Busan, South Korea. Blizzard even included some funny product descriptions on the back of the action figure boxes: [click to continue…]


NECA will be debuting a new collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures this summer at the San Diego Comic-Con. The 7″ figures are a SDCC exclusive and are based on Konami’s awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game that was released back in 1989.

The figures will come in two sets of four figures each. Check out more details, pics and a promo video below. [click to continue…]


Imgur user Khrisamisu has created a series of Pokémon mechs that have ripped open a new void in my soul that can only be filled with Gundam Pokémon. Damn you Khrisamisu.

Behold the Charizard-inspired PM-006 “Charlie,” the Blastoise-like PM-009 “Sheldon,” and the PM-003 “Petunia,” modeled after Venusaur, of course. Check out more pics below…


Described as “an adaptable, intelligent, purpose built system of bags, cases and accessories for tabletop gaming enthusiasts,” the Gamefolio System is designed to store and transport all of your books, cards, dice and various other accoutrements for tabletop games. They’re even padded and water-resistant to keep your stuff safe.

They’ve also announced the Game Vault, a larger bag for putting your individual Gamefolios into. So that’s nice. [click to continue…]

legend of zelda chess set

This chess set is your chance to play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in a whole new way.

It includes 32 highly detailed sculpted vinyl pieces with a metallic finish and pits our heroes against the villains. The Heroes side has Link/King, Zelda/Queen, Impa/Bishops, Epona/Knights, Darunia/Rooks, and Navi/Pawns.

The Villains include Ganon/King, Twinrova/Queen, Iron Knuckle/Bishops, Phantom/Knights, Armos/Rooks, and Dekunuts/Pawns. It comes in window packaging with a magnetic front closure and has a classic black and green game board with a spot UV finish.

The Legend of Zelda Chess Collector’s Set $74.99


Dan Martin in the man behind a webcomic called Deathbulge, and his brain is a delightful place. As evidence, I submit his 30 comedy Pokémon, all of which are a) absolutely hilarious, and b) not a far cry from the kind of thing the Pokémon games are actually doing these days.

Check out Martin’s full run of Fauxkémon, which is a word I just made up meaning “fake Pokémon”, below. [click to continue…]


YouTuber Jameserton decided that just playing Dark Souls 2 wasn’t enough – he decided to retell his story via the medium of animation. It took him two years to complete, and it’s pretty ruddy funny. Check it out in the player below.

[click to continue…]

WowTrailer copy

If what you’ve seen from the Warcraft movie doesn’t feel right without the game’s unique style, you’l love Ivan Kuzkin’s shot-for-shot reproduction of the film’s trailer. Kuzkin used the game’s assets to create the visuals, and the final product shows an attention to detail that’s quite astounding.

Check it out below.

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Yes, it seems dangerous, but that’s part of the thrill. Sometimes you have to stand at the edge, take that step and risk it all.

I’m talking, of course, about Jenga, the action packed brick-stacking game for ages whatever-and-up that’s been played since its creation during Biblical times (probably). YouTuber April Jennifer Choi hit upon the novel idea of playing the game with a whip instead of her own actual hands like a normal, rational person, and managed to nail it on her first try.

God, what a rush it must be.

Check out her swift whip action in the videos below.

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