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Video games are great fun and we all love playing them, right up until the moment we get so frustrated we nearly throw the controller at the screen. This BuzzFeed Pop video gathers together 50 of the most frustrating things that happen when playing video games, all in one place, so you can enjoy the frustration all over again.

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This Thwomp pillow might look fierce but it’s not going to hurt anyone. It’s an officially licensed Nintendo product with an embroidered face on the front and the Super Mario logo embroidered on the back. The pillow measures 12″ square and is 4″ thick.

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This video takes the Final Fantasy franchise and turns its epic battles into carefully choreographed dance-offs. It was a labor of love for Mike Song who wanted to make it as a tribute of sorts. The moves aren’t random either, but designed to evoke what happens during various spells. You can keep track of the spells starting at the 1:09 minute mark and you’ll see:

1) Item: Linoleum – Magic: Castle / Shell / Protect
2) Scan
3) Shadow
4) Kick (Class: Monk)
5) Counter Attack (Weapon: Mop)
6) Ryanimay’s Ultimate Self-Sacrifice Attack
7) Summon : Mr. RAYMOND
8) Blitzball Attack
9) Magic : Rear-Ended Hypnosis
10) Summon : Bahamut
11) Magic : Haste
12) Red XIII Limit Break
13) Fire 1000

Song says that, if he could, he’d make an entire dance movie. If this video is any indication, with the right budget, it would be incredible.

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The Disney heroines look ready to kick some butt in these Street Fighter versions of the characters. We’ve already seen the first batch of these fantastic images by Mike V and this second batch is just as good. Belle, Elsa and even Lilo are ready for battle!

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Today, Sega will release a free Zelda-themed DLC for Sonic: Lost World on the Wii U eShop with one very interesting twist: Sonic now has the chance to explore a small slice of Link’s beloved Hyrule. IGN has an exclusive preview that you can check out here.

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In-game chatter takes on a whole new angle when POTUS is one of the players. This series of videos by GameSocietyPimps has impersonator Jason Stephens playing with a bunch of other people, and the whole time he stays perfectly in character as President Obama. Not only does he do a bang-up impersonation, but the clean smack talk he lays down on the other players is hilarious.

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Japanese inventor Jun Rekimoto and his colleagues at the University of Tokyo have invented a HoverBall that’s just one small step away from the golden snitch in Harry Potter. The little plastic ball is embedded with a 90 millimeter wide drone and can hover for 5 minutes at a time. It’s controlled by remote control, but could be programmed with specific routes. From Buzzfeed:

“This ball has an ability to stay in the air, and change its location and behavior according to the sports game contexts,” the team said.

“With this technology, physical dynamics of a ball can be re-programmed by sports designers, and new ball-playing vocabularies, such as hovering, anti-gravity, proximity, or remote manipulation, can be introduced to extend the way people interact with balls.”

Yes, yes, all those things, but also Quidditch!

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Chung-Ang University in South Korea is now treating competitive gamers as student athletes. Starting next spring, the school will be accepting eSports applicants for students applying to the school’s Department of Sport Science. This had previously been reserved only for traditional athletes.

Don’t think this is some small-time school either—it’s actually a top 10 school in South Korea. Considering how big gaming is over there, it’s not much of a surprise. Maybe someday schools in the US will consider doing the same so you can tell your parents that gaming all day is crucial to your education.

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Speedrunner Cosmo Wright set a world speed record of just 19 mins 15 seconds for playing through Ocarina of Time. That record was later broken by skater82297 with a time of 19 minutes flat. Not to be outdone, Cosmo went ahead and set a new world record of just 18 minutes and 56 seconds.

In this “Any Percentage” run the percentage of completion doesn’t matter although there are some speedruns that require 100%. Cosmo says his goal is to do it in 18 minutes 45 seconds, so we’ll have to wait and see if he can beat his own time yet again.

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This huge Titanfall Titan, code-named Betty, is currently making its way across Germany to promote the game’s release. It was created by the team at Daniel’s Wood Land including theme designer CJ Berg who says it’s made out of lots of foam along with a steel armature and a steel base. Speaking to Slashgear he notes:

“We use a large format 4 axis router and a large format cnc hotwire for the cutting. Our steel fabrication department welded up the armature and steel base for the piece. Once we had the pieces and steel ready, we assembled the foam over the steel creating the piece.”

It took the team about four weeks to construct the Titan which now stands two-stories tall. At the end, they even had Joel Emslie and some of the Respawn artists come in to give it a few finishing touches that make it look like it walked right out of the game.

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