Abhishek Singh recreated the iconic first level of Super Mario Bros for Microsoft’s HoloLens, and the results are very impressive. The footage you are about to witness comes directly from the headset while a second camera captures his movement. Meanwhile, pedestrians assume that Singh is just another lunatic in Central Park interacting with shit only he can see. [click to continue…]

A Rick and Morty version of Clue is dropping in August, but we have your first look at the game right here. [click to continue…]

This live-action Mario Kart short starts out with a guy who’s down on his luck and unknowingly purchases Mario’s Lost Kart in order to make it to a job interview. It ends with arson and murder. [click to continue…]

Good Smile has delivered some great Overwatch Nendoroid figures, but they’ve finally moved past cute and delivered a Tracer Figma that’s serious business. [click to continue…]

Devin Smith runs End of Line Designs, a company that specializes in high-end gaming controller customs. This Fallout PS4 controller with a flip-up Pip-Boy design is the perfect example of what he’s capable of. Check out more pics of this beauty below [click to continue…]

Nine Inch Nails is releasing the music Trent Reznor composed for the iconic Quake on vinyl over 20 years after the game’s release. As far as we know, this is the first time the industrial ambient music for Quake has been officially released as a soundtrack. [click to continue…]

The original Torg RPG was released by West End Games in 1990, and it had an intriguing and ambitious premise. The Earth has been invaded by alternative realities (cosms) that are ruled by a “High Lord”. The High Lords are vying to steal the Earth’s energy and become the one true reality. The player takes on the role of “Storm Knights” who resist the High Lords using “magic, technology, miracles, and even super powers” to bend those realities. Torg Eternity is an update to that classic game that includes new rules, settings, full-color art, and a whole new Possibility War. [click to continue…]

It’s been nearly a year since we last heard about the upcoming Star Trek Adventures RPG, but now we’ve seen the Borg Cube Boxed Set, and holy crap—we’re game for it. The good news is that the wait is almost over. [click to continue…]

Have around an hour to kill? May we suggest this nearly complete remake of Terminator 2 in Grand Theft Auto V? It’s actually extremely impressive given the limitations. On that note, see how long you can handle the facial animations before you lose your mind. Check it out below (before it gets taken down). [click to continue…]

If you liked the Lady Maria Bloodborne statue from Prime 1 Studio, you’ll probably love what they’ve done with this Hunter statue. It’s $800, but it’s also a damn masterpiece. [click to continue…]