Oregon Trail Live

If you used PCs in the ’80s and ’90s, chances are high that you played The Oregon Trail. I loved the depressingly realistic educational game, and I’m not alone. Fans of the adventure get together to reenact the game without all the dysentery at Oregon Trail Live. The single day event takes place at the Willamette Heritage Center in Salem, Oregon and is in its third year. Oregon Trail Live isn’t exactly LARPing, but you can wear costumes.

Activities at Oregon Trail Live include hunting with Nerf guns and going after college students dressed as buffalo and making a wagon. It’s meant to be fun and educational, and winning teams get fantastic prizes like Lincoln Log sets. The event takes place this Saturday, September 20th.

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Mass Effect involves a lot of beating up the bad guys, so you’d think it’d be impossible to play without extensive use of weaponry. Many a True Nerd has proved otherwise in this video play-through. He doesn’t use any weapons, while his teammates are allowed to use only their worst guns with no upgrades. He told Kotaku:

“I’d always assumed this would be a huge challenge, as the game looks like it’s set up primarily as a shooter (95% of the upgrades you get are for guns, characters constantly get out guns during cutscenes, 90% of the inventory in shops is guns), but instead, I had the easiest time by the end of the game.

Instead, it was the early missions that were a nightmare, as then my cooldown times were huge, so the thugs of Chora’s Den, and the two assassins outside it, were a big challenge.

Saren’s elite Krogan Battlemaster shock troops were simple. By the time I was facing them, I had warp specialisation, lift specialisation, and master throw. The final fight against Saren himself was the easiest of all. As he’s the only enemy in the room, you can just keep him indefinitely in the air with a chain of lifts from Shepard and your companions. He barely got an attack off before the warps killed him. So I suppose the most surprising thing is that playing without guns completely inverts the difficulty curve.”

This whole experiment is still in-progress, as he intends to finish Mass Effect and then move right on through to Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

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A used game store in Albuquerque, New Mexico recently had one guy walk in with 203 copies of what was a controversial Sega game back in 1994. Night Trap was pulled from shelves after a Senate Judiciary and Government Affairs Committee hearing cited it for violence and being generally a bad influence. The game came back out with redesigned artwork, but these games all feature the original boxes and manuals.

The seller told Gamers Anonymous store employee Jon that he got all the games from what was a Blockbuster distribution center that ended up housing all the old recalled versions of the game. In an effort to clean things out, he decided it was time for them to go and wasn’t too concerned about the price he got, more with the fact that they were no longer cluttering his home. This should make some collectors really excited, given that there’s actually a kickstarter to revive Night Trap.

What is it with New Mexico and video games? First it was ET, now it’s Night Trap. Wonder what they’ll uncover next.

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The new Madden game has a little glitch (literally) that makes LB Christian Kirksey a teeny, tiny, man who is dwarfed by the football. It’s funny to watch, and now EA has completely owned their mistake by creating a game trailer featuring a teeny, tiny real-life Kirksey with footage of the in-game glitch. Way to make lemonade out of lemons, EA.

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There is all sorts of stuff on Craigslist and sometimes it’s even free. In those cases, people generally want to clear out clutter—but this is just unreal. Apparently, this huge X-Men arcade cabinet was up for free and redditor Zappletree snagged it. We’re not sure if it works but, either way, it might be even cooler than this $8 Dalek dress one girl found recently at her local Goodwill.

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Instead of random papers and dice and miniatures shoved into a bag, Mitch Barchi has designed this absolutely beautiful Adventurer’s Kit to hold it all. As a lifelong roleplayer, he made it to hold everything a person needs to get started in an RPG. The laser-cut box holds a moleskin notebook, a pencil, a set of polyhedral dice, some vintage unpainted Heroscape monsters, and even a pamphlet for the World of Dungeons RPG system.

Unfortunately, this kit isn’t for sale, but it maybe it will inspire you to create your own version for your favorite RPG.

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This one will stun fans of Game of Thrones and boardgamers alike. It’s a 3′ by 5′ custom game board built by Aaron Jenkins. This is 2.5 times larger than the standard board and it features an amazing level of custom work. He’s added 3D mountains and castles rising from the board, custom-painted special miniatures he purchased separately, and even his own sculpted ships.

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Prop master Eric Hart built a Legend of Zelda sword for some adorable kids putting on a musical. The original was just a stage prop, but it inspired him to make something that looked even more like the real deal. It took him five months to build the finished product and the result is incredible. It’s about as real as it gets unless you cast a metal version that’s also considerably more deadly.

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Shortly after Robin Williams’ death, fans started a petition to memorialize him as a character in one of his favorite games, World of Warcraft. Blizzard’s response seemed to indicate that they would be doing something for Williams, and now gaming site Wowhead has uncovered what looks like an in-game tribute to the late actor in the game data.

The upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion has three character models named “Robin”, including this genie that would be an obvious reference to Aladdin. The other two models are a man and an older woman who could be a nod to his role in Mrs. Doubtfire (pictured after the break). Despite the similarities, Blizzard has made no official statement as to whether or not these characters are truly a tribute to Williams.

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You haven’t played Halo until you’ve played the Nic Cage edition. This mod puts his face on everything. He is Master Chief. He is also a moon, a butt, and a pair of boobs. I am not making this up. You simply have to watch the video to appreciate what Nic Cage can do for Halo.

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