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This might be about the coolest custom board game table ever. It’s for the game Risk and it’s basically an entire table that’s been carved and painted into the game board. The continents and areas are all mapped out and there’s even a compass. The only problem is that you’ll never be able to pack this one up and bring it to a friend’s house on game night.

And someone please tell that guy to use a coaster for his beer.

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I’ll admit it—I’m jealous. Now she’s a keeper!

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8-bit characters of old are quaint and even cute when viewed through our modern eyes, but what if we could turn those 8-bit characters into something more realistic? Scott Johnson took a go of it and translated their 8-bit shapes into something more organic. You’d think they’d remain cute, but they actually walk the line between ugly and horrifying.

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The 4th of July got a little extra dose of nerd in Philadelphia this year thanks to an epic battle between DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jeremy Ellis (accompanied by The Roots). The two matched skills over a remix of the Super Mario Bros. theme music. It doesn’t get much more American than fireworks, apple pie, and Japanese video games starring Italian plumbers.

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Ten of the actors who were rotoscoped for the first three Mortal Kombat games came together last weekend at the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois, to hang out with some fans. Let me just throw this out there: My God, did any of them age at all?

The pics are all courtesy of the Galloping Ghost Arcade Facebook page and the event was Shang Tsung’s Fight Night IV. Oh man, I’m absolutely dying to play some old-school Mortal Kombat now!

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You never know quite what you’re getting into when you buy a piece of real estate, but finding two floors worth of classic 1990′s arcade games in your new building is likely a big surprise. This is exactly what happened to an older woman who bought a building in Japan’s Chiba prefecture and it’s like walking through a portal into the past.

There are over 55 working games including Donkey Kong, Tetris, and three versions of Street Fighter. It was all photographed by her granddaughter’s boyfriend who is planning to ship a whole bunch of it to the US and is taking orders for those interested in owning the games. He explains in a forum post:

The Game Center closed down in the mid 90s, but for some reason there are a few newer machines (as in late 90s) I don’t know the whole story either.

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This video shows speedrunner BubblesDelFuego setting a new Fallout 3 record of just 23 minutes and 55 seconds. The new record breaks the one that he had previously set of 24 mins and 20 seconds. It’s an any percentage run that makes use of speedrunning strategies like load clipping, which allows you to move through objects as the game is loading, and dialogue skips so you don’t have to sit and listen to conversations. He pulls off in less than half an hour what takes others days and days of gameplay to achieve.

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mario speedrun

Whether you keep up on news of speedruns of Super Mario Bros. or you’re just a casual gamer, you can’t help but be impressed by the new record set by a speedrunner by the name of Blubbler who beat the game in less than 5 minutes. It took 4:57.69 to be exact, which beat the previous record by less than a second.

Also, this wasn’t a tool assisted run. If you don’t know what that means or you want to know more about speed running, you can check out the Speed Demos Archive for Super Mario Bros.

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