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luma dice

Luma Dice are carved from a single block of aluminum and feature different color LEDs for each side. Each die uses an accelerometer to detect motion so the light goes on when in use and turns off automatically. Plus, the battery inside is easily replaceable (and cheap).

And yes, they claim that great care was taken to keep the dice balanced.

Luma Dice blew away their initial Kickstarter goal almost immediately, but stretch goals include cool things like different color dice and even a D20 version.

Check out the project video below to see the dice in action.

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hadouken toilet

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cards (1) edit

Cards Against Humanity has always had some interesting promotions when it comes to the holidays, and this year is no different. Author Patrick Rothfuss and CAH founder Max Temkin have teamed up to create a Fantasy Pack with cards written by famous authors like Rothfuss (of course), Neil Gaiman, Jacqueline Carey and many others. Profits go to Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders charity.

The Fantasy Pack includes six black question/fill-in-the-blank cards and 26 answer cards. What’s on them? Rothfuss notes:

“I’ve seen the cards. I’ve held them in my hands and read them and they are delightfully awful. A few of them made me laugh my evilest laugh.”

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As part of an adrenaline-inducing advertisement for the NVIDIA Shield, a professional skydiver named Jeff Provenzano strapped himself to a living room set (complete with tuba) and proceeded to “play” video games while plummeting to the Earth.

That cat must have been pissed.

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Fans of Dungeons & Dragons will be able to play their favorite tabletop role-playing game in virtual reality soon, thanks to AltspaceVR. The company specializes in using VR as a new type of communication platform—kind of like a 3D version of Skype.

However, AltspaceVR also wants to use VR for gaming, and that’s where the idea of hosting VR D&D games comes in. A few engineers with the company came up with the concept informally last year, but now Wizards of the Coast have officially offered their backing.

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A good redstone torch has a lot of uses, including acting as a source of infinite power for your cellphone. This Minecraft Redstone Torch from Think Geek functions as a cool nightlight, and it also features two USB outlets for charging your devices.

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nasa arcade

Imgur user scoodidabop of Paradox Arcade Systems specializes in refurbishing and building custom arcade cabinets—like this very cool NASA-themed version he built for the Houston Arcade Expo this past weekend.

The build is a real work of art. If you’d learn more about how it was built, check out the following gallery:

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fallout gift

All of the bottlecaps in the world aren’t as good as getting a spontaneous, thoughtful and creative gift from someone you love. That having been said, Maggie (aka pinkymoon) and her husband clearly have something special going. She notes:

I told my husband that I was pre-ordering Fallout 4 for him because there was a good deal on Amazon Prime, but I wanted to do something extra special because I know how much he loves Fallout. This is waiting for him when he gets home from work. I’m so excited I have to share it!

We should all be so lucky to find someone like this.

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If you missed your chance to grab a Pip-Boy with your copy of Fallout 4, worry not—you can still get one 3D printed. You can make your own with the 3D models and instructions, or you can have one printed for you. There’s even a 20% discount on every Pip-Boy print through November 13th.

3D Hubs notes:

Thankfully, 23-year-old mechanical engineer Yvo de Haas of Ytec3D took matters into his own hands and used his SolidWorks skills to 3D model a custom 3D printable version of the Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV. The impressive design assembly features 38 parts that are optimized for FDM 3D printing and is customizable for different wrist sizes and smartphones ranging from the latest iPhone 6S models to various Android and Windows phones.

To make 3D printing the Pip-Boy as seamless as possible, we’ve already pre-loaded all of the necessary 3D printing files into three ‘3D Hubs Print-Ready Kits’ designed for small, medium, and large-sized smartphones. These kits include optimized original design files for 3D printing through the 3D Hubs network of nearly 24,000 3D printers around the world.

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