If you play World of Warcraft, you’ve spent some time in Duskwood.

Especially if you’re trying to level up skinning because…yeah.

One thing that makes Duskwood so fun is the creepiness factor. It’s dark, it’s spooky, it’s full of things that crawl—plus the music and sounds go a long way to set the mood.

It also just got an upgrade of sorts. YouTuber and gamer Daniel L is slowly recreating the classic Eastern Kingdom zones in Unreal Engine and he’s done a fantastic job of making Duskwood creeptastically gorgeous. He had me on the lookout for Stitches and Mor’Ladim.

Check out the video below.

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120 sided die

When French-Belgian mathematician Eugéne Catalan came up with the concept of the disdyakis triacontahedron or 120-sided die over 150 years ago, it was, in theory, the most mathematically fair die possible.

Catalan’s theory has become a reality thanks to the talents and efforts of Robert Fathauer, Robert Bosch, and Henry Segerman who have created the first actual D120. Luckily for dice fans, they’ve started The Dice Lab to make it available.

They also made a video about the D120 and the mathematical magic behind it, which you can watch below.

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labyrinth board game

A little while back, we revealed that Labyrinth: The Board Game, was coming out later this summer from River Horse.

People were very much into it.

If you were one of those people, you’ll be happy to know that game developer Alessio Cavatore from River Horse will guide you through the game in the video below. It’s long, but you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the attention to detail. The game has no set release date, but should be arriving in stores over the summer.

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iron man xbox one

You can score one of these exclusive Iron Man themed Xbox One consoles!

If you live in France.

Le sigh.

Designed and built by Microsoft to promote the upcoming release of Captain America: Civil War, both the console and the controller feature an arc reactor light effect and Stark industries branding. Only three have been produced, and they’re being given away as prizes by Xbox France. 

Nos amis à travers l’étang sont très chanceux en effet!

Check out an additional pic below.

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Being the awesome folks that they are, Geek & Sundry have been doing a series of D&D character sheets for some of your favorite fandoms.

This time around, they’ve dipped into the ‘Verse and made character sheets for Firefly characters Malcolm Reynolds, Inara, Kaylee, and Jayne. Mal’s a rogue, natch. Kaylee is a sorcerer which I find fitting. You can see what Jayne and Inara are below.

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Reality and video games collide in this film by Banks called Donkey Kong Classic.

Great visuals, great music—it has it all. Check it out below.

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A licensing deal with USAopoly has resulted in versions of Monopoly for every possible fandom out there.

But this one is unexpected—and delightful.

Created to celebrate the 300th anniversary of a Japanese crafting store called Nakagawa Masamichi, the “Japanese Traditional Arts & Crafts Edition” of the game puts players in bidding and buying wars over companies that specialize in things such as teapots and handmade traditional Japanese toys.

The game plays like any other version of Monopoly, but instead of cornering the real estate market, the goal focuses on buying and expanding businesses that sell traditional arts and crafts.

Check out more pics below.

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ixkjmliikibg3jevwwlw copy

The opening of Half-Life features a bleary and confused Gordon Freeman waking up in a severely damaged test chamber. It’s an iconic scene, and Dorian Glacet tackled the moments leading up to it superbly with this awesome LEGO diorama rendered using LDD and Mecabricks.

Check out more pics below.

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ThinkGeek has unveiled a new version of their Critical Hit LED Dice Set / D20 with a “Galaxy” version that flashes blue when you role a natural 20. Plus…glitter.

It’s a convention exclusive, so the Critical Hit Galaxy D20s will only be on sale for a limited time. Features include:

-Pair of glittery twenty-sided dice flash blue when you roll a 20
-2016 ThinkGeek Con exclusive – ONLY for sale while TG is at a convention – either in person there or here
-Not cheater dice! Weighted evenly so you have to earn those 20s
-Transparent with glitter embedded in the plastic
-Players: It is up to your GM whether you can use them in your game
-GMs: They’re really cool – let them use them – pleeease?
-Materials: Plastic filled with silicone
-Batteries: Each contains 1 x CR2032 cell battery (not replaceable, but lasts for years)
-Dimensions: approx. 1.35″ across

Critical Hit Galaxy D20s ($19.99)

Sailor Doom

sailor doom top

Probably not going to happen—but I would play the hell out of it if it did.

Check out the full image from artist PegasusPowers below.

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